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Unlike private label services and custom equipment services, spare supply services are only available to those who have purchased our commercial induction cookers. All induction cooker equipment from the Lestov manufacturer has a unique control program design, which means that we do not accept separate induction cooker accessories for sale.

Any electronic product has a service life. However, the Lestov factory uses high-quality electromagnetic components to provide an excellent performance guarantee. When you encounter a problem that is “easy to fix,” the Lestov team can provide troubleshooting strategies (documents or videos) to help you solve the problem. However, when the internal core components are damaged, you need spare parts to replace them.

The structure and working principle of Lestov commercial induction cooker

(1) Usually, when restaurant owners buy our electromagnetic equipment, we recommend ordering the corresponding core accessories for their equipment to avoid the embarrassment of business suspension caused by the malfunction. For distributors or agents that cooperate with customers, spare parts supply service is the content that must be discussed, plus free technical training and remote after-sales guidance support.

(2) Each Lestov product has a complete inventory of the movement bill of materials to suit the buying product type. All accessories have been strictly tested before entering the warehouse. Our suggestions on the accessories order attached to the order are derived from our years of after-sales experience.

(3) Therefore, let Lestov do these manufacturing jobs that require professional technology and equipment, allowing you to focus on marketing and business development!

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If you are looking to purchase all accessories for commercial induction cookers from the Lestov manufacturer to assemble a new product, we are happy to help you! In terms of supply capacity, Lestov can quickly provide you with a full range of commercial induction stove accessories, large-volume order supply & fast delivery.

In terms of quality assurance, Lestov has 40+ R&D teams – a technical service department – 30 Core Technology – CE / CCC / ISO certifications, to provide you with 7 / 24 service. Contact us Today!

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