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Commercial Induction Hob Manufacturer
Commercial Induction Hob Manufacturer

Best Commercial Induction Cooktop Collections

Induction heating technology is not a new concept. It’s been very popular in the domestic kitchen for 18 years but until recently was never adopted by the commercial catering industry. With the growing awareness and desire to save energy, protect the environment, and cut business costs, the popularity of induction models is significantly increased.

To help busy kitchens create a more relaxed and energy-saving kitchen environment, Lestov commercial kitchen equipment supplier has been committed to developing the best commercial induction cooktops. From design, and material, to cooker production, Lestov focuses on performance, quality, and reliability to ensure the best kitchen solution provided.

Now, you can find a magnificent collection of induction hobs for commercial use, such as a commercial portable countertop induction cooker, commercial induction steamer cooker, commercial induction wok burner, commercial induction deep fryer, and induction pasta pot, induction stockpot, automatic cooking machine, etc.

If you own or will have a commercial kitchen, Lestov is happy to be one of your best partners. (If you need, you’re also welcome to be our commercial induction cooker distributor and reseller!), We have provided product customization/OEM+ODM services to catering equipment importers/traders/chain restaurants in more than 50 countries with factory wholesale prices + and free technical guidance.

Why Choose Lestov Commercial Induction Cookers

Factory Direct Prices

Lestov, an experienced commercial induction cooker manufacturer in China, offers the most affordable commercial induction cooker price and guarantees the available highest quality.

18 Years of Experiences

We are one of the earliest commercial induction cooktop manufacturers in China since 2003, offering excellent performance and durable commercial kitchen induction equipment.

Delivery In Time

Our responsible staffs are available 24/7 and pay attention to the final delivery details to ensure timely delivery, bringing you a pleasant import experience.

Innovative R&D team

Lestov commercial induction hob manufacturer assures an innovative R&D team that takes one step ahead of creative designs and product functionalities, peering consumers’ requirements.

Special Custom Service

All Lestov industrial induction cooktops can be customized based on buyers’ enquires, from product size, and function keys to private labels, or brand logos.

Free Technical Support

Lestov commercial induction hob manufacturer provides commercial induction oven installation and maintenance guides and troubleshooting strategies to ascertain the best course of use and remedial actions.

Production process of commercial induction cooktop

Questions about commercial induction cooktop

What can you cook with commercial induction cookers?

Well, commercial kitchen induction equipment is perfect for busy large kitchens! They can help you cook fast and cook food in bulk.

  • Commercial Induction Fryers: Corn dog, turkey, chicken, fried chips, fish, calamari, seafood, potato, tofu, etc.
  • Commercial induction Pasta cooker: Spaghetti, fettuccine arrabiata, Chinese noodles, Linguine, and much more.
  • Commercial convection oven: Turkey, pizza, cake, bread, pastry, bagel, cupcake, cookie, burger bun, croissant, barbecue.
  • Automatic cooking machines: Egg Fried Rice, noodles, stir-frying dish, stewing beef, frying the turkey, porridge, boiling noodles, cooking soup.
  • Commercial griddle: Pancakes, pizzas, burgers, steak, eggs bacon, French toast, hash browns, salsa corn cakes, waffles, avocado sandwiches, etc.
  • Commercial induction wok cooker: ‘Chinese Buffet’ green beans, pineapple fried rice, crispy ginger beef, Thai noodles, stir-fried cabbage, shrimp stirfry, etc.
  • Commercial Induction Steamer: Dumplings, bao, dim sum, fish, crab, lobster, momo, vegetables, rice & grains, eggs, cake, sausage, meat & poultry, frittata & quiche, bread & buns, tamale, seafood, sandwich, etc.
  • Commercial soup cooker: Chicken noodle soup, carrot ginger soup, yellow split pea soup, coriander fish soup, Indian coconut soup, mushroom stock, borscht, cabbage soup, instant soup,  bouillon soup, chicken vegetable soup, corn chowder, etc.

Why choose commercial induction cookers?

