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Electric Stirrers Planetary Mixer Egg Beater

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The planetary mixer, which is in contact with a more uniform 360° planetary trajectory, produces a more delicate, smooth, and uniform cream, egg white and dough, and other baking materials. The simple and easy-to-operate button and handle dual control system simplifies the baking process and solves the problems of manual whiskers, such as errors and unevenness. It is the best whisk.


Features & Advantages:

  1. Uniform speed:3 speed settings, which can be precisely adjusted to the speed you need for whipping dough, butter, egg liquid, etc.
  2. Full mixing:500W DC motor provides sufficient and even mixing, low noise, energy-saving, and consumption saving.
  3. Fast work: Even and stable kneading force can quickly make fluffy, soft cream and meringue.
  4. Easy to operate: Simple and clear button and handle control, easy to operate during mixing.
  5. Food grade material: All metals that come into contact with food are made of stainless steel.
  6. Multi-function accessories: It is equipped with a 24-wire egg-beating cage for quick delivery, an S-shaped dough hook that easily releases the film, and a slash-shaped mixing paddle for mixing salad.

Product Parameter Details:

Electric Stirrers


This egg beater is used in commercial/home kitchens such as the bakery, restaurant, cafe, hotel, etc., and meets the requirements of the milk frother, cream, coffee frother, dough, etc.

Why Choose Us:

As a whisk brand with 17 years of production experience, it has met the product requirements of more than 50 countries/regions for conventional/customized planetary mixers and provides CE-certified commercial planetary mixers for the bakery, restaurant, cafe, hotel, etc.


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