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Electric Dough Proofer Box Bread Retarder

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As a function of providing intelligent fermentation, innovative hot air circulation technology (uniform fermentation), spray function, and environmentally friendly foam insulation layer, it has become the most popular dough fermentation machine in baking shops, pizzerias, and restaurants.


This is a dough proofer suitable for the bakery, hotel, restaurant, central kitchen, and other baking places for fermentation/proofing bread, pizza, pastry, and dough.

Features & Advantages:

  1. Easy to operate: Simple and clear functions, control panel, working status can be visualized on the display screen.
  2. Foam insulation: The whole machine adopts an environmentally friendly foam insulation layer to reduce heat loss and save energy and electricity.
  3. Large capacity: It is equipped with 18/36 dough trays, which can be disassembled, which is convenient to adjust the space according to the product.
  4. Visualization process: The fermentation effect of the dough can be easily monitored through large double-glazed windows and bright vertical LED lights.
  5. Hot air circulation: Using innovative hot air circulation technology, the air in the cabinet quickly convections, the temperature rises steadily, and the dough ferments evenly.
  6. Delicate and uniform spray: Equipped with a spray function, using an energy-saving steam generator, so that the temperature and humidity of the proofing process are even, energy-saving and consumption-saving.
  7. Intelligent fermentation: The automatic control panel can preset the temperature, humidity, and fermentation time in advance to reduce the working time of employees and provide a suitable environment for dough fermentation.


Commercial Electric Dough Fermentation Machine
Commercial Fermentation Box Electric Dough Proofer
Electric Dough Proofer Box Bread Retarder

Product Parameter Details:


The Sizes of Electric Dough Proofer Box Bread Retarder

Product Certificate


Commercial Induction Cooktop Product Certificates

Product Application

The commercial fermentation box that supports timed, uniform fermentation/heat preservation and moisture preservation is suitable for hotel/canteen/bakery/catering/bread factories to ferment the dough.

This independent industrial bread fermentation box has 18 layers of fermentation tray (large capacity) + a multi-functional intelligent control panel, which can precisely adjust and control the fermentation time/temperature.


commercial bread making machine
commercial bread baking oven

Why Choose Us:

We have reached a long-term cooperative relationship with customers in more than 50 countries/regions. They have the advantages of intelligent operation, uniform fermentation, uniform temperature, and humidity, and are the best bread for bakery shops, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and other places. proofer.

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