1. Commercial Induction Cookers Have Higher Efficiency

During induction cooking, at least 90% of heat energy is used up by pots and pans. Commercial induction cooktops designed for commercial use transfer energy more efficiently compared to gas and electric hob whose conduction of heat averages 38%. Induction stoves contain zones that only function when specific cookware is placed on top.

The zone is designed to switch off automatically in any instance that a pot or pan used does not utilize induction cooking or when the zone is on, but no cookware is placed on top. However, gas and electric stoves lack such automatic settings and designs and end up using energy and heat even when nothing is being cooked, thus wasting energy and heating the kitchen needlessly. Therefore, commercial induction range cookers help save energy in your kitchen and protect the environment!

2. Commercial Induction burners Heat Cookware Faster

Commercial induction hobs increase the cooking speed by more than half the average time. Using a gas cooker, two liters of water boil within approximately 8 minutes, and an electric stove burner boils the same amount of water for 9 minutes. An industrial induction burner boils two liters of water within 4 minutes!

This is made possible by using ferromagnetism, which transfers heat energy to the cookware faster and more efficiently. Thus, commercial induction stoves are faster for cooking and highly suitable in restaurants and cafes where productivity improves drastically, and customer satisfaction levels peak remarkably.

3. Induction Cooking is More Precise and Instantaneous

Commercial induction wok burners have digital control mechanisms that provide a setting for precise temperatures. Since energy transfer occurs directly, temperature controls allow changes in heat energy transfer to differ efficiently.

Some commercial induction hot plates have auto heat-up functions that facilitate the commercial cooker to heat at a pre-selected temperature range and increase the heating temperature for a period before reducing the heat to the specific pre-selected temperature. The auto heat-up function is an excellent feature applicable to chefs using recipes requiring varying temperatures.

4. Commercial Induction Cooktops Have Higher Safety Levels

Commercial induction cooking is designed to heat the cookware, but the heat energy does not reach the commercial plate. Since the induction hob is a poor conductor of heat, incidences of burns and accidents are significantly reduced in commercial kitchens.

The design ensures that all the heat is centralized within the commercial induction cookware and that less heat seeps into the air, thereby ensuring that the kitchen becomes more comfortable to work in, and chefs are less sweaty while preparing food!

In some advanced commercial kitchen induction equipment, settings are available that activate locking the heat to prevent accidental temperature changes when buttons are pushed accidentally.

The cooktops of commercial-grade induction burners are fitted with sensitivity monitors to check the heat levels at the cookware bases and to regulate temperature wherever necessary.

This mechanism reduces damage from overheating. Other safety features include an automatic switch-off mechanism whenever liquid within the cookware overflows.

5. Commercial Induction Cooktops Last Longer and are Easier to Clean

Commercial induction stoves are constructed with thick glass-ceramic and smooth stainless steel surfaces, this makes cleaning easy and less complicated. There are no corners and hidden spots that become difficult to clean after use.

What are the types of commercial induction cookers?

There are many types of induction stoves for commercial use.

1. According to the function:

We can divide commercial induction cooktop appliances into the commercial flattop griddle, commercial steamer pot, automatic intelligent cooking machine, commercial slow cooker, commercial deep fat fryer, and commercial wok burner.

2. According to the Power rating:

The induction hobs can be divided into commercial induction stoves 3500W, 5000 Watt commercial cooker, 12 KW induction burner, 1500 W induction hob, 2900 W commercial stove, etc.

3. According to the number of zones:

These commercial induction cookers can be divided into single burner stoves, 2 burner induction cooktops, 4 burner induction cooktop commercial, commercial 6 ring induction hob, 9 baskets commercial boiler, etc.

4. According to the styles:

There are 3 kinds of commercial induction ranges: countertop induction cooktops, built-in commercial induction cooktops, and freestanding induction cookers.

Things to consider before buying commercial induction cookers

Do you want to use commercial-grade induction burners for your commercial kitchen or an industrial kitchen? Before purchasing your commercial induction cookers, these are six things to consider!

1. Commercial Induction Cooktop’s Build Style

You should consider the potential use of the commercial induction range before purchase. There are three types of commercial induction ranges that you can choose from portable, plug-in, and built-in models. If you decide on the portable model, you should pick the countertop model because they are easier to move around.

