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Electric Rotary Rack Oven Bakery Equipments

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This electric rotary rack oven has 16/32/64 multi-layer baking tray options, suitable for industrial, bakery, central kitchen automatic production of bread, pastries, nuts, jerky, barbecue, and other baking processes. An intelligent control system with 8 sets of data storage and memory functions, supports timing, temperature, humidity, and other settings to simplify your baking operations.


As the best rotary rack oven for baking in 2021, it has become the most popular baking appliance for industrial, bakery, and central kitchens in terms of giving bakery the best heat, precise temperature control, and multi-purpose advantages.

Features & Advantages:

  1. Automatic/manual program control, 8 groups of data storage and memory functions, user-friendliness.
  2. The surrounding surface and furnace of the Rotary oven are made of easy-to-clean and durable stainless steel, aluminum plate, and other materials.
  3. Support timing, temperature, humidity, lighting, and other settings, automatically control the baking process.
  4. There are multiple stainless steel heating tubes up and down to make the heat transfer in the bread evenly, showing a better baking effect.
  5. Good heat preservation technology in the closed room makes the heat and steam not easy to lose, and the use of environmentally friendly energy-saving motors.
  6. It has multiple systems such as standby heat preservation, steam blocking, and machine heat dissipation to ensure the good operation of the baking.

Product Parameter Details:

Why choose us?

We can provide you with the most suitable electric rotary rack ovens according to your specific/customization requirements. They have high-quality baking capabilities, multi-functions, and multiple combinations, and have won the firm trust of customers from more than 50 countries/regions and CE.


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