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Chinese Wok Cooker – European Stove Dealer’s New Revenue

Some advanced cooking equipment (Chinese commercial wok cookers) from Asian manufacturers are entering Europe. It is a cause that prescient commercial stove dealers are trying to promote. Many regions in Europe do not have enough manufacturers manufacturing Chinese commercial wok stoves. Fortunately, they found many manufacturers in China, the birthplace of the wok cooker, that can undertake OEM+ODM.

The stove dealer said that: the Chinese commercial wok cooker is a high-quality cooking equipment that restaurant owners are looking for but has not appeared in Europe. It is a big loss for local stove manufacturers. They ignore opportunities to add new catalogs and revenue.

What is a Chinese Commercial Wok Cooker?

It is a cooking device that has been around in China for 5,000 years and helped China gain the honor of being one of the three great food kingdoms. Most delicious Chinese meals rely on a Chinese commercial wok cooker. It is suitable for any heating method, including Wood / Charcoal / Gas / Propane / Electric / Induction heating.

Most Asian restaurants are using Chinese commercial wok burners to cook food filled with Wok Hei (Huo Qi). How to understand Wok Hei? Please imagine that in the cold winter, when you drink a cup of warm coffee, you will feel that it is more mellow than any cup of coffee you have ever drunk. The same goes for explaining the importance of Wok Hei to Asians or Chinese people.

Chinese commercial Wok stove is a cooking equipment professionally designed for Wok Hei. It can increase the cooking temperature from 0℃ to 190℃ in 1 minute. High-temperature cooking removes moisture from ingredients (the killer of bad food taste), bringing out delicious flavors and retaining nutrients. It cooks a beef fried rice noodle in a very short time. The assessment standard for chefs in Cantonese restaurants is to stir-fry beef fried rice noodles within 1.5 minutes.

I’m going to give you a trick to make your food taste better, so if you’re interested keep reading. If you’re not simmering tomato-based beef but instead sautéing vegetables. Try to keep the cooking time short. Too long a cooking time will make the vegetables soft and mushy, which is more suitable for an elderly grandma. Please do not retain too much moisture in the ingredients, as it will destroy the taste of the food. Drain or roast as much moisture as possible from the meat, then add water to stew again.

Chinese commercial wok cooker is an all-around cooking contestant. It can help you stir-fry dishes, fry French fries, simmer sauces, and even simmer cream of mushroom soup. It is a reliable assistant if you plan to steam milk pudding for breakfast.

What benefits can restaurateurs get from Chinese commercial wok cookers?

Please recall, how many Asian or Chinese restaurants are there on your street? Do you have any Asian neighbors or friends? Panda Express, a well-known Chinese restaurant chain in the United States, has purchased Commercial Induction Wok cookers from the Lestov manufacturer for ten consecutive years to satisfy the eating habits of Chinese and Asian diners.

Asian food is capturing Americans and Europeans, with most saying they visit an Asian restaurant three to five times a month. It is a cue to add new menus, wok cookers, and new revenue, so don’t ignore it.

(1) Reliable Cooking Mode

While you’re talking about the brilliant firepower of a natural gas wok burner, some smart restaurateurs have consulted the lestov manufacturer for an energy-saving induction wok cooker. It is an innovative technology. It eliminates the risk of explosion and energy consumption of gas wok burners, helping the cooking machine cook large quantities of food with 95% energy efficiency.

It retains the commercial gas wok cooker’s ability to quickly reach designated cooking temperatures. Its flames never leave you visible or burn the cook’s arms, but are used solely to heat food. It uses no open-flame cooking technology. A technology that allows iron molecules inside the pot to rotate and collide at high speed to generate heat.

Instead of burning the pot, it allows the pot itself to generate the heat for cooking food. According to the Lestov quality control center, about 95% of the heat used in the induction wok cooker is used for heating. Please take out your calculator and calculate how much flame is being used to heat food in the Chinese commercial gas wok burner you are using. Those escaped flames are wasting your revenue.

Next, I will tell dealers a secret to increase revenue. If you are interested, please continue reading. Induction cooking is being adopted by many European restaurateurs. It is a highly efficient and energy-saving heating technology. It is what restaurateurs are looking for. If you don’t want to miss out on this profitable trade. Please contact the induction cooker manufacturer as soon as possible.

(2)Suitable Cooking Equipment

When the stove salesman kept trying to sell me commercial cooking equipment with larger capacities (higher selling prices), I wanted to run away from him. He made no real attempt to understand my needs, just recommended a stove that he thought would suit me and his performance. Restaurateur Harry told us this fact.

He is running a small restaurant with a daily customer flow of about 100 people. To be more precise, he is not running a fast-food restaurant that cooks 20kg of food at a time, but a restaurant that cooks one piece of dish at a time.

It means that he only needs to buy a commercial Chinese small wok cooker, a cooking device that allows one dish or 17.5L of food to be cooked at a single time. It’s big enough for a small restaurant. Of course, if you are running a fast food restaurant or canteen, a commercial induction large wok cooker will be more suitable for you.

Lestov manufacturer recommends different types of commercial Chinese wok cookers for different restaurants. Based on the table below, you can easily get the cooking equipment that suits your needs.

the type of commercial induction wok cooker

(3)Multipurpose Cooking Equipment

If you are running a restaurant with a limited budget and tight kitchen space, I would not recommend purchasing too much commercial cooking equipment. Even though this is not what I would say as a stove manufacturer, I don’t want customers to consume too much of their budget.

If you are experiencing the above situation, please do not ignore the following tips. The Commercial Chinese wok cooker has the same outstanding ability to stir-fry dishes, fry French fries, stew soups, and steam food. Most chefs are relying on it to create more types of dishes.

(4) Intelligent Wok Cooking Machine

Restaurant owner Harry said frankly: Now, hiring a chef is a difficult task. I need to bear the dual pressure of psychology and budget. Ten years ago, when I posted a notice recruiting chefs on the door of my restaurant, I kept receiving a steady stream of resumes on my phone and email. But now the situation has changed. Even as I continued to raise the stakes for my chef salary, no interviewers came into my office.

My peers are going through the same situation. Their situation began to improve with the help of an automatic wok cooking machine. It is a smart cooking device that combines wok cooking and automatic stir-frying. It can replace the chef and automatically stir-fry 3.5 kg dishes in 15 minutes.

Panda Express restaurant uses using automatic wok cooking machine to stir-fry egg-fried rice. It helps Panda Express Restaurant provide standard-tasting food to more diners. If you want to get more details about the automatic wok cooking machine, please contact the supplier of Panda Express Restaurant – lestov manufacturer now.

(5)Save Energy Cost Increase Revenue

As I said before, most European stove dealers have not realized the revenue growth that commercial Chinese wok cookers can bring to them. It is a regrettable mistake. Chinese stove manufacturers are continuing to receive orders from European restaurant owners for commercial wok cookers and automatic wok cooking machines. They realized the benefits of commercial Chinese wok cookers for cooking.

Restaurant owner Harry said: I hope to buy a suitable commercial Chinese wok cooker from a European stove dealer. It is a quality piece of equipment that neither I nor the stove dealer should miss.


Letting stove dealers discover more business opportunities and customer needs is what the lestov manufacturer is doing. Lestov hopes to become the dealer’s supply library with its one-stop commercial cooking equipment solution, fast shipping, and small MOQ. Let stove dealers avoid the trouble of excessive inventory. If you are interested in learning more about lestov manufacturer’s services, please feel free to contact us.

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