The drop-in models require a specific space and are perfect when you don’t want to keep shifting it. You only need to know the dimensions of the range, place it in the specified space, and start cooking with it.

Most commercial induction range cookers have a length of 12 inches to 28 inches, while the width ranges between 11.4 inches and 5 inches. The height ranges from 2.2 inches to 4.53 inches.

The built-in model is best for outdoor cooking, such as buffets or presenting a state-of-the-art dining experience. Units can be added onto a tabletop to prepare customized food orders. The built-in model has safety features such as automatic detectors that switch off the cooker after the cookware is removed.

2. Beware of the Word “Commercial”

You should only buy commercial induction cooking ranges from trustworthy and reputable sellers. Some companies selling induction ranges use the word “commercial” as a marketing gimmick.

Commercial varieties are determined by their weight standards, temperature controls and ranges, and fans. Some marketers brand their induction ranges as commercial burners while they are actually standard consumer-grade ranges.

3. Temperature Control

A commercial induction cooktop functions through an on and off pulse until the desired temperature is reached. The problem with lower grade ranges is that they only work well with maximum temperature.

This means that only the highest temperature works, and trying to set the range at a medium heat fails because the sensitivity is significantly low. If the goal of the restaurant is to make high-quality food at a consistent quality, the commercial induction cooktops should be able to regulate temperature as required.

For instance, the range should have a low heat setting and full boil as the two extremes and a range of temperatures for simmering. You should invest in a higher grade range model of commercial induction stoves. Higher-end models have high sensitivity to temperature controls, and temperature changes can be made faster and more efficiently. You should also consider the pulsing mechanism utilized, especially one with a range of wattage.

4. Temperature Range

The temperature range is an essential part of the temperature controls to consider. You should decide the temperature range depending on the food items that you want to prepare in your large kitchen.

A temperature range from 140 degrees is best, although some induction burners go lower than 140. Top-end temperatures are also necessary to consider because some types of food require very high heat.

5. Knobs or Pushbutton Controls.

Consider the controls placed on the ranges. Commercial induction ranges often use knobs because of the ease of adjusting when compared to buttons. You might prefer buttons because of the smooth surface, which eases cleaning because cleaning requires wiping the button panel only rather than having to clean a dial. Also, you might consider what the team is used to using and just use that to ensure they are comfortable.

6. Burner Size and Number

The question to ask is: What is the number and size of burners that you require? The best choice is between 1-and 4 burners. If you require only one burner, then pick a commercial portable countertop induction cooker.

The position of the burner is also essential; whether it will be in the front or back of the house. Burners to be used in front of the house should be sleek and less industrially designed.

In a smaller kitchen, choose a commercial-grade induction burner with several burners to improve cooking efficiency by cooking various dishes at once.

7. Wattage

You should pay close attention to the wattage of the commercial induction cookers. Most ranges have a wattage level between 300 to 14,000 watts. You should also look at the outlet plugs. The most commonly used is the two-pronged or three-pronged outlet plug with a voltage level of 120V and wattage of 1,800 watts. This outlet plug is standard and used in many commercial cookers because they are easy to move around and plug.

Induction hobs with wattage above 1800 require plugs with 240V, often used in some large appliances such as commercial burners and refrigerators. Most appliances with more than 1800 watts are not easily portable. You should also note the intended use and available plugs for the induction burner.

8. Warranty

A warranty covers various aspects of a product, and you should get a warranty before choosing commercial induction stoves. Although you might select a commercial induction cooktop with a lesser warranty, it should prepare you to service it in the near future. Most warranties cover faults due to manufacturing. Manufacturing defects may lead the induction range to fail or work improperly.

9. Select Your Commercial Induction Cooker Range

Whenever you want to choose your commercial induction range, ensure that you consider the space you have and the cooking needs. Ensure that the temperature controls are appropriate to cook the food properly.

How to clean commercial induction cookers?

How to clean commercial induction stoves?

