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Purchase Commercial Electrostatic Oil Fume Purifier – Manufacturer Tips

Purchase Commercial Electrostatic Oil Fume Purifier – Manufacturer Tips

Recently, the government has set strict standards on the oil fume emission of commercial kitchens (the emission limit is 1.0㎎/m³, and the fume purification rate reaches ≧90%). In many restaurants that cook food on gas stoves, this means spending more on fume emissions.

Open-flame cooking produces a large amount of VOC (PM2.5+O3), the source of the odor, oily smoke molecules, and carbon dioxide. Some environmental protection policies stipulate the oil fume purification rates of different restaurants, such as 85%, 75%, and 65% for large, medium, and small catering establishments, in order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by VOC.

Not all ventilation equipment can purify lampblack, which is a misunderstanding by some restaurant owners. The range hood is only responsible for absorbing the oil fume in the kitchen and transporting it into the ventilation duct. In this process, the range hood is only responsible for collecting oil fumes but does not participate in the purification process.

The application of Lestov commercial kitchen electrostatic air purifier
The application of Lestov commercial kitchen electrostatic air cleaner
The application of the Lestov commercial kitchen electrostatic air cleaner
The application of Lestov commercial kitchen electrostatic air filter

In the field of commercial ventilation equipment, there is professional equipment for purifying air, oil fume, and dust – a commercial electrostatic purifier. In the high-voltage electrostatic ionization area, the fume will be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, and reach the emission standard of 0.01 (PPM) ozone. It is a commercial electrostatic oil fume purifier, a ventilation device that can purify oil fume at a rate of 65% to 95%.

Lestov manufacturer has 20 years of experience in R&D / Design / Production / Sales of commercial Oil fume purifiers. In China, Lestov is the preferred equipment supplier for commercial kitchen ventilation projects. If you want to purify kitchen fumes at a low cost, please don’t ignore the following.

Working Principle of Commercial Electrostatic Purifier

Oil fume will go through 4 to 5 purification processes in commercial electrostatic purifiers. These include the pre-filter screen, high-voltage electrostatic ionization area, low-voltage electrostatic ionization area, low-voltage dust collection plate, and UV deodorization area.

Some large particles of soot molecules are trapped in the pre-filter, which is covered with high-density screens. It is removable for easy cleaning. The escaped medium-sized soot molecules will enter the more exciting high-voltage ionization area. After high-voltage ionization, they carry positive or negative charges and are driven to the low-voltage electrostatic ionization area.

The high-voltage ionization area is composed of multiple sets of toothed electrode plates, and there is a rated gap between each plate to achieve multiple ionization and high-efficiency purification. At this time, the oil fume has reached a purification rate of 65% to 95%, which meets the emission standard.

The working principle of commercial electronstatic air cleaner

Please note that commercial electrostatic lampblack purifiers cannot remove the smell of lampblack. If your restaurant has higher requirements on oil fume purification, please adopt UV oil fume deodorizer.

In the UV deodorization area, the purified oil fume reacts with ultraviolet rays and oxygen to generate ozone. Oil fume molecules in the low-voltage electrostatic ionization area will be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, and driven to the low-pressure dust collection plate.

Why choose commercial electrostatic purifiers?

Many restaurant owners have verified the capabilities of commercial electrostatic oil fume purifiers and applied them to the kitchen fume exhaust system to achieve high-efficiency purification at a low cost. What makes restaurant owners choose commercial electrostatic oil fume purifiers? If you have never heard of a commercial electrostatic fume extractor, you may be confused.

Double Ionization Zone

Just imagine, what will happen to the oil fume particles after they undergo high-voltage electrostatic ionization + low-voltage electrostatic decomposition. After the oil fume particles enter the ionization area, they will carry positive or negative charges. After many times of ionization, it will be driven to the low-voltage electrostatic ionization area.

In the low-voltage electrostatic ionization area, 85% to 95% of the oil fume particles will be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, reaching the emission standard of 0.01 (PPM) ozone. The double ionization zone purifies and decomposes most of the oil fume particles.

LT-JD-XB-4 restaurant kitchen electrostatic precipitator

Aviation aluminum plate

No matter how hard the steel is, it cannot perfectly undertake the task of oil fume purification under long-term oil fume immersion + high-voltage ionization. The oil fume particles are corrosive to a certain extent and are prone to oxidation reactions with the electrode plates, which is also the reason for the low purification rate. The electrode plate of the Lestov commercial oil fume electrostatic purifier is made of aviation aluminum, which is a material that provides high conductivity, high strength, and strong corrosion resistance in a high-voltage environment.

