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Commercial Induction Soup Cooker | Restaurant Induction Soup Boiler

Commercial Induction Soup Cooker, a cooking equipment designed for stewing large batches of broth, and porridge for restaurants, canteens, hotels,s and fast-food restaurants. It uses 95% energy efficiency & no open flame induction heating technology, saves 35% to 55% of energy bills than electric or gas soup stoves, improves safety by 50%, and boils 30% faster.

Lestov commercial induction soup cooker is equipped with double control modes: an 8-gear foot power knob and 6 groups of button menus that can preset / Store / Intelligently apply the heating power, time, and temperature of each food. It helps chefs to precisely adjust from low heat constant temperature to high heat rapid boil, and boil 58L to 170L broth in a short time.

As a commercial induction soup cooker manufacturer with 20 years of R&D / Design / Production / Sales experience, we have provided a full range of commercial induction soup cookers with CE / CCC / ISO certification to consumers in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India, and Thailand.

More types: Single Burner / Double Burner / 58L / 84L / 87L / 150L / 2*87L / 170 L / Restaurant / Industrial / Heavy-Duty / Tilting Commercial Induction Soup Cooker

Customization: Product Size / Power / Function / Boiling Volume, Company Logo / Private Label, Delivery Method.

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Energy-gathering Coil

The double-layer energy-concentrating copper wire reel is in direct contact with the heating panel to provide stable, highly conductive, and safe power output for the pot., from 8KW to 45KW.

Multifunctioal Panel

Configure 6 groups of preset/storage/intelligently apply the boiling power, temperature, and time of each food, providing chefs with precise control and flexible cooking experience.

Ceramic Glass Top

Adopts a ceramic glass panel with a high-temperature resistance of 700°C, a weight of 125 kg, and high thermal conductivity, which provides a full range of heat transfer for the pot.

Stainless Steel

The soup bucket and shell are made of SUS201 or SUS304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean and durable and does not stick to the bottom when stewing noodles or porridge. IPX4-6 waterproof level.

Multiple batches

The boiling capacity can be selected from 58L, 87L, 150L, and 170L, which can meet the meal capacity of 100 to 350 people. It is suitable for hotels and canteens.

Filter-type valve

The bottom of the soup cooker is equipped with a stainless steel drain valve, and the filter design can isolate large particles of food residue for easy cleaning.

Precise Power Control

According to the cooking stage of foods, adjust from low-power simmering to high-power boiling, precisely matching the firepower requirements of each food.

High-quality components

It adopts German Infineon IGBT, self-developed code, and PCB panel, and runs stably for 3000 hours, providing efficient and safe technical support for cooking.

The Application of Lestov Commercial Induction Soup Cooker
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