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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood with Electrostatic Precipitator Filter

What is Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood with ESP Filter? It refers to ventilation equipment that filters oily fumes, purifies air and odors in restaurants, and includes two sets of purification modules: commercial range hoods and electrostatic precipitator.

Lestov Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood with ESP Filter has Quadruple oil fume Filter devices and high purification efficiency. Depending on the type, the oil fume purification efficiency reaches 60% to 95%.

1. One Filter:  The pre-filter intercepts 60% of small particles (≥10um) of oil mist, impurities, and residues.

2. Double Filter: The multi-layer stainless steel filter screen intercepts 65% of large particles (≥15um) of oil mist, impurities, and residues.

3. Triple Filter: The high-voltage electrostatic ionization field drives the oil mist to the dust collection plate and intercepts 98% of the oil mist’s fine particles (0.1um).

4. Quadruple Filter: UV lamps are divided into 254nm and 185nm bands. The ultraviolet rays in the 254nm band intercept oil molecules, and the extra rays in the 185nm band react with oxygen to produce ozone less than 0.01 (PPM), which is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water.

Lestov Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood with ESP Filter is suitable for restaurants with different levels of oil fume, whether commercial kitchens with heavy oil fumes or high-power stir frying (including charcoal, wood, and wok cooking) or chemical industries with a lot of smoke and dust.

At an affordable price, we provide thoughtful product customization and procurement services. In addition, we welcome you to join our dealer club and create more benefits with colleagues from more than 50 countries.


The ozone content in the air discharge is less than 0.01 (PPM) = the degree of the smell of normal people, and more than 0.1 (PPM) will affect the human body.

Ionization Field

The ionization field casing is made of high-insulation ceramics, and the waterproof level reaches IPX3. It is not easy to break into a high-voltage environment.

High Efficiency

The distance between the oil mist ionization plates is within ±0.2mm, and the gap between each plate is increased to realize multiple filtration and purification of oil mist.

Ionization Plate

The ionization plate is made of aviation aluminum plate with high conductivity, high strength, and strong corrosion resistance. Each aluminum plate is made of dozens of times of fine processing.

High-strength Steel

The supporting parts of the ionization field are made of high-strength steel to promote the stability and purification rate of the ionization field. The adsorption area of a single ionization field reaches 8 to 12㎡

Safety Protection

Automatically shut down the machine at high pressure, low pressure, overcurrent, and overload. The function of constant voltage and stable current can be started with a delay.

Integrated Oil Fume Filter

The integrated electrostatic precipitator covers range hoods and ventilation equipment. One integrated electrostatic precipitator can meet the ventilation needs of restaurants.

Intelligent Operation

The control system combines induction start and mobile app remote control and supports timing, wind speed regulation, and triple purification (oil filter, smoke filter, cleaning).

High-quality components

Imported industrial electronic components and digital piezoelectric power supply are used, and the service life can reach more than 5 years.

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