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Automatic Stir Fryer | Automatic Cooking Machines | Auto Cooking Stirrer

Want to Cook Food Quickly? Are You Still Worried About Not Hiring a Professional Chef? Want to Make the Dishes and Taste Consistent in All Your Restaurant Branches? Come and buy the Lestov Automatic Cooking Machine.

What’s the Lestov Automatic Cooking Machine? It Equals A cooking robot + A cleaner + A professional chef, using a third of a chef’s monthly salary to buy a 24-hour cooking robot from the Lestov manufacturer Now. One automatic cooking machine can cook 3.5-20 kg of food within 20 minutes or less! Feel free to contact us if you want to save energy and labor costs for your restaurant! 

Reason to buy Lestov automatic Stir-fry machines

Pro Manufacturer

Lestov, 20 Years Chinese Commercial Induction Cooker Manufacturer | Original Supplier of Automatic Cooking Machine

R&D Term

Independent Produce – Design – Sale Full Range of Automatic Stir-fryer – Stirrer | Real – Time Technical Service

Quality Assurance

Sold in the UK – USA – Korean – Sweden – Ireland – Thailand – Egypt | CE – CCC – ISO Certificate | Panda Express Partner

Automatic Cooking

Automatic Stir-frying Food – Seasoning Sprayed – Cleaning – Pouring Ingredient | Auto Cooking 2KG to 20KG Dishes

Touch Screen Control Panel

Optional 5inches to 7inches to 10inched Touch-Screen Control Panel | Auto Storage & Apply 800 to Unlimited Programming Recipes

Induction Heating

Adopts Innovate Induction Cooking Technology | Save 35% Energy Cost | Cook 30% Faster | No Open Flame Stir-frying

Customer Application - Lestov Automatic Cooking Machine

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