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3 Tiers Restaurant Induction Seafood Steamer LT-HI-E125

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Thanks to its comprehensive steam and 3 doors design, the commercial food steamer is suitable for restaurants, hotels, industrial plants, and canteens. 3 tier commercial steamer cooker has six sets of menu options to solve the problem of how to cook steamers. The steam pot automatically pre-stores the power and time of food such as crab, rice, momo, and seafood, which will be your best steamer pot for food.


Multifunctioal Panel

6 independent menu channels: You can set the heating temperature, time, and power parameters of different foods separately.

High-quality components

German Infineon IGBT: stable and safe, with fast operation speed, and a low failure rate, a pure aluminum induction box shell can effectively shield against electromagnetic interference.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel water-resistant (IPX6 level), separate cabinet design (upper cabinet double door + lower cabinet base), It is easy to clean and food-grade.

Safety Protection

Floating ball device and water shortage alarm system: when a water shortage occurs in the water tank, the steamer will emit an alarm sound and display an error code “E1”.

Drain Tap

When you need to replace the wastewater in the steam cabinet, turn on the front switch, and the water quickly flows away from the bottom.

95% Energy Efficiency

It only takes 5 minutes from cold water to steam, the thermal efficiency reaches 95%, and the secondary heating function is provided 100℃.

Multiple batches

Each layer of the steamer has multiple compartments, more than 316dm³ extra-large space, and cooks 300+ people’s rice.

Intelligent Display

The working status of the freestanding 3-layer food steaming cabinet is displayed dynamically in real-time, and the steaming process is easily controlled.

Factory Direct Price

Lestov commercial induction steamer cooker manufacturer offers equipment customization, OEM & ODM, logo, size, and design at wholesale prices.

Features & Advantages:

The Cooker Part of Restaurant Indutcion Fish Steamer Cooker
Commercial Induction Bun Steamer Cooker
The Water Intake Device of Commercial Induction Bun Steamer Cooker

Product Parameter Details:

  • Model No.: LT-HI-E125/E130/E135/E140
  • Power Options: 25KW/30KW/35KW/40KW
  • Rated Voltage: 380V, 3 Phase, 50HZ
  • Voltage Fluctuation: From 340V-464V
  • Product Size: D1000*W900*H1860mm
  • Trays Number: 4 trays with 3 doors
  • Water Tank Size: 600*500*200mm
  • Water Pressure: 0.1-0.6 MPa
  • Water Intel Connection: 1/2 Inch Pipe (N15, φ20mm)
  • Net Weight: 190kg
  • Gross Weight: 330KG
  • Package Way: Wooden Box
  • Material: Stainless Steel #304
  • Services: Customized OEM/ODM
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Certificate: CE
Double-Doors Commercial Induction Rice Steamer Cooker

Product Certificate


Commercial Induction Cooktop Product Certificates


This 3-layer floor commercial induction rice steamer can cook 3 different foods separately, and can independently adjust the heating power/time/temperature through 6 sets of multi-function button panels.

This professional induction steamer cooker is ideal kitchenware for controlling firepower and large capacity when cooking rice, seafood, and bun. It is very suitable for commercial kitchens such as restaurants, canteens, hotels, and industries.


The Application of Freeatnding Restaurant Steamer Cooker

Why Choose Us:

Lestov commercial induction cooking equipment manufacturer has independently developed/manufactured/designed more than 30 kinds of kitchen cooking equipment since 2003, including grilling/stir-frying/cooking/stewing/boiling equipment.

We provide multi-batch product production/private customization/product OEM+ODM services at factory-direct prices and have provided production services to kitchenware distributors/importers/catering brands in more than 50 countries.

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