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The Appliaction Of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Range Hood With ESP Filter 3

Съображенията на главния готвач - съществени фактори за търговските кухни

A seaside restaurant in the United States where I am working. There are many families, couples, and parties on the beach, and they are my customers. I’m rarely there when customers are gathering on the beach. It is not to facilitate more tourists to enjoy the joy of the beach. If you want to know why, read on to get my secrets.

A day in the life of a chef

I will spend my day in a 50㎡ commercial kitchen, which is not a narrow space when there isn’t a gas stove, range hood, worktop, or food refrigeration cabinet installed. I will cook enough food for diners within the limited scope of activities. Sometimes I want to complain to the boss, please don’t take too many orders at lunch. It makes me feel physically and mentally exhausted.

The boss won’t listen to me. He expects more orders to pay for his luxury cars and villas. I haven’t a great goal, and my meager salary cannot support entertainment projects. It is just a complaint during my leisure time. I stand on the countertop cutting cabbage or stand by the stove and stir-fry the dishes in the pot.

Hot kitchen

The hot kitchen leaves me no time to take care of too many emotions, and I even resist chatting with my colleagues while cooking. I once imagined that if I quit my job as a chef, I might sit on the beach with my friends and wait for a chef to serve me a delicious meal. It is a great thing.

It was something the owner didn’t allow to happen. He put a door between the kitchen and the dining area, which closed the connection between me and the diners. I didn’t express any opinion on this. My clothes were soaked with sweat and my face was blackened by oil smoke made me feel ashamed and inferior when facing the diners.

Resign VS Continue

I’m dating a coworker of mine who is a waitress in a restaurant. My friends are envious that my girlfriend and I are colleagues, which means we get to spend more time together. But the truth is that in the busyness of meal prep, we rarely have the opportunity to communicate. We need to stay in this restaurant for 13 hours a day, which means that leisure/vacation time is deprived.

After getting off work, we would sit on the beach and enjoy the night view. It was our rare moment of leisure. We were not allowed to sit on the beach during the day, that is only for tourists or diners. The idea of resigning often came to my mind but was quickly rejected. It was the work that bored me, not the profession of chef. On the other hand, cooking is the only skill that can be monetized.


Chef's expectations

When I entertained the idea of quitting my job, a more compelling argument prompted me to abandon the idea. I love being a chef. It gives me a skill that I can use to make a living. I find joy in cooking, which keeps me enduring the work.

What do I find unbearable? Are the hot commercial kitchens, the long hours of cooking, and the hectic workload? I complained to my boss about this situation and his response made me feel powerless. This commercial kitchen contains many gas stoves, ovens, griddles, and fryers. These are some cooking devices that rely on gas heating. They create an open flame, which is the source of high temperatures.

Heating Food

Fire brings warmth and allows humans to quit the habit of eating raw meat in primitive societies; fire is the source of high temperatures, which makes many housewives, chefs, and waiters endure continuous fumes and coughs. I admit that fire brings out the most delicious flavors in food, a flavor that fascinates many Chinese, and Asian chefs and Cantonese restaurants.

After enjoying a cup of coffee, I made a surprising discovery. Besides gas and firewood, is there anything else that can heat food? I couldn’t wait to head to the kitchenware market to find a professional who could answer my questions. Jammy, the owner of the stove, did not immediately provide me with an answer after hearing my thoughts.

Amazing stove

Jammy took me into a modern commercial kitchen showroom and stopped in front of cold-looking cooking equipment. It’s heating up but I feel cool in the kitchen. I felt a twinge of anger when Jammy asked me to put my hands next to the heated area; this would have burned my hands. Jammy seemed accustomed to my anger. He put his hands directly next to the stove; he didn’t seem to be in any discomfort.

I was confused when I saw that Jammy’s hands were intact; if I were facing a heating gas stove, I would keep 100mm away from it. I tried to act like Jammy, and in the end, my hands didn’t suffer any damage during this test.

Energy-saving Cooking Equipment

He told me that the heating element of this cooking equipment only provides heat to the stove above the glass and is always stingy with the food around the stove. It doesn’t heat its surroundings, which means all its heat will go to the stove. This is different from a gas stove that heats everything, resulting in a gas stove that can only provide 50% of the heat output for pots and pans.

Do you want to know the name of this cooking equipment? Please continue to read the following valuable content.

Commercial induction cooktop - a must-have cooktop for restaurants

It hasn’t been around as long as gas stoves, and many cooks don’t know it exists; including me. If you want to know more about commercial induction cooktops, here is a производител with 20 years of production experience as a reference. I’m not a salesman for commercial induction cooktops, and I won’t stand behind it 100%. The advantage that interests me the most is that it keeps commercial kitchens cooler and reduces energy bills by 35% compared to gas stoves (a factor that the boss is concerned about).

Here are some models of commercial induction cooktops that my boss has incorporated into his kitchen. So far, its performance is still commendable. I have a way to quickly perceive the benefits of commercial induction stoves and reduce losses. Do you want to know? Please look for a commercial induction cooktop manufacturer that supports 1-piece purchases and 7/24 technical service.

Automated cooking - a chef's disaster?

After convid-19, the boss called all employees for a brief meeting; in this meeting, I got to know the automatic cooking equipment. It is a machine that knows no fatigue and can help the boss cook more food and obtain more funds to buy a villa. A co-worker is worried that an automated cooking machine will take his job.

I am optimistic about this. The invention of automation equipment is to help workers reduce their workload, but it will not replace human work. If automatic cooking equipment does not accept any instructions from humans and can operate, turn on, and act autonomously, I think this will be the biggest disaster. At present, automated equipment still relies on human operation and control to perform more tasks.

High-efficiency Automatic cooking machine

If there is an automated device that helps chefs cook large amounts of food without requiring the chef to spend more time and energy and can get the job done, I think that is a positive sign. If you want to know more about automated cooking equipment, please consult Lestov automatic cooking machine manufacturer with independent R&D/production/sales experience.

Final thoughts

I look forward to innovative and efficient commercial induction cooktops that will free me from the heat of commercial kitchens, a wish shared by many chefs.

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