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Commercial Induction Steamer Cooker

What is a commercial induction food steamer? This is an excellent replacement for the traditional gas or commercial electric steamer cooker, with the most advanced magnetic field induction current heating technology.

Commercial induction steamer pots are applied wildly for steaming food, such as rice, crab, seafood, fish, vegetables, steamed bread, dim sum, and buns. Nowadays, commercial induction food steamer is one of the most popular commercial kitchen equipment for schools, hotels, catering, guesthouses, industrial, restaurants, factories, and other large kitchens.

Ingest fewer calories and get rich nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. You won’t want to miss the ability to steam pot. In advocating a light and authentic diet, steaming is regarded as one of the healthiest & low-fat cooking methods.



It is not difficult to find many restaurants that use steamed food as a hot-selling menu option are popular, such as the “real Kungfu” chain restaurant. If you want to stream a lot of different kinds of food at once, then a commercial induction steam cooking machine will be a perfect choice! With 18+ years of experience in restaurant cooking equipment.

Lestov commercial induction food steamer manufacturers will offer you the most satisfying restaurant steamers equipment! Of course, customization is available, we can make each kind of specification depend on the customer’s demands! We look forward to your becoming our distributor/agent and providing you with wholesale price, free technical guidance, and sample testing.

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Reasons to Buy Lestov Commercial Induction Food Steamer

  • Quicker Preparation of Meals
    With a commercial induction food steamer cooker, you’ll enjoy better heat distribution when cooking. Here, heat is transferred to the cookware directly and not to the cooktop’s surface. Such means that water or food is heated 50% quicker as compared to gas or electric steamers, which are quite slow.
  • Impressive and ”Tasty” Results
    It’s also important to mention that with a commercial induction stovetop steamer, it will be quite easy to regulate the heat temperature when steaming food, unlike using electric or gas steamer cabinets. This, in the end, will help you to deliver satisfactory results as well as minimize the chances of having under or overcooked food. Besides, effective control of heat is always the key to serving tasty food!
  • Easy to Clean
    Induction commercial steamer pots are made using the same smooth, glass material that’s found on the old electric steamer’s cookware. Luckily, the chances of splatters, boil-overs, or spills burning on your cooktop are reduced because heat ‘doesn’t get to the ‘cooktop’s surface. So, once ‘you’re through cooking, you can immediately start cleaning your already cool cooktop.
  • Save money and energy
    Interestingly, with a restaurant induction food steamer, you can save close to 60% off the amount you use to pay for gas steam cooking pots. Furthermore, because they allow you to cook in bulk, these induction or steaming cooktops, are an effective method of saving, not only money but also the time you’ll take to cook for ‘let’s say a large group of people.
  • Environmental Friendly
    With the growing fight to stop the destruction of our ozone layer, it’s only right to adopt clean ways of cooking. With an induction commercial kitchen steamer, you have arguably the most hygienic cooking equipment. These highly optimized cooking gadgets have no oxygen consumption; produce no combustion exhaust fumes or dust particles, making them ideal for your kitchen.
  • Factory Direct Price.
    Lestov’s factory is located in China, with cost-efficient labor, mass production, a flexible supply chain, and policy support, Lestov’s commercial induction cooking equipment manufacturer will offer you a lower price with higher quality.

How to Buy Commercial Induction Food Steamer?

1. Browse. Browse our commercial induction steamer cooker collection online and pick the one you like.

2. Send your inquiry. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our service or our commercial induction steamer cookers.

3. Make a quote. Lestov will provide a quote file after confirming all models and quantities and the shipment way with clients.

4. Payment and order production. After receiving the payment, Lestov commercial induction cooktop manufacturer will start to produce your commercial induction food steamer.

5. Order delivery and Customs clearance.

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