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Built-in Commercial Induction Cooktop | Drop-in Restaurant Induction Cooker

A built-in commercial induction cooker, also known as a drop-in commercial induction cooktop, is a machine used for cooking in restaurants, hotels, and small commercial kitchens. It can be embedded into the stainless steel cooktop, wall, or cabinet to facilitate the placement of more professional cooking equipment in limited kitchen space, helping restaurants expand their menus, cook more dishes and keep the kitchen tidy.

More Types: Built-in commercial induction Flat Cooker / Drop-in Commercial Induction wok stove / Double Burners Restaurant Induction Cooktop

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Reasons to Purchase Lestov Commercial Built-in Induction Cooktop

Pro Manufacturer

20 Years Commercial Induction Built-in Cooktop Manufacturer | Independently Produce – Sale


Professional R&D Team | Commercial Kitchen Project Department | Customized Available | OEM

Bulk Order Supply

20000㎡ Factory | 200+ Worker | Auto Manufacturing Line | Bulk Order Supply & Fast Delivery

Precise Power Control

Configure 8-Gears Magnetic Power Knob | Precisely Adjust the Cooking Power from 1000W to 3500W

Ceramic Glass Top

Configure Ceramic Glass Heating Panel | Resistance 800℃ & 125KG | Directly & Evenly Heating the Pot

Induction Heating

Adopts Innovate Induction Cooking | Save 35% Energy Cost | Cook 30% Faster | Improve 30% Safety

Energy-gathering Coil

Configure Double-layer Energy-gathering Coil | Directly Transfer the Heat to Heating Panel | Fast Heating

Large cooking capacity

Configure φ300 * 300mm Flat Cooker or Wok Cooker | Stir-frying 3.5KG Food | Catering for 15 People

Safety and Cool

Configure Twin-turbo Cooling Fan | No Open Flame Cooking | Less Oil Fume | Keeps Kitchen Cool

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