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Electric Stirrers Planetary Mixer Egg Beater

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The planetary mixer, which is in contact with a more uniform 360° planetary trajectory, produces a more delicate, smooth, and uniform cream, egg white and dough, and other baking materials. The simple and easy-to-operate button and handle dual control system simplifies the baking process and solves the problems of manual whiskers, such as errors and unevenness. It is the best whisk.


Features & Advantages:

  1. Uniform speed:3 speed settings, which can be precisely adjusted to the speed you need for whipping dough, butter, egg liquid, etc.
  2. Full mixing:500W DC motor provides sufficient and even mixing, low noise, energy-saving, and consumption saving.
  3. Fast work: Even and stable kneading force can quickly make fluffy, soft cream and meringue.
  4. Easy to operate: Simple and clear button and handle control, easy to operate during mixing.
  5. Food grade material: All metals that come into contact with food are made of stainless steel.
  6. Multi-function accessories: It is equipped with a 24-wire egg-beating cage for quick delivery, an S-shaped dough hook that easily releases the film, and a slash-shaped mixing paddle for mixing salad.

Product Parameter Details:

The Sizes of Commercial Electric Stirrers
The Core of Commercial Electric Bread Planetary Mixer
The Function of Commercial Electric Bread Machine Mixer
Commercial Electric Bread Mixer for Bakeries


This egg beater is used in commercial/home kitchens such as the bakery, restaurant, cafe, hotel, etc., and meets the requirements of the milk frother, cream, coffee frother, dough, etc.

Why Choose Us:

As a whisk brand with 17 years of production experience, it has met the product requirements of more than 50 countries/regions for conventional/customized planetary mixers and provides CE-certified commercial planetary mixers for the bakery, restaurant, cafe, hotel, etc.


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