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Automatic Cooking Machine (Facts You Don’t Know) – Save Money Get Tips

I planned to enjoy a cappuccino and watch one of my favorite talk shows on Saturday afternoon. My phone makes me give up on my tea time with the constant ringing of notifications. Many notifications ask me to answer questions about automatic cooking machines. The questioners come here because of my title.

The title Automatic cooking machine manufacturer makes me look more authoritative and professional. They don’t need me to deliver a lengthy product marketing spiel; they know that any manufacturer will praise their product.

They need to get an introduction to the automatic cooking machine, and the benefits it can give them, or purchase knowledge from me. I give them the benefit of the doubt because this knowledge will save them time and money. It is a complete guide from the Lestov automatic cooking machine manufacturer. It does not include product marketing.

If you want to know more information about the Lestov automatic cooking machine. You can view it through the Lestov website ( Lestov manufacturer believes that products and customer reviews are the best marketing.

What is an automatic cooking machine?

If you interpret it literally, you might better understand what it is. Automatic cooking machine – A machine that automatically cooks food. How is its automation reflected? This device can cook, clean, or season automatically.

(1) Electric Rice Cooker VS Automatic Cooking Machine

Its appearance is similar to that of an electric rice cooker, but the difference lies in functions, accessories, and cooking modes. In terms of function, the electric rice cooker is used for cooking rice, stewing soup, or baking cakes, and can set no more than 15 menus. Simply put, an Electric rice cooker is an automatic cooking machine more suitable for home use.

The auto-cooking machine is a device specially designed for cooking. It can perform various cooking modes such as frying chips, boiling pasta, cooking dishes, stirring sauce, and stewing soup. For example, Panda Express uses an automatic cooking machine to fry egg rice, and the Indian food factory uses an automatic cooking machine to stir sauce. It can store 1,000 to unlimited menus, such as preset stir-frying time, power, and seasoning for fried egg rice.

Compared with the electric rice cooker, the automatic cooking machine lacks a lid that can be closed, resulting in poor sealing (heat energy conservation). It has rake tines that can stir the ingredients, heat the food more evenly, and bring out the flavor of the food.

Multipurpose commercial induction stir fry equipment

Commercial Automatic cooking machine

Household Automatic cooking machine

(2) Do you need an automatic cooking machine?

The purpose of automated cooking equipment is to simplify the cooking process. We don’t need to spend too much time cooking. If you have enough time to make a fire to cook rice or cook food, you don’t need to buy an electric rice cooker and automatic cooking machine.

The washing machine is designed for people to enjoy a better life or clean clothes. You can wash clothes by hand, but when you have a load of dirty clothes or other things to do, you will need a washing machine. It depends on your actual situation. It doesn’t mean that other restaurants have purchased automatic cooking machines, then you need to buy them.

Where do you need an automatic cooking machine?

It is the most asked question. Some questions asked do I need an automatic cooking machine at home? I did not answer immediately. If you eat more stews, steamed food, or noodles, then an electric rice cooker can meet your needs. You don’t need to buy a household automatic cooking machine.

Automatic cooking machines were first designed for restaurants, food processing centers, and canteens that needed to cook large amounts of food every day. Its volume is usually large, with a cooking capacity ranging from 0.5 kg to 20 kg per cooking time, which is not suitable for small families.

In the stove market, some manufacturers have produced automatic cooking machines suitable for home use. It is a smaller version of the commercial automatic cooking machine, It consists of rake teeth, automatic cooking programs, and a touch-screen operation panel. If you want to know more about household automatic cooking machines, you can search blogs and videos on Google or YouTube.

The following Lestov manufacturer lists for you some places where automatic cooking machines may be needed. I’ll tell you why they are needed and the possible benefits.

(1) Factory and corporate canteens

Cooking lunch for 300 people within 3 hours, and ensuring that the quality and taste of the dishes are as consistent as possible, I believe not many chefs can do this job. The automatic cooking machine can preset the cooking time, firepower, and seasoning capacity of 1,000 dishes, which will help factories and corporate canteens quickly cook large batches of dishes while maintaining the consistency of the taste and production of the dishes.

restaurant (2)

(2) Unmanned restaurants and smart restaurants

The owner George told me: Automatic cooking is an attractive marketing gimmick. When he used robot cooking and smart restaurants as marketing points, his restaurant attracted many young diners to come to the store for consumption. I once saw many diners filming the automatic fried rice machine in front of Panda Express’s open kitchen on YouTube and TikTok, and they received a lot of attention and likes.

