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Commercial Induction Griddles

What is a commercial induction griddle? A commercial induction griddle is a simply griddling tool for all induction cooktops. They help chefs to prepare precise and uniformly flavored foods. This includes pancakes, pizzas, burgers, and steak. They use thermostatic control together with manual temperature settings for accurate control of temperature in real-time.

Why choose Commercial induction griddles? Compared to commercial electric griddles and traditional gas griddles, commercial induction griddles have more precise temperature controls and shorter heat-up times, and the uniformity of the plate is truly unbeatable. Moreover, the induction griddle creates heat directly in the plate rather than releasing energy into the kitchen, so it will create a cool environment for chefs.

Lestov is one of the most professional and experienced commercial griddle manufacturers in china. Over the years, we have managed to supply free-standing commercial induction griddles at factory-direct prices. Moreover, we also provide custom induction griddle manufacturing services! If you need a built-in countertop griddle, we can meet your requirements.

  • Grill plate for induction cooker: Commercial flat top griddle; Half grooved griddle.
  • Special highlight: Independent multi-channel controls for 6 menus presets and storage.
  • Controls way: Thermostatic controls combine with manual temperature settings. Temperature consistency can achieve the setpoint of +/- 1℃ for accurate real-time temperature control.

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Why Shop Commercial Induction Griddles from Lestov?

  • One-year warranty; competitive factory-direct prices.
  • 6 independent multi-channel controls with 6 different menu and storage options.
  • Best commercial induction griddles for both large chain hotels and restaurant kitchens.
  • Premium stainless steel, rustless, durable, energy-efficient, fast startups, ultra-quiet design, nonstick grilling surface.
  • Our commercial induction griddles are specifically designed to meet the correct standards of hygiene and are quite easy to clean.
  • The features like LED display, stainless steel body, and rotary dial thermostats create our induction commercial griddles that are durable and simple to use.
  • Our commercial induction griddle hobs use several safety protection features. They include the over and low protection of voltage, over-current, and over-heat protection, and the 3-hour automatic shut off.

How to Buy Commercial Induction Griddle Stove?

  1. Inquiry. Please tell us your detailed information about your favored commercial kitchen induction griddle, including size, material, and so on. If you can tell us your budget, it would be better.
  2. Free Quotation provided. We will send our price sheet to you, plus product photos, videos, and configuration, in accordance with your request.
  3. Launch the order. Your company will pay the deposit, and we start arranging your induction stove griddle order after receiving the payment.
  4. Delivery. After the production, the commercial griddles will be shipped through my or your designated agent following your requirements. Then you need to transfer the rest funds of your order.
  5. After-sale service. We will provide a complete post-sale service for you, telling the customer how to use our induction griddle stove and solving your other difficulties. And our service team will answer customer questions within 24 hours online.
  6. Feedback. We are looking forward to hearing feedback from our customers. Please tell us your opinions about commercial griddles’ quality and service. If you have other advice for strengthening our products, we will be appreciated that.
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