Before you decide to clean your commercial induction cooktop, select various types of cleaning. You need to understand that commercial induction cooktops should be cleaned differently from regular cooktops such as electric and gas cooktops. There are three main ways to clean commercial induction ranges: daily cleaning, heavy-duty cleaning, and parts of the induction stovetop. We will discuss the three types here.

Before beginning any cleaning process, you also need to know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to cleaning the commercial-grade induction cooktops. Some of the materials and cleaners that are popular may actually damage your cooktop, and you will need to avoid them. As long as you understand the process and know what you are doing, the actual process is straightforward.

Daily Cleaning of Commercial Induction Burners

The cleaning of commercial induction cooktops should be managed, similar to how other appliances are cleaned. To avoid future problems when conducting heavy-duty cleaning, you must ensure that regular cleaning is done. Also, after cleaning, you have to ensure that it is thoroughly wiped down to avoid leaving grease. Use these tips to help you in the everyday cleaning of your commercial induction hobs:

  • Wipe away spillages and grease stains and crumbs using a damp rag or sponge.
  • Pour a small amount of cooktop cleaner and wipe using a paper towel or rag to remove the stains.
  • Gently dry your commercial induction cooktops with a rag or towel.

Ensure that you regularly clean your commercial induction cooktop so that you have an easy time before you actually have to do the heavy-duty cleaning.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning of Commercial Induction Cookers

Heavy-duty cleaning is an essential part of the cleaning process of commercial induction cooking equipment. Once in a while, conduct a heavy-duty cleaning for your commercial induction cooktops by following these simple steps:

  •  If your commercial induction ranges have stubborn hard water stains, you might want to use some white wine vinegar to remove them.
  • To remove hard residues and spots, use a cleaner specific to ceramic products. Scrub the ceramic surface top using a cooktop cleaning pad. The cleaner and cleaning pad are readily available online.
  • Ensure that you use a scraper to remove hardened pieces of food from the ceramic surface. Scrub gently, keeping in mind that you have been cleaning on a daily basis as the food particles are few. Avoid scratching the ceramic surface because it may damage your commercial induction stove.
  • Clean your stove’s top using your favorite cleanser. Always use a clean and fresh rag that provides the cooktop with a clean and smooth finish.
  • Finish the cleaning with a fresh towel.

How to Clean your Commercial Induction Cooktop Parts?

Depending on the material that makes up your cooktop, you should be able to clean its component parts.

Understanding and knowing how to clean the commercial induction hob parts is an essential component of the cleaning process. Even if the cooktop is made of glass, ensure that you clean all its parts. For the glass cooktop, use a cookware cream and gently rub the cream onto the glass material. After some moments, wipe down using a clean, fresh cloth until the cooktop is clean. Some people prefer to use glass cleaners, but utilizing a cooktop cream is the best option as it gives the best results.

You also need to know the right means and procedures for cleaning the stainless-steel parts of the commercial induction burners. Some people use soapy water, and the results are always great. However, always be careful when using grainy products because of the risk of leaving scratch marks and permanently damaging the cooktop. After wiping the commercial induction stove, use a fresh and clean rag for drying.

It is always advisable to use white vinegar in cleaning off hard water spots. White vinegar is really high in general household cleaning, especially for appliances, floors, and fridges. Since most people agree that it is highly effective in cleaning windows, it would be preferable to use it for glass induction burners.

Melted Plastic and Sugar Spills

Have you ever liked to see or smell burning plastic on your kitchen surfaces? Melted plastic and sugar spills are among the hardest stains to clean on commercial induction cooktops. You have to ensure that your commercial induction hob is free of such stains to protect yourself and your family so that they remain safe. Induction cookers have safety features that provide you do not get injured or burned during spillages. However, you must ensure that you clean off all sugar or plastic spills.

Before you begin cleaning, ensure that the stone and the oven are turned off to avoid burns. Use an oven mitt or potholder and a scraper to scrape off the stains and spots from your commercial induction ranges. Afterward, wipe the cooktop with a clean and dry paper towel to maintain the smooth feel of the material. You should always wait for the commercial induction hobs to cool down before cleaning the cooktop. Remember that your safety is important.

