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Commercial Induction Cooker Parts

What are commercial induction stove parts? Commercial induction stove parts are cooker accessories that compose and guarantee 95% thermal efficiency, precise control, 360° non-blind spot heat conduction, and long-term cooking of commercial induction cooktops.

Commercial induction cooker parts include induction cooker coil (heating element), cooker hob knobs, Intelligent display, induction PCB board, faucet valve parts, cooker extractor fan, boiler thermostat, fryer filter, cookware, and other cooking equipment parts.



Lestov commercial induction cooker supplier selects German professional top IGBTs, double-layer concave energy-concentrating coils, high-frequency dual cooling fans, microcomputer control systems, etc. to achieve the stable performance of induction hob in high thermal conductivity, precise control, and intelligent operation.

Best Commercial Induction Cooker Parts For Sale

Reasons to Buy Lestov Commercial Induction Cooker Parts


  • The PCB Core Box adopts a dual-core control system, which is an independent microcomputer control system, that can achieve high and precision control.
  • EMC module is designed to prevent magnetic interference and protect the power grid and electrical equipment.
  • Using the advanced technology of German “Infineon” IGBT, German “Infineon” digital signal processor, and German “Infineon” high voltage drive IC.
  • The Lestov induction cooker coil is a double-layer concave energy-concentrating type, which realizes 360° heating without blind spots.
  • Lestov induction hob provides a twin-turbo cooling fan for 7% of the waste heat in the commercial induction cooktop.
  • Equipped with a national patented magnetic foot induction switch, which has 8 fire-power gears and can rotate 360 degrees.

How to Buy Lestov Commercial Induction Cooker Parts


  • You can take advantage of the search bar or visit the products category directly to locate the desired goods when you visit our website.
  • After viewing detailed information about our products, if you still have any questions, please contact us at any time. We will answer that in no more than 24 hours. (If you want to look at our factory or talk about customized Commercial induction stove parts through a video call, please keep in touch with us on Whatsapp or Wechat.)
  • Once all Commercial induction cooker parts and quantity, as well as the type of shipping, are confirmed, we will give you a quotation document including the products’ detailed information, shipment, and payment clause. With regard to customized goods, both parties should check the drawing documents carefully in case of misunderstanding.
    (Note: As a specialized induction cooker producer, we are not in charge of transportation. We will offer EXW generally. Or consult the Chinese agency directly in accordance with your shipment clause.)
  • After the commercial invoice document is confirmed, please transfer your capital in accordance with the payment clause.
  • Order Production. After receiving the payment, we will begin to manufacture your goods. If there is an emergency, please send us the bank draft to testify your payment. Our sales personnel will show you pictures and videos of your ordered goods on time.
  • Under normal conditions, we will deliver your order in accordance with the invoice contract. In the Lestov Manufacturing Center, all commodities have passed a thorough examination to ensure superior quality.
  • We will work with a third-party transportation company or your designated freight forwarder to transport your goods. (Note: If you do not have rich import experience, you are better to find a customs broker for help, because customs clearance will avoid further unnecessary detention and demurrage fees.)
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