Automatic cooking is a necessary condition for the existence of unmanned restaurants. It’s both a marketing gimmick and a way for restaurants to reduce hiring chefs and waiters, waste ingredients, and increase interaction with diners. Last year I made a delicious ramen using an automatic ramen boiling machine at an unmanned restaurant in Korea.

I was initially surprised to see ramen, ingredients, and drinking water placed in lockers. I don’t need to have any superb cooking skills. I just need to follow the instructions of the automatic ramen boiling machine, put the ingredients into the machine, and then wait for 3 minutes to get a delicious ramen.

I don’t think cooking ramen is such a great thing. I can cook ramen at home without going to a deserted restaurant. When I was walking down the street looking for a restaurant to quench my hunger, I saw an unmanned restaurant with an automatic ramen boiling machine and rich ingredients that I had never seen before.

I would not hesitate to walk into this restaurant and whip out my camera to film. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to cook delicious ramen for me. Human beings are always very tolerant of new things. I can customize a ramen dish for myself that doesn’t require me to prep the ingredients, cook the food, and clean the pots. I had a dining experience full of surprises and a sense of accomplishment.

(3) Food processing center

Would you be surprised if I said that you have tasted a lot of food prepared for you by automatic cooking machines? Food processing centers uniformly produce the ingredients of chain restaurants, such as hamburger embryos, chicken steaks, and French fries from KFC and McDonald’s. These semi-processed, prepared dishes can be found in supermarket freezers, grocery stores, and fast food restaurants.

The food processing center uses automatic food-making machines to unify the appearance, size, weight, and seasoning capacity. Only in this way can chain restaurants ensure that the taste and quality of dishes in each branch are consistent. The automatic food-making machine has a standardization that cannot be achieved manually, which is what food processing centers or chain restaurants need.

I once saw a completely automated food processing assembly line in a food processing center in the United States. It includes an automatic ingredient washing machine, automatic cutting machine, automatic cooking machine, and automatic packing machine. Michael, the factory director, told me that through this automatic food processing system, they can produce 500 kg of prepared dishes per day.

The-application-of-Lestov-automatic-cooking-machines 5

(4) Catering industry

Buy an automatic cooking machine. It is more suitable for school or corporate canteens that serve a large number of people, as well as restaurants that have no objection to the standardization of dishes. Its most specific benefits for restaurants are reducing reliance on professional chefs, automatically cooking food, and serving standardized food quickly.

What are the disadvantages of automatic cooking machines?

Any product has its pros and cons. Even though I am an automatic cooking machine manufacturer, I also cannot deny this fact. You cannot expect an automatic cooking machine priced at $1000 – 2000 to help you complete all the cooking processes. I have to be honest with you. I don’t want you to indulge in unnecessary fantasies.

If you’ve ever cooked food, you’ll find that stir-frying is the easiest and least time-consuming step in the cooking process. You’ll spend a lot of time upfront buying ingredients, cleaning the ingredients, peeling, slicing, and marinating the food. Automatic cooking machines cannot help you undertake these tasks.

(1) Running-in period

When you buy an automatic cooking machine and return it to your restaurant, you will have a running-in period of 1 week to half a month with it. It is a stranger to you, and if you want it to work for you, you must be familiar with its character (mode of operation), capabilities (cooking capacity and menu settings), and way of doing things (heating time and power for each dish). These require long-term getting along and running in to achieve tacit understanding.

(2) Standardization VS Creativity

We cannot require a robot to be as creative and flexible as humans. It is designed, manufactured, and controlled by humans, which means it is destined to only perform specified actions within the range set by humans. Most of the time, there is nothing wrong with the dishes cooked by the automatic cooking machine, but there is nothing worthy of praise.

It may be the standardization that chain restaurants or school cafeterias are looking for. If you want to enjoy delicious food from chefs, high-end restaurants are the best choice. If you’re willing to pay the expensive cover charge, the chef will fry you a steak 3-medium or 7-medium rare.

Canteens and fast food restaurants are not places that seek to be special. They have a limited amount of time to cook lunch for hundreds of people without making any mistakes (undercooked food, too salty, or complicated dishes). It is the original purpose of developing an automatic cooking machine. It is enough for it to complete these tasks well.


I hope the above content can provide you with some valuable suggestions, and I also believe that you smart people will have your unique insights. Do I need to buy an Automatic cooking machine? That depends on your actual situation.

Lestov manufacturer believes that automated cooking will be a development trend that cannot be ignored, otherwise, we would not be the first to launch automatic cooking machines in China in 2019. If you have more ideas, please leave your thoughts in the comments and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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