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Commercial Induction Wok Cooker

What is a commercial induction wok burner? This stove is specifically designed for cooking lots of food with the “stir-fry” method, which is widely used in hotel kitchens, schools, hospitality, Asian restaurant, and large factories.

They are quite efficient in changing the manner in which we prepare classic or modern dishes. Other than bringing a sufficient amount of heat to the commercial induction wok burner, they also allow chefs to boil, steam, stew, stir fry, deep fry, and braise quite quickly.

The efficient, controllable, and fast induction of this commercial Chinese induction wok burner is also pretty impressive. In fact, because it produces minimum waste substances, you’ll enjoy a comfortable and clean working station for your takeaway hotel or busy restaurant.



Now, Lestov, one of the leading manufacturers of commercial induction wok burners, understands the suffering and pain chefs often go through when preparing fine cuisines.

That’s why it promises to continue improving its products for efficiency, safety, perfect texture, and impeccable flavor.

  • Wide selections: Tabletop Induction Hobs with Wok Burner, Portable Single Burner Wok Cooker, Restaurant Multifunctional Induction Wok Cooktop, Chinese Wok Range 3 Burners, Extra Large Chinese Wok Pan.
  • Custom options: size, logo, private label, function, power ratings, and package.


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Why Buy Lestov Commercial Induction Wok Burner?
Dual Control

8-speed power knob + multi-function button panel dual control, providing precise adjustment of heating power, temperature, or time.

Energy-gathering Coil

Using a double-layer energy-gathering copper wire disc (induction heating part), which directly transmits 93% of the heat to the pot.

Multifunctioal Panel

The multi-function button panel has 6 groups of pre-stored menus, which support the preset of heating time, firepower, and temperature.

Stainless Steel

Made of food-grade stainless steel, stable operation for 3000 hours, stable operation in the kitchen at -5℃ to 50℃, easy to clean.

Cermaic Glass Top

Using 800°C-resistant black crystal glass panel, high thermal conductivity, can be heated evenly at 360°. Even if heated to 700°C, it will not explode or break when put in water at 0°C.

Save More Cost

Compared with traditional Chinese gas wok or electric wok, the thermal efficiency of the induction wok reaches 93%, the heating time is 30% faster, and the energy cost is saved by 30%.

Intelligent Display

Using a high-definition smart display screen to display the firepower, stir fry time, simulated flame, and fault values of the Chinese induction wok in real time.

Precise Power Control

The 8-speed power knob can be adjusted from 700w to 8,000w, from melting sauces at low power to stir-frying vegetables at high power.

Suitable for restaurant

The heating range from φ550mm to φ12,000mm is specially designed for frying large quantities of food in commercial kitchens.

High-quality components

German industrial Infineon IGBT+ R&D team is selected to independently input the function code, and it can run stably for 3000 hours.

Safety Protection

Emergency pause button + 3 hours automatic pause + anti-dry protection + fault code display. One-year warranty period ( free parts), all-day after-sales service..

Safety and Cool

Commercial induction wok burners without open flames are safer, have no oil fume pollution, and keep your kitchen cool, suitable for open kitchens.

How to Buy Commercial Induction Wok Cookers?

1. Inquiry.

Feel free to tell us your questions and requirements about your favored commercial induction wok cookers. You can sift these products on our homepage through the search bar or the product category. It would be better if you can tell us your rough budget.

2、Provide a free quotation.

When you decide to buy our commercial induction wok range, we will provide you with a relevant quotation for that type. It includes price sheets, product configuration, photos, and videos. If you need other detailed information, please let us know in advance, and we will enclose them with the quotation.

3. Pay a deposit.

In case of default, you need to pay a deposit according to our contract.

4. Make to order.

When we receive your deposit, we will begin to manufacture your ordered commodities. In the meanwhile, we will send you some videos and photos of the manufacturing process.

5. Deliver order.

After production is finished, the goods will be transported according to the terms of delivery.

6. Customs clearance.

We will work with a third party or your freight company. In this way, we can avoid some unnecessary fees, like detention and demurrage fees.

7. After-sale service.

When you receive the goods, you can contact us at any time if there have some quality/quantity troubles.

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