Low ozone

If you have browsed the emission standards of commercial kitchen oil fume, you will find that the limit of ozone emission is 0.1 (PPM). It means that when the ozone level reaches 0.1 (PPM), it can damage the chef’s respiratory system. But please don’t think of ozone as a terrible substance. It plays a role in killing bacteria and viruses in commercial tableware disinfection cabinets.

According to the test, the ozone content of the lampblack purified by the Lestov commercial electrostatic lampblack purifier is 0.01 (PPM), which is 10 times less than the emission limit. It means that when you use the Lestov commercial electrostatic oil fume purifier, it not only meets the oil fume emission standard but also reduces the damage of ozone to the chef.

Multi-purpose Equipment

While most restaurateurs use a commercial purifier in the kitchen, you can exploit its purifying capabilities in other settings. Commercial electrostatic purifiers collect & purify dust and air in fume-filled construction sites, food bases, factories, and chemical plants.

If you are looking for a device to purify the air for your office, or school, a commercial purifier is a good choice. In other words, commercial purifiers can help restaurants, offices, and factories purify fumes, dust, smog, and air.

The disadvantage of Commercial electrostatic purifier

Although commercial electrostatic precipitators can remove most of the oil fumes, it is not an easy task to clean the remaining dust and oil stains inside. It means that most of the smoke, soot, and even particles you want to avoid can get into your airways during the cleaning process.

Commercial electrostatic purifiers can purify and filter solid particles and soluble gases in oil fumes, but they are far less efficient than UV deodorizers in terms of decomposition and purification. As the ionization plate becomes dirty, its cleaning efficiency will continue to decrease.

It is an undeniable fact that commercial electrostatic purifiers will charge up the fume particles but not collect them. Some high-voltage electrostatic ionization fields will break down oil mist into carbon dioxide and water, but will not self-clean.

But don’t think cleaning a commercial electrostatic purifier is a daunting task, it’s a simple process that will take you only 15 minutes. as the picture shows:

The cleaning method of commercial electrostatic air cleaner

If you don’t want to take on the task of cleaning a commercial electrostatic precipitator, take it to the Commercial Range Hood with an ESP filter. It is an integrated ventilation equipment that integrates oil fume extraction, filtration, purification, deodorization, and automatic cleaning.

It includes commercial range hoods, oil fume electrostatic purifiers, and UV deodorizers, which can purify more than 90% to 95% of oil mist, dust, and air. Many restaurateurs who don’t want to take on too many tasks choose Commercial Range Hood with an ESP filter.

Some Valuable Buying Tips

When you walk into a commercial ventilation equipment store, you’re bewildered by the sheer variety of electrostatic purifiers. Which commercial electrostatic cleaner is right for my restaurant? Please read the selection tips given to you by the manufacturer of Lestov.

High altitude fume purifier VS low altitude purifier?

In commercial oil fume purifiers, you will see two series, high altitude, and low altitude. It is not difficult to distinguish, it is divided according to the installation position of the lampblack purifier.

If your restaurant is located in a shopping mall, building, or building, you can choose a high-altitude fume purifier, which can be hung on the wall or hung above the stove. If your restaurant is located on the first floor, in a small bungalow, or in a food stall, you can choose a low-altitude oil fume purifier, which is usually placed on the ground.

Lestov commercial kitchen electrostatic air cleaner
Lestov commercial kitchen electrostatic air cleaner1

65% purification rate VS 95% purification rate

Please allow me to correct a misunderstanding: Many restaurant owners prefer to buy high-purification fume purifiers when purchasing commercial electrostatic purifiers. It is understandable, but some unnecessary costs will be wasted. Lestov will tell you some tips to save money and buy the right electrostatic cleaner for your restaurant.

If your restaurant mainly uses steamed food, stewed broth, and boiled noodles (the amount of oil fume is small), a commercial electrostatic purifier with a purification rate of 65% is enough to undertake the task of purifying oil fume.

If your restaurant mainly focuses on stir-fried vegetables, fried chicken wings, and grilled steaks (with a large amount of oily smoke). You should purchase a commercial electrostatic purifier with a purification rate of 95%.

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