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Automatic Stir Fryer Cooker Machines


Are you looking for an all-in-one automatic stir fry machine for your business? Here, look at these modern auto cooking machines for sale! One intelligent robot cooking machine can cook food in 3 minutes or less, which makes it’s equivalent to 3 chefs! Through induction cooking, the automatic cooking machine can hit over 90% in terms of energy efficiency.

The drum bucket of an in one cooking machine is made from a non-stick material with a high, 300 degrees of resistance to temperature. These intelligent robot cookers also come in a dumped structure with a 45-degree angle to prevent it from burns from any pouring down food. On the left side, they have a knob kind of switch to control the rotary food rollover speed.

Powered by the machine’s AC motor, the right-hand side rotary switch controls the up and down drum movements of pouring out food once it’s fully cooked. The five levels of sliding type magnets are also perfectly designed, making the firepower setting quite simple to navigate through.

Lestov, a professional commercial induction hob manufacturer in China, will provide premium automatic stir fry machines at competitive prices for you. Feel free to contact us if you need a custom order or want to be our distributor or have any other questions! We’re happy to help!

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Reasons to Buy Automatic Stir Fryer Cookers?

  • Factory Direct Sale: Lestov commercial induction hobs supplier has its own manufacturing factory in China, so the competitive factory direct price is available for every client.
  • Energy Efficient: It’s proven to save close to 90% of energy through induction cooking. Most importantly, though, you’ll be saving more than 48% of what you usually spend on gas.
  • Drum wok: It adopts 3 layer composite stainless steel wok, which provides instant heating/heat preservation/non-stick characteristics, and realizes 360° super-speed stirring/even heating/fast meal;
  • Premium service: One-year warranty + Private label and custom logo service, support customized OEM/ODM, has an independent and professional R&D team + after-sales department + technical training services
  • Food-grade uncoated wok: which is different from the Unlike coated pans that release toxic substances + short service life (which requires coating replacement), stainless steel wok is non-toxic and does not need to be replaced.
  • Intelligent operation: multi-function button control panel/5-7inch touch screen control panel, can pre-store 100 to 800 recipes (self-editing), automatically stir fry /pouring/cleaning; multi-angle rotation (﹣30° to ﹢90 °), real-time voice broadcast (multi-language mode).
  • Save More Time: With these incredible robot stir fry machine cookers, food cooks in less than 3 minutes. This is particularly useful if you own a fast food place with a large amount of daily ‘take away’ orders. These commercial automatic cookers are a reliable, economical choice.
  • Unique Design: Chefs have a reduced labor intensity because of the drum-type rotation of the automatic food-making machines. Moreover, to ensure uniformity in terms of food taste, the all-in-one cooking machine is fitted with a special internal capstan that ensures that food and seasonings are fully mixed.
  • A Smarter Looking Kitchen: The first, rabid cooking through commercial induction gives your kitchen space a more modern look. It also gives you the best chance to save on labor, meaning that you’ll have a less crowded kitchen. Don’t you think it’s time you invested? Well, visit the Sambo factory for the best wholesale price.
  • Quick and Easy To Clean: Now, there’s no need to panic when it comes to washing these remarkable automatic stir fry cookers. They come with an in-built rinsing water gun and are made from non-stick material. This greatly reduces the time you would usually take scrubbing pots and pans or basically, the ‘manual’ cooking utensils.
  • Saves on Labour: Just like we’ve previously mentioned, these automatic stir fry cookers do a tremendous job of reducing labor costs. If you’re running a restaurant, you’ll only need one chef to operate the three pieces of cooking machines. Eventually, you’ll end up saving 60% of the amount you would typically use to pay for a group of chefs

How to Buy Automatic Stir Fry Cooker Machine?

1. Browse: Pick the automatic stir fry cooker you like and visit its product categories directly.

2. Send your inquiry: Please fill in the form, email us, or chat online to tell us your questions and requirements.

3. Make a quote: After confirming all models and quantities and the shipment way, we will provide a quote file, including product details, production delivery, and payment terms. For custom orders, both parties need to carefully confirm the drawing documents to avoid any misunderstandings.

  • Note: As a professional commercial induction cooker manufacturer, we are not directly responsible for transportation. In general, we will offer an EXW. Or we directly consult Chinese freight forwarders depending on your shipping terms.

4. Payment: After confirming the commercial invoice file, please transfer your funds according to the payment terms.

5. Order production: Usually, we will start scheduling your automatic stir fry cookers after receiving the payment. If urgent, please send us the bank bill to prove your transfer. Our sales will share videos and pictures of the order with you on time.

6. Order delivery: In general, we will deliver your automatic stir fry cooker order according to the invoice contract. In the Lestov Manufacturing Center, all products should pass rigorous testing before shipping out to guarantee high quality.

7. Customs clearance: Lestov will cooperate with the third-party shipping company or your designated forwarder to arrange your goods.

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