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Lestov has been working on maximizing cooking efficiency in commercial induction technology since 2003. Lestov currently homes 200+ full-time employees, nominated and recommended by CCA and WFCCI (formerly WACC), partnering with 50+ countries, and holds CE Certificates.

Our aim and principle are to optimize chef cooking habits and reduce restaurant operating costs. Today, Lestov’s R&D team has 30+ innovative employees, making unremitting efforts in power consumption reduction, temperature control precision, and SMART Human-Machine Interfaces.

Each year, we sponsored international and domestic cooking competitions and frequently receive positive feedback and suggestions from on-site chefs. We value all suggestions and continue making manufacturing improvements to enhance customer satisfaction.

Mr.Li, the founder of Lestov, has 30+ years of experience in the manufacture of kitchen equipment. From the selection of raw materials to quality control of commercial induction cooktops, Mr.Li’s expertise is leading the induction cooking industry.

Lestov, the future is happening.

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Lestov Culture:

Company Beliefs: Inspiring self and one and others ultimately stimulate business prosperity.

Core Values: Honesty, Sincerity, Reliable, and Self-Challenging; Pursue Precision, Environmental Friendly, Energy Savings.

Core Vision: Aiming to create a win-win and continuing collaboration platform for all customers, supply chains, and businesses, position us as a reliable and respected pioneer firm.

Core Mission: Promote cooking development with advanced induction technology, lead industry standards, and create and enhance employees’ satisfaction both physically and mentally.

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