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Didn’t find a commercial induction hob that matches your needs among the models on display? None of these existing products match your search intent.

The Lestov commercial induction cooker factory only displays conventional standard products on the website. They have stable quality and spare parts inventory and can achieve large-scale bulk order manufacturing.

However, customization always exists. In China, more than 50% of commercial induction units are customized locally due to the individualization of kitchen space and layout. These “unconventional” products require product engineers to evaluate the feasibility and design unique example drawings before production.

Customized product description and trigger conditions

Customized Description Customized Trigger Conditions



1. Size Change

The overall size change
Tank size change (fryer / Pasta cooker)
Iron plate size change ( Griddle)
The limit size and structure change
Raise the edge of the wok cooker


2. Add Product Function

Add the thermostat (fryer / Griddle)
Add the timer
Add an external temperature control probe






3. Changes in Appearance and Structure

Add removable furnace foot or furnace foot bolstering
Remove the position of the LED display
Require the water valve designed at the front
Cabinet door customized
Add the faucet (the tap)
Drainpipe position change
Add oil filter rack (Fryer)
Add water filter rack
Increased thickness of stainless steel sheet
Add water tank partition (for foot odor problems)
Special glass customization (add a logo, brand, etc. on the glass, or increase the thickness of the glass)
4. Specific Packaging Carton The packaging carton carries exclusive private label information from the customer
5. Unconventional Accessories The soup bucket is made of special materials
A hole is made in the soup bucket to install the valve switch
6. Unconventional Power Need to adjust the internal structure of the movement (IGBT box) separately

Product Customize Step

1.  After fully communicating with you, they will make the necessary changes. Sometimes, they will request a fuller assessment of the video connection from the restaurant site to ensure you can install new equipment in the building. These experienced technicians will know how to provide practical solutions.

2. The Lestov factory has strict documents to determine a customized product and the corresponding charging rules. All customization costs are the addition of labor costs and material costs, including changes in cooker size, increased functions, changes in appearance and structure, unique glass customization, and quirky accessories (special material soup bucket or valve switch installed on the soup bucket), and unconventional power, etc.

3. Compared with conventional products, all customized products are subject to stricter quality control before leaving the factory, and the test time is doubled or more. When you buy new kitchen equipment, ensure it fits your space. If you have any customized ideas or special needs, please contact us today.

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