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Automatic Stir Fryer | Automatic Cooking Machines | Auto Cooking Stirrer

What is an automatic cooking machine? A cooking robot + A cleaner + A professional chef, use a third of a chef’s monthly salary to buy a 24-hour cooking robot from the Lestov manufacturer.  Are you looking for an all-in-one automatic stir fry machine for your restaurants? One automatic cooking machine can cook 3.5-20 kg of food within 20 minutes or less! Feel free to contact us if you want to save energy and labor costs for your restaurant! We’re happy to help!

Customization: Product size / Power / Function / Seasoning pipeline / Cleaning Method, Company Logo / Private Label, Delivery Method.

Reason to buy Lestov automatic Stir-fry machines

Pro Manufacturer

20 Years Chinese Commercial Induction Cooker Manufacturer | Original Supplier of Automatic Cooking Machine

R&D Term

Independent Produce – Design – Sale Full Range of Automatic Stir-fryer – Stirrer | Real – Time Technical Service

Quality Assurance

Sold in the UK – USA – Korean – Sweden – Ireland – Thailand – Egypt | CE – CCC – ISO Certificate | Panda Express Partner

Automatic Cooking

Automatic Stir-frying Food – Seasoning Sprayed – Cleaning – Pouring Ingredient | Auto Cooking 2KG to 20KG Dishes

Touch Screen Control Panel

Optional 5inches to 7inches to 10inched Touch-Screen Control Panel | Auto Storage & Apply 800 to Unlimited Programming Recipes

Induction Heating

Adopts Innovate Induction Cooking Technology | Save 35% Energy Cost | Cook 30% Faster | No Open Flame Stir-frying

The Application of the Lestov Automatic Cooking Machine

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