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Commercial Bakery Equipment

Commercial baking equipment is a baking machine that specializes in baking cake, bread, pastry, bagel, pizza, and cookies for kitchens, bakeries, restaurants, industrial, food trucks, and other places.

Baking appliances have a microwave, electric, convex, induction, gas, and other types, which are divided into proofer ovens, dough mixers, dough dividers, ovens, toast slicers, warming ovens, and steam oven. From the large toaster oven to the multi-functional fresh-baking oven, we provide baking equipment and technical support for a variety of baking scenarios, aiming to simplify your baking process.

Lestov bakery equipment suppliers with 17 years of production experience can provide you with support for automatic/manual program control, 8 sets of data storage, timing (fixed temperature, humidity, lighting), visualized baking process, steaming and baking integration, hot air convection circulation (sending A baking machine with the stable and uniform wind), environmental protection and other functions.



Lestov bakery equipment manufacturers have a variety of product series such as baking, dough proofing, food machinery, steaming equipment, etc., and have basically obtained CE certification.

Please contact Lestov bakery machine manufacturers to inform your baking appliance needs, we will provide you with real-time help! If you are looking forward to custom logos, product sizes, and designs, we will fully support your requirements. In addition, welcome to wholesale commercial bakery equipment and become our distributor, we will provide you with the most affordable price and best service!

The Best Commercial Electric Oven for Baking

Why buy commercial bakery equipment from Lestov?

  • Support the setting of the scheduled time, temperature, humidity, lighting, etc.
  • Automatic temperature controller and automatic spray device, precise heat preservation, and moisturizing
  • It is multi-functional commercial bakery equipment that can choose electric heating, gas, oil, and other versions.
  • Automatic/manual program control, 8 sets of data storage and memory functions, giving you a good user experience.
  • Through double-layer tempered glass, the baking process can be visualized and the baking effect can be better monitored.
  • The hot air is convectively circulated, and the air supply is stable and even during the baking process, presenting you with a high-quality baking effect.
  • 201/304 stainless steel material selection, food-grade environmental protection liner, heat-resistant 350 degrees, safe and non-toxic, fast cleaning
  • It supports simultaneous baking of multi-layer bakeware, multi-batch order operation, and upper and lower layers can be controlled independently without affecting each other.

How to buy commercial bakery equipment?

  1. Browse: Browse the Lestov official website, enter commercial bakery equipment in the search box/product category, and enter the category to find baking appliances that meet your needs.
  2. Raise your question. After finishing the detailed product information, you can contact us for your remained troubles. We will reply to you in less than 12 hours. If you want to look at our factory or discuss details of the customized commercial bakery equipment, Watsapp and Wechat will be available.
  3. Quote. After all models, quantities, and transportation plans are confirmed, we will offer you a quotation file, which includes product details, transportation mode, and payment terms. In regard to customized commodities, both parties should look through the graph paper to avoid unnecessary troubles. (Notice: We are not responsible for transportation directly as a professional induction cooker producer. We will provide you with EXW or consult a Chinese agency according to your transportation terms.)
  4. Payment. Once determined in the commercial invoice file, please transfer your money following the payment terms.
  5. Production. We will arrange your order’s production when we receive your transfer. If it is emergent, you can show us the bank draft to prove your payment. Our salesmen will share videos and pictures of your ordered commodities with you timely.
  6. Order delivery. Generally speaking, we will transport your commercial baking equipment in accordance with the invoice contract. In the Lestov manufacturing center, all products have passed strict inspections to ensure excellent quality.
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