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Commercial Steam Disinfection Cabinet | Commercial Hot Air Disinfection Machines

Commercial disinfection cabinets refer to antibacterial equipment for disinfecting tableware, chopsticks, and towels in restaurants, hotels, and canteens. It can effectively remove residual bacteria, viruses, and stains on tableware. In terms of disinfection mode, commercial disinfection cabinets can be divided into steam disinfection, hot air circulation disinfection, and ozone + infrared disinfection.

Lestov commercial disinfection cabinet adopts the double disinfection mode of high-temperature steam + hot air circulation and effectively removes more than 90% of bacteria or viruses with the healthy mode of physical disinfection, helping restaurants to meet hygiene and health standards and protecting diners’ health while disinfecting tableware in large quantities.

As a manufacturer with independent R&D / Design / Production / Sales of a full range of commercial disinfection cabinets, Lestov provides commercial tableware sterilizers with high antibacterial rates, good disinfection effect, and reliable quality for 500+ kindergartens, 100+ canteens, and 2000+ chain restaurants. Feel free to contact us if you want to save energy & Labor cost for your restaurant! We’re happy to help!

More Model: Horizontal type, Upright, Double doors, single door, 95L / 250L / 325L / 400L / 780L / 800L

Customization: According to the scenario requirements, customize Product size / Function / Disinfection mode, Company Logo / Private Label.

Reasons to Buy Lestov Commercial Kitchen Disinfection Cabinet?
Hot air circulation

Compared with traditional disinfection cabinets that have disinfection blind spots, it can perform 360° omnidirectional disinfection without blind spots, effectively inhibiting or removing bacteria

Steam disinfection

High-temperature steam disinfection mode is adopted to remove fishy smell and odor, physical disinfection method, has no chemical substances, watermarks, or stain residues, and meets the health standards.

Triple disinfection

Can be selected individually or automatically switched to steam disinfection mode, hot air circulation disinfection mode, steam + drying disinfection mode

Preset Temperature

According to the disinfection items of different materials, different disinfection temperatures can be set

High temperature

High-temperature steam (≈110°C), hot air circulation (≈125°C), steam drying (≈125°C), S mode (≈150°C)

Glass Door

Tempered glass sliding door, visual design, real-time monitoring of disinfection process

Auto Water-intake

Water shortage alarm, two modes of automatic water intake or manual water intake can be selected

Built-in Timer

According to different disinfection items, different disinfection times can be set;

Secondary Cleaning

Secondary cleaning mode can effectively remove residual stains and detergents

Hot air drying

After steam disinfection, the hot air dries the moisture on the tableware. 360° evenly drying.

Steam Heating plate

Steam is generated from cold water in 1 minute, and the high-quality steam heating plate is not easy to condense dirt

The Application of the Lestov Commercial Dish Disinfection Cabinet
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