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Commercial Bread Mixer Cake Blender Dough Machines

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The commercial spiral dough mixer is an ideal kneading machine for the bakery, the hotel, restaurants, and central kitchens or other foodservice organizations, and can produce 80/100/130/200 liters of smooth and perfect dough. To obtain the fastest dough effect with the least consumption cost, this will definitely be the most worthwhile option.


This bread machine mixer is suitable for mixing baker’s dough, dough paddle, cake mixtures, etc. in bakeries, the hotel, restaurants, and central kitchens.

Features & Advantages:

  • The copper wire motor is more durable than the aluminum wire motor.
  • Imported high tenacity belt, more wear-resistant, and low wear rate.
  • The best “Zhiqiang” chain in China, with the gears produced by the company, fits the tacit understanding and minimizes the working noise.
  • The travel protective cover switch is equipped as standard, and the emergency stop device is opened.
  •  Motor overload emergency stop switch. If the current is too large or the motor is overloaded, the equipment will be suspended in time to protect the life of the motor.
  • The overall body is a 4 mm ultra-thick plate, real materials.
  • Ultra-long stroke mixing hook 2 and a half turns, most manufacturers only have 1 turn, greatly improving the speed and torque of the dough.
  •  Thicken the bottom chassis of the barrel made of solid material to make the chassis stable when working on the surface.
  • Protect the net cover, safe baking, lift the net cover, automatically power off.
  • Meet CE standards and food contact certification.

Product Parameter Details:

Commercial Bread Mixer

Why Choose Us:

We have provided bread kneading machines to more than 50 countries/regions that meet specific/customized requirements such as kneading and mixing baking materials. It is the best bakery mixer machine in terms of high quality, multiple specifications, and multiple functions.


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