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Commercial Induction Cooker Parts | Commercial Induction Stove Accessories

What are commercial induction cooktop accessories? Commercial induction cooktops are composed of stainless steel shells, copper wire reels, ceramic glass panels for heat conduction, digital display screens, PCB boards, and other accessories, which together help commercial induction cookers achieve 95% energy efficiency, 360° all-direction heating and long-term cooking.

Lestov offers a complete range of accessories for commercial induction hobs, which means you can assemble a high-quality commercial induction hob yourself. This will save you the high import duties and shipping costs of the whole machine, and the price of the whole set of accessories will be much cheaper than that of the whole machine.

The structure and working principle of Lestov commercial induction cooker

NOTE: We only accept purchase orders for high-volume commercial induction stove accessories. If you have already purchased our products, within the 1-year warranty period, we will provide you with free accessories.

The Spare Parts of Lestov Commercial Induction Cooker

Professional Commercial Induction Cooker Spare Parts


Configure Germany Infineon IGBT | Digital Signal Processor | High-voltage Drive IC | Sensitive Response | Run for 3,000 Hours

Intelligent Display

Equipped with High-definition Intelligent Display | Real-time Display of the Cooking Power – Consumption – Simulated Dynamic Flame


Configure 1.5mm Thickness All-Copper Bridge Main Circuit | The Current Carrying Capacity Increase 10 Times than Super Printed Circuit

Precise Power Control

Configure 5 / 8 Gears Magnetic Power Knob | Precisely Adjusts the Cooking Power | Short Recovery Time | Precisely Control | Ultra-fast Conversion


Configure Anti-magnetic Interference EMC Module to Main Circuit | Protect the Power Grids – Electrical Appliances – Cooking Equipment

Copper Coil

Configure Double-layer Energy-gathering Copper Coil | Quickly Generate Heat | 360° No Blind Spot Evenly Heating | Obtained National Patent

Cooling Fan

Configure Twin-turbo High-frequency Cooling Fan | Discharge the Waste Heat | Protect the Internal Movement & Components | CE

Ceramic Glass Top

Configure Ceramic Glass Heating Panel | Resistance 800℃ & 125KG | Directly & Evenly Heating the Cookware | Anti-drop & Anti-scratch

Button Panel

Equipped with 6 Editable Buttons Menus | Preset or Auto Memory the Cooking Power – Timer – Temperature of Each Food | Intelligently Operate

Lestov Commercial Induction Cooker Spare Part Introduce Video

Lestov Commercial Induction Cooker Spare Part Testing

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