The cooktop can wait until it is thoroughly cooked before starting the cleaning process. After the commercial induction wok hob is cooled, you may clean it using any cleaner that works best for you. The cleaning process is easy: choose the cooktop cleaner, spray a small amount on the cooktop, and wipe. Clean off with a fresh rag.

Am I Going to Scratch my Commercial Induction Cooking Range?

People are always afraid of denting or scratching the surfaces of their commercial induction cookers. More often than not, it happens. Scratches are a permanent mark. You are likely to feel the guilt and ire associated with seeing the scratch on a daily basis. Scratches occur when you use cast iron pans, which tend to scratch your induction wok burner. You can use one of these materials: parchment paper, Silpat mats, newspapers, and paper towels.

Commercial induction cookers only heat the pot or pan you use in cooking but do not heat the vessel. It means that you can use paper towels and newspapers without the risk of being destroyed. However, avoid materials such as saran wraps which tend to stick horribly to the vessel. Remember that some of the materials used as layers can also be used to clean the commercial induction magnetic stoves. Specifically, paper towels and parchment paper are easily usable. Obviously, do not use slip at mats. Newspapers are great rags, and sometimes people overlook their utility value.

What Not to Do to Your Commercial Induction Cookers?

You should avoid using some materials at all costs because of the risk of affecting your commercial induction cooktop bunnings. These materials scratch your surfaces, and scratch marks are impossible to repair. Always avoid the following materials and products: brillo pads, comet cleaner, granule type cleaner, bleach, dishwasher soap, and rust removers. You can be sure of a nice, smooth, and clean commercial electromagnetic stove as long as you follow the simple steps provided above. It is good to ensure that your commercial burner range is always clean and that you feel good and amazing whenever you use it. Also, your family and friends will not have to get worried about eating food that is stale from weeks ago.

After all the reading, you have now understood how to clean a commercial cooking range. Try not to postpone cleaning your commercial stove burner to avoid the accumulation of stains. Ensure that you regularly clean the commercial single induction hob, especially after every cooking session. You should also conduct a monthly heavy-duty cleaning every month to keep the commercial magnetic induction stove clean, shiny, and bright. Of course, no one likes to use a dirty stove. To ensure that your single burner induction cooktop remains clean and decent at all times, you need to have rags, cooktop cleaners, and oven mitts. If you like and enjoy the results, use soapy water. Most people prefer to use cooktop cleaners because of the shiny and new effect it has on commercial induction cooktops.

What's the commercial induction cooker price?

As the original commercial induction hob manufacturer, we ensure you that you can buy the commercial induction range cookers at the most affordable price! You can get the best discount without distributors, which means you may cost less than $150 to get a portable commercial countertop induction cooktop. Of course, to address different needs, we also offer expensive high standard commercial induction stoves with a price of about $5000.

Note: You will not worry about the quality of the commercial induction range. Because of use in the commercial kitchen, the commercial induction cookers keep working for a long time as the commercial equipment.

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Commercial Induction Cooktop Reviews

Commercial Induction Cooker Buyer

My chefs said they were happy to cook with these commercial induction cookers. Our restaurant kitchen becomes clean and cool. To make things better, I plan to order premium induction-ready cookware in bulk, and why you don't offer, so sad. But still, say thanks to your induction cookers again!

We have replaced our traditional electric and gas ranges with a commercial induction cooking range from Lestov. These commercial electric induction cooktops are a worthy investment, combining the cooler kitchens of electric cooking and quick heating and energy efficiency that gas ranges are known for.

We tested the commercial induction cooking equipment and they worked amazingly. These China induction cookers have super high quality and performance. Our company wants to order more and I  was guaranteed to get a more affordable wholesale price.


Our restaurant had begun to make this commercial induction cooking technology about 6 years ago. So lucky our cookers come from Lestov, a reliable commercial induction hob manufacturer, are very efficient and energy-saving. Hope these commercial electric induction stove can last for several years.


I have used a commercial-grade induction cooktop for years and they are the most efficient type compared to gas and radiant ring. only the part of the pan touching the cooking zone gets hot so in effect they are capable of "throttling down". I would not go back to a gas type of cooker, commercial induction hobs are quicker in heating.


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