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Electric Blender Flour Dough Machine For Baking

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With a flour kneading machine, you can easily provide 10/20/35/40/50 liters of baker’s dough for your baking. With the durable and efficient aluminum motor, it can mix all the wheat flour, egg liquid, and butter into a smooth and full dough, thereby reducing your time on dough mixing.


Features & Advantages:

  • Configure Emergency Stop Button / Safety Protective Cover, Safety Baking Processing
  • Optional Manual Dough Kneader and Automatic Dough Mixer, Customized and Available
  • Configure Stainless Steel Spiral Hook / Mixer Shell / Protective Cover, Easy to Clean
  • Equipped with Forward and Reverse Rotation, Fully Mixed the Dough; Separately Controlled
  • Configure a Spiral Mixer to Reduce the Time of Mixing Dough, Save Time and Simplify the Baking Processing.

Product Parameter Details:

Electric Blender Flour Dough Machine For Baking

Product Certificate

Commercial Induction Cooktop Product Certificates


This dough-kneading machine is suitable for mixing baker’s dough, dough paddle, cake mixtures, etc. in bakeries, hotels, restaurants, and central kitchens.

commercial bread making machine
commercial bread baking oven

Why Choose us?

It is the best dough-kneading machine in terms of high quality, multiple specifications, and multiple functions. We have provided dough hook mixers to more than 50 Countries / Regions that meet Specific / Customized requirements such as kneading and mixing baking materials.

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