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Is Commercial Induction Cooker Safe to Use?

Induction cooking is the best and major technological cooktops currently in use. For large commercial kitchens or compact restaurant kitchens, commercial induction cooking is very worthwhile since it saves a lot of time and energy when cooking. But commercial induction cooking is really safe? Let’s find out now!

How do commercial Induction cooktops work?

A magnetic field is formed when another current goes through the wire into the coil under the face of the induction cooktop. Materials known to make up the magnetic cookware are the only things that work on the Induction because it has a magnet.

The magnetic current then results in a resistive electric current passing through the induction cookware, and this will lead to heat and the food being cooked. The heat, in this case, is formed around the cooking vessel, while the rest of that place will be warm.

One interesting thing about the Induction hob cooker is that the heat which is formed only applies to the cookware but does not stretch to the environment. This will enable the atmosphere and commercial induction stovetop to remain cool.

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Induction burner cooktops need Induction ready cookware

Cookware can only work on an electric induction cooktop if the material of the cookware is induction ready. Materials which attract a magnet are ideal for an induction cooktop stove.

The best options for commercial induction cooktops are cast iron and nonstick stainless steel. Note that aluminum and copper glass will not work on an induction burner cooktop because it does not attract the magnet.

You can also put converters near the location of the cooking vessel in the middle of the cookware and the induction cooktop bunnings to enable all the kitchen cookware to be ferromagnetic.

The commercial induction cooktop plate boils immediately at a very fast speed than other gas/electric cooktops. Also, it simmers immediately rhyming with the change in temperatures in less than a minute of touching the button.

Some inductions are new and possess sensors that are capable of noticing the cookware and changing the production of heat energy based on the pan size used for cooking.

Are commercial Induction cookers safe?

Yes, it’s the safest cooking option so far. Commercial induction cooking causes no harm. You do not have to worry about your food getting burnt because of the no-flame option. Also, you do not have to worry about inhaling fume or openings in the gas stove.

Efficient sensors

The induction cooking has very efficient sensors that are capable of switching off automatically if there is any form of danger being sensed. Disabled people and kids can work close to the surface without getting injured because the surface is cool.

Spills can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth afterward, use a dry cloth to clean them. Note that stains caused by hard water can only be corrected by using vinegar. There are other areas of the induction that are not made of cast iron or stainless steel.

You can clean those parts with a cloth dipped in soapy water/cleaner. Those areas which are very dirty can be cleaned with the use of a scrapper or make use of some unique creams.

An electrical socket of 220-240v is enough to power up the induction cooking. If there is nothing in the vessel, the induction cooking will automatically go off. Besides, there is a control dial for managing elements that are in numbers, especially when there is an emergency. The pause button is also available for you to take some time off from cooking then.

Safety lock button

The child safety lock button makes cooking close to children very safe. This is done when the display setting is locked and active at the same time. For safety purposes, the power button will be the only feature that can be used. This is because it will avert any potential problems likely to occur when the lock switch begins to malfunction.

Anti-magnetic walls

There are a few inductions that can be carried along in the house. Also, some inductions possess anti-magnetic walls, which makes them safe for people from magnetic radiation. An máquina automática de cocción detection feature can be found in almost all inductions, which allows the electric induction cooktop to shut down and close one minute after the cookware is taken away.

Safety cut-off

Presently, you can purchase commercial induction cooktops, which are managed by devices or Wi-Fi. The majority of inductions have the feature of a safety cut-off. This feature makes for the cooking zone to be active for some time without any change in the temperature, and it will automatically switch off.

The time needed to make the safety cut-off active is dependent on the heat settings of the induction cooktop. When the setting is low, the cooking zone will stay on for a long period. However, the commercial cooktops which make use of the highest setting will go off automatically after 1 hour and 30 mins.

Safety features

There are a lot of other safety features in commercial induction stovetops, such as booster, auto heat-up, residual heat light, and overflowing control.

  • Booster is almost the same as auto heat-up. In booster, the food becomes very hot when the setting is turned high but comes down automatically after some time.
  • Auto heat-up occurs whereby food is heated when the setting is high and automatically reduces after a short while.
  • Residual heat light is the amount of heat that is currently in use within the kitchen cookware.
  • Overflowing control is efficient when food pours on the controls. The induction through the help of the overflowing controls will make a sound and shut down automatically.

Caution when using commercial Induction cooktops

The research was conducted, which later revealed that Electromagnetic field exposure referred to as EMF exposure surpasses the highest exposure levels when an individual is near the induction.

Also, the exposure limits surpass the occupational limit. The discovery was known to be seen in most induction burner cooktops. The Swiss government also conducted another research on the induction method or way of cooking.

They also discovered that the inductions unit was not heeding the ICINIRP rules unless they want to be used in a particular cooking way.

The way of cooking needs you to stand about 30 cm away while using a large cooking vessel. This they made clear will avert any stray radiation.

What are electromagnetic fields?

The magnetic and electric fields are not open areas of energy, and they are referred to as radiation, this is made by electricity. The latter (electricity) is known as the movement and transmission of current via a wire.

Electric fields are made by voltage, which is the force in moving the electrons via the wire. When the voltage rises, the electric field will increase in its ability. You can measure electric fields as volts per meter.

Magnetic fields are caused by the transmission of current via the cooker’s copper wire. The ability and strength rise when the current also rises. You can measure magnetic fields in microteslas. Magnetic fields can only be made when the current is flowing while electric fields can be made if the current is flowing or not.

Electric fields can be made weak by walls or some other items, while magnetic fields can transmit via buildings and things that are living.

They both live together, and you can find both electric and magnetic fields when there is an electrical charge. They are both referred to as electromagnetic fields, while the radiation they produce is referred to as electromagnetic radiation. The two categories of Electro-Magnetic fields include:

High-Frequency EMFs which has ultraviolet rays, x-rays, and gamma rays. They are capable of entering the human body and causing havoc in DNA and cells.

Low to mid-frequency EMFs include magnetic fields that emanate from electrical power lines and microwaves. Radio waves, and so on.

Which Electro Magnetic Fields are harmful?

There are frequencies in electromagnetic energy, and that range from low wavelengths to short wavelengths, and they have ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

The number of waves at a particular distance is known as frequencies. You can measure this in Hertz. The distance from the waves can be measured in nanometers.

Low-frequency and high-frequency radiation can be termed non-ionizing and ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation does not have much energy. The non-ionizing radiation can be harmful, and that means it cannot alter the structure of the cell as ionizing radiation will do.

One is likely to experience symptoms such as headache or dizziness if they stay close to a piece of catering equipment that is producing too much power.


Avoid making the mistake of using metal spoons when practicing commercial induction cooking, as it is likely to result in current flowing via your body. Also, research conducted revealed that induction cooking is not safe at all for patients on pacemakers or close medical devices. The research also revealed that patients that have unipolar pacemakers are not safe if they do not depend on pacemakers.

You are then advised to stay away as far as a distance of 50 cm and not anything lower for you to avoid any bad situation. Antimagnetic shields are being produced in the latest commercial induction cooktops so that they can assist the induction to get the better of the Electro-Magnetic field factor.

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