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Best Commercial Induction Cooker Collections

Induction heating technology is not a new concept. It’s been very popular in the domestic kitchen for 10 years but until recently was never adopted by the commercial catering industry. With the growing awareness and desire to save energy, protect environment, and cut business costs, the popularity of induction models is significantly increased.

To help busy kitchen creat a more relaxed and energy-saving kitchen environment, Lestov commercial kitchen equipment supplier has been committed to developing the best commercial induction heaters. Now, you can find a magnificent collection of induction stove for commercial use, such as commercial countertop induction cooktops, commercial induction steamer, commercial induction wok burner, induction commercial deep fryer, induction pasta cooker, induction soup cooker, automatic wok fryer machine, etc.

Why Choose Lestov Commercial Induction Cookers

Factory Direct Prices

Lestov, an experienced commercial induction cooker manufacturer in China, offers the most affordable commercial induction cooker price and guarantees the available highest quality.

16 Years of Experiences

We are one of the earliest commercial induction cooktop manufacturers in China since 2003, offering excellent performance and durable commercial kitchen induction equipment.

Delivery In Time

Our responsible staffs are available 24/7 and pay attention to the final delivery details to ensure timely delivery, bringing you a pleasant import experience.

Innovative R&D team

Lestov commercial induction hob manufacturer assures an innovative R&D team that takes one step ahead of creative designs and product functionalities, peering consumers’ requirements.

Special Custom Service

All Lestov industrial induction cooktops can be customized based on buyers’ enquires, from product size, function keys to private labels, or brand logo.

Free Technical Support

Lestov commercial induction hob manufacturer provide commercial induction oven installation and maintenance guides and troubleshooting strategies to ascertain the best course of use and remedial actions.

What can you cook with commercial induction cookers?

Well, commercial kitchen induction equipment is perfect for busy large kitchens! They can help you cook fast and cook food in bulk.

  • Commercial Induction Fryers: Corn dog, egg roll, chicken, fried chips, frybread, calamari, seafood, potato, tofu, etc.
  • Commercial Induction Steamer: dumplings, bao, dim sum, fish, crab, lobster,  vegetables, rice & grains, eggs, cake, meat & poultry, frittata & quiche, bread & buns, green bean, etc.
  • Commercial griddle: pancakes, pizzas, burgers, steak, eggs bacon, French toast, hash browns, salsa corn cakes, waffles, avocado sandwich, etc.
  • Commercial soup cooker: chicken noodle soup, carrot ginger soup, yellow split pea soup, coriander fish soup, Indian coconut soup, bird’s nest soup, borscht, cabbage soup, chicken vegetable soup, corn chowder, etc.
  • Commercial induction wok cooker: ‘Chinese Buffet’ green beans, pineapple fried rice, crispy ginger beef, Thai noodles, stir-fried cabbage, shrimp stirfry, etc.
  • Commercial induction Pasta cooker: Spaghetti, fettuccine arrabiata, Chinese noodles, Linguine, and much more.

Commercial Induction Cooktop Reviews

Commercial Induction Cooker Buyer

My chefs said they were happy to cook with these commercial induction cookers. Our restaurant kitchen becomes clean and cool. To make things better, I plan to order premium induction-ready cookware in bulk, and why you don't offer, so sad. But still, say thanks to your induction cookers again!

We have replaced our traditional electric and gas ranges with commercial induction cooking range from Lestov. These commercial electric induction cooktops are a worthy investment, combining the cooler kitchens of electric cooking and quick heating and energy efficiency that gas ranges are known for.

Commercial Induction Review

We tested the commercial induction cooking equipment and they worked amazingly. These China induction cookers have super high quality and performance. Our company wants to order more and I  was guaranteed to get a more affordable wholesale price.

Commercial Induction Review1

Our restaurant had begun to make this commercial induction cooking technology about 6 years ago. So lucky our cookers come from Lestov, a reliable commercial induction hob manufacturer, are very efficient and energy-saving. Hope these commercial electric induction stove can last for several years.


I have used a commercial grade induction cooktop for years and they are the most efficient type compared to gas and radiant ring. only the part of the pan touching the cooking zone gets hot so in effect they are capable of "throttling down". I would not go back to a gas type of cooker, commercial induction hobs are quicker in heating.




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