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Induction Commercial Pasta Cookers

Do you want to upgrade your commercial kitchen cooking equipment? Good idea! With high safety and high energy efficiency, commercial induction cooking ranges have become the first choice for kitchen cooking needs.

Look our this collection of commercial induction pasta cooker boilers, they are specially designed to rapidly boil water and cook pasta & noodles. Fast cooking and automatic lifting with a fixed-in timer are just some of the impressive things you’ll enjoy with these commercial induction noodle cookers.

Lestov commercial induction cooktop manufacturer provides commercial induction pasta cooker boilers of different sizes. Some are full-sized models with one heating tank or more while others are convenient, simple countertop selections.



What’s more, Lestov commercial induction noodle cooker manufacturer offers 4 pasta cooker baskets, 6 baskets, 3 holes, 6 baskets, 9 baskets, and 12 baskets commercial induction pasta boilers to meet different cooking demands.

If you need, you can get custom commercial induction pasta cookers in bulk for your restaurant or hotel. Custom logo, design, size, OEM&ODM, and custom package are available. Moreover, welcome you to join us and become our commercial induction cooking equipment distributor!


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Reasons for choosing Lestov commercial induction pasta cooker?
High-quality components

Double-layer energy-gathering copper wire reel, German Infineon IGBT, and self-developed PCB board stable run for 3000 hours.

Induction Heating

Heat is transferred directly to the cooker, which boils water 50% faster than commercial gas or electric pasta cookers.

Intelligent Display

Monitor the working status of the pasta cooker in real-time, whether it is power, time, power consumption, or failure.

Induction Heating

Using induction heating technology without open flame, the thermal efficiency reaches 93%, which can save 30% of energy costs.

Multifunctioal Panel

The boiling time of each pasta filter can be preset, and the heating power can be precisely adjusted with one button.

Stainless Steel

The whole machine is made of stainless steel, easy to clean and assemble, works in Humidity 30%-90%; Temperature -5℃-40℃.


Thermostatic and preset timer functions: Precisely control the temperature, reducing the risk of overcooking or undercooking.

Automatic Lifting

The interview filter automatically rises and falls after cooking, and the heating time can be preset.

Factory Direct Price

Lestov commercial induction pasta cooker manufacturers provide equipment customization, and OEM/ODM services at wholesale prices.

Safety Protection

Multiple safety features to protect equipment and extend the service life, such as anti-dry burning, high/low-pressure protection, and 3 hours automatic shutdown.

Multiple Types

Procurement of a full range of commercial induction cooking equipment, whether small tabletop/freestanding/automatic at Lestov manufacturer.

Multiple batches

Commercial induction spaghetti strainer pot can cook Spaghetti, macaroni, fettuccine arrabiata, Chinese noodles, Linguine, and much more.

How to Buy Induction Commercial Pasta Cooker Machines?
  1. Browse. If you are browsing our website, you can find the item by using the search bar or by visiting product categories directly.
  2. Send your inquiry. After reading the commercial induction spaghetti cooker’s product details, feel free to contact us with any questions. We will reply to you within 24 hours.
  3. Custom Product: If you need a video call to watch our factory or discuss details about a custom commercial induction pasta boiling pot, please talk on Whatsapp (+86 18988706083) or Wechat.
  4. Make a quote. After confirming all models and quantities and the shipment way, we will provide a quote file, including product details, production delivery, and payment terms. For custom orders, both parties need to carefully confirm the drawing documents to avoid any misunderstandings. (Note: As a professional commercial induction cooktop manufacturer, we are not directly responsible for transportation. In general, we will offer an EXW. Or we directly consult Chinese freight forwarders depending on your shipping terms.)
  5. Payment. After confirming the commercial invoice file, please transfer your funds according to the payment terms.
  6. Order production. Usually, we will start manufacturing your commercial ramen noodles pot after receiving the payment. If urgent, please send us the bank bill to prove your transfer. Our sales will share videos and pictures of the order with you on time.
  7. Order delivery. In general, we will deliver your commercial spaghetti cooking pots according to the invoice contract. In the Lestov Manufacturing Center, all products should pass rigorous testing before shipping out to guarantee high quality.
  8. Customs clearance. We will cooperate with the third-party shipping company or your designated forwarder to arrange your goods. (Note: Without rich experience in importing, you’d better find a customs broker for help, since smooth customs clearance can avoid further unnecessary detention and demurrage.)
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