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Commercial Induction Fryer | Commercial Deep Fryer

A commercial deep fryer is a professional kitchen appliance used for deep frying. (What is Deep Frying? Deep frying also can be called as deep fat frying, is a cooking method by submerging food into oil at high heat that between 175 °C and 190 °C.). Deep fryers are essential in any commercial kitchen today, whether small food trucks or large chain restaurants. When searching for a new commercial deep fryer to upgrade your commercial kitchen equipment, you’ll notice the commercial induction fryer. This is a fantastic kitchen appliance for heating and deep frying food (corn dogs, chips, dough, fish, egg rolls, french-fried potato, and even chicken) in large quantities. A commercial induction fryer helps to keep a cool restaurant since induction technology warms the pan directly and no extra heat escapes. Moreover, induction fryers commercial cooker has more energy efficiency than the commercial gas/electric fryers, which means you can save more money.

There are two types of commercial induction fryers: Table Top Commercial Deep Fryers (220V) & Free Standing Commercial Deep Fryers (380V). They can be small benchtop fryer and large industrial deep fryer for restaurant use. The countertop deep fryer 10 liter is our standard product, and the floor deep fat frying equipment have different liters.

Do you wish to cook large quantities with ease and without stress? Generally, freestanding induction fryers come with increased output and also require more kitchen space than the commercial countertop deep fryer. All our deep frying equipment for sale are stainless steel. They ensure hygiene, aesthetics and facilitate cleaning.

Tell Lestov commercial induction cooktop manufacturer what you need and we will try our best to help you! The custom commercial deep fryer is available, you can customize the logo, product sizes and the design. What’s more, welcome to wholesale commercial induction deep fryers and be our distributor, we will offer you the most affordable price and best service!

Why Buy Commercial Induction Fryers from Lestov?

  • One year warranty and competitive factory direct price.
  • Commercial induction deep fryers are easy to clean and energy-saving.
  • Custom commercial deep fryer available. Private label; custom logo, size, design, and package.
  • Wide selections. We collect single, double, 3, or 4 baskets commercial deep fryers for you.
  • These commercial induction fryer equipment use an Omron thermostat to display actual temperature and real-time. Note that when dynamic frying the temperature control stands at ±3 °C and under static constant temperature, the value is ±1 °C.
  • A commercial deep fryer has a separate control panel with at least 6 menus presets as well as storage
  • If the temperatures rise to drastic conditions, these induction commercial fryer commercial have premium temperature control ‘fail safe’ feature which shuts off immediately.
  • Space-saving. Some commercial deep fryers come in drop-in or countertop models. This is perfect for small or remote commercial kitchens that not have enough space.
  • Our commercial deep fryers are ideal for carnivals, food trucks, on-the-go kitchens, industrial kitchen, large restaurants, etc.
  • How to clean commercial deep fryers? Please check this article >>

How to Buy Commercial Grade Deep Fryer?
  1. Browse. You are allowed to make use of the search bar or view the products category immediately to sift your preferred commodities while you are viewing our site.
  2. Raise your question. After finishing detailed product information, you can contact us for your remained troubles. We will reply to you for less than 12 hours. If you want to look at our factory or discuss details of customized commercial deep fryers, Watsapp and Wechat will be available.
  3. Quote. After all models, quantity, and transportation plans confirmed, we will offer you a quotation file, which includes product details, transportation mode, and payment terms. In regard to customized commodities, both parties should look through the graph paper avoiding unnecessary troubles. (Notice: We are not responsible for transportation directly as a professional induction cooker producer. We will provide you with EXW or consult Chinese agency according to your transportation terms.)
  4. Payment. Once determined the commercial invoice file, please transfer your money following the payment terms.
  5. Production. We will arrange your order’s production when we receive your transfer. If it is emergent, you can show us the bank draft to prove your payment. Our salesmen will share videos and pictures of your ordered commodities with you timely.
  6. Order delivery. Generally speaking, we will transport your commercial deep fryers following the invoice contract. In the Lestov Manufacturing Center, all products have passed rigorous examinations to guarantee superior quality.
  7. Customs clearance. We will build cooperation with a third-party transport company or your designated freight forwarder, in this way we can better arrange your commodities. (Notice: There are some unnecessary detention and demurrage fees according to former proof, so you’d better find a customs broker for help if you are in lack of experience in import.
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