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Commercial Portable Induction Cooktop

Are you thinking of adding any other cooking appliance to your commercial kitchen? Then, why not consider getting the modern commercial countertop induction cooktops!

What is a commercial portable induction cooktop? Well, a countertop induction cooktop is a commercial induction cooker with a compact tabletop design, which has a smaller body but still powerful functions.

To meet your different cooking needs, there are lots of stove types to choose from, including countertop induction hobs, fryers, pasta or rice cookers, griddles, and soup boilers.

Combining the energy efficiency and cooler kitchens of electric cookers and the quicker heating of gas stoves, the commercial countertop induction range is more energy-efficient and safe to use.

According to statistics, the energy efficiency of a Commercial Portable Induction Cooktop can be up to 95% while an electric stove is 50%, and a gas cooker is 45%.

Moreover, commercial-quality commercial cookers need less space and maintenance. You will reduce kitchen operating costs by about 50% with our commercial cooktops!

Lestov best commercial induction cooktop manufacturer offers affordable factory-direct prices and free technical training to every client. Moreover, to help you promote your business well, we provide custom order service, and you can get commercial portable induction cooktops with your own company logo and private label. Moreover, feel free to contact us if you want to be our distributors/resellers.

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Best Commercial Portable Induction Cooktops for Sale

Reasons to Buy Lestov Commercial Countertop Induction Cooktops

  • One-year warranty.
  • Fast heating & more energy-efficient
  • Small size & lightweight. A commercial portable induction cooktop is super easy to move, store, and place anywhere.
  • Easy to clean. A commercial tabletop induction stove has a flat and smooth cooking surface, and it will not let spilled food burn and stick.
  • Keep your kitchen cool. Less heat dissipation than traditional cooker ranges. No open flame and the heat will dissipate quickly after removing the cookware.
  • Ideal for large chain hotels, small restaurants, schools, canteens, large commercial, and industrial kitchens and help you to create a safe, cool, green, efficient, low cost, and sustainable kitchen.
  • Our standard commercial countertop induction cooktops are perfect for buffets, food trucks, and catered events since it is easy to move around to accommodate small spaces.
  • Private label or custom logo countertop induction cooker service.

How to Buy Commercial Portable Induction Cooktop?

1. Browse. There are many commercial portable induction cooktops available on our website and you can make your choice by browsing around our website or clicking on our product categories.

2. Send your inquiry. With our prompt reply within 24 hours, you are free to forward your questions about any product to us. We are also on-demand via our channel on WhatsApp and Wechat to discuss our products with our customers and can even make video calls with you concerning our products or our factory.

3. Make a quote. Upon making up your mind on the quantity and mode of reception of a commercial portable induction cooktop, we send a quote file that will include details of the product, the delivery, and the mode of payment. For ease of delivery and dependent on your condition of shipment, we can contact Chinese freight forwarders but we have no responsibility for transportation.

4. Payment: Funds can be transferred depending on the terms we reach with you concerning the payment. This is however best to be done after confirming the invoice.

5. Production. On the acknowledgment of the receipt of your payment, we start scheduling your goods for delivery. But if it is needed urgently, you can send us your bank bill as evidence for the transfer. We usually share pictures and videos with our customers.

6. Delivery. As we have an invoice contract, we usually deliver our order according to it. To ensure that we deliver the best of products to our customers, we insist on passing our products through thorough testing.

7. Customs clearance. You are free to contact a third-party shipping company or a forwarder of your choice, we are always open to working with them. For a newbie, it is always advisable to contract a customs broker who can guide your delivery as customs clearance can be met with hitches.

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