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How to Start a Commercial Induction Cooker Business?

Due to the globalization process and China’s efforts, China has now become one of the countries with a strong industrial system in the world. Purchasing from China manufacturers has become a wise choice for global importers.

All Lestov commercial induction stovetops come from a China manufacturer. We have 18 years of experience in the distributors/dealers/agent network. Further, we are looking for good partners in the global market. Want to start your commercial induction stovetop business? Read this guide to plan step-by-step.

1. Analyze the market conditions of local commercial cooking equipment

To know the local induction stovetop burner market and estimate business opportunities. The following approaches are possible:

  • Online search induction stovetops’ data via Google Tools Searching a specific keyword on Google Trends, such as “Commercial Induction stovetop”, you can know the search volume in a country or the global, and make a preliminary judgment on the market capacity and business potential.
  • Collect the import policy or purchase customs data of induction stovetops Make sure that your government can approve the imported goods firstly. Then search the data through Google or local customs. HS Code is also important as it is directly related to the tax rate.

2. Make your best choice among various induction stovetop cooker manufacturers/suppliers

Making some investigations are a must to choosing induction stovetop manufacturers/suppliers. These operations will cost you a lot of patience and time, but it must be worth it. Two methods are recommended:

  • Use some Google tools – KWfinder, SEMrush, and Google Market Finder.
  • Retrieve helpful information on the largest B2B platform – Alibaba and Made in China.
  • Participate in international exhibitions in China in March, April, and October-Canton Fair (Guangzhou) and HOTELEX Shanghai.



3. Considerations to commercial induction stovetop cookers product itself

The after-sales service is the common point of all consumers’ concerns. As a result, when you import a commercial induction stovetop, product quality must be a very important factor.

But how do you choose the best commercial induction stovetop cooker? From a professional point of view, Judging the quality of the induction stove mainly comes from the following factors.

  • Actual power and rated power difference

The induction stovetop label indicates the rated power, which is the maximum power for the normal operation of the kitchen equipment. Its main role is to calculate the electrical load. The real power is the wattage used to drive the load on the motor.

The actual power value of the induction stove burner will be less than the rated power, which is not an industry secret. The chip program will make the power reduced to prevent internal core components from damaging due to too high temperatures.

The higher the quality of the induction cooker component, the better the heat dissipation channel, and the smaller the difference value between the actual power and the rated power.

  • Induction core component module

4. Consult support policy from the hob manufacturer

Before confirming the best supplier, the dealer’s most significant and continuous concerns must be the product and its price system and support policy. In China, the lowest price is always accompanied by high risks. It is the smartest to find a reliable supplier and grow with them in a healthy way.

The core direction of the Lestov induction cooker is to work with high-quality distributors or potential agents to achieve win-win results. To this end, we have reserved a certain profit space for your commercial induction cooker business and developed special support policies. For commercial induction cooker resale and agency business, please contact us directly.

  • Induction coil

The difference in the performance of induction coils depends mainly on the following key elements: the coil materials, the coil diameter, the coil turns, and the magnetic strips.

Here are details that you do not know:

  • Pure copper coils have stronger thermal efficiency than other materials (aluminum or copper-clad aluminum) but at a higher cost of purchase;
  • The bigger the coil diameter, the larger the heating zone;
  • The more quantity of coil turns and magnetic strips, the better performance of the inductance;
  • The thicker the wire, the greater the current-carrying capacity.

At the Lestov plant, all induction cookers are made of full pure copper coil, which has over 95% thermal efficiency, can withstand high temperatures of about 300 degrees, and has overheating protection function, greatly improving the durability and safety of induction cooking.

  • Glass-ceramics top

If you are looking for commercial-grade induction hob plates, buy high-strength glass ceramics. Lestov factory uses 5A+ grade or German “SCHOTT” glass ceramics. An exciting result comes from our experiment: when we put the 700℃ glass ceramics into 0℃ water, the glass is still intact.

  • The intelligent temperature control system

Via intelligent control of the time and temperature, it can ensure the safety of the cooking equipment and the taste of the food. Even though It is not a standard configuration of each commercial induction cooker, you can custom these functions from a professional manufacturer.

5. Delivery time &Delivery cost

To reduce the risk of delays in delivery, you must cooperate with reliable manufacturers or suppliers and choose the right shipment way. Take FOB as an example, you need to calculate three costs below:

  • Direct factory price from your supplier
  • Shipping costs from the factory to the port
  • Other costs from Customs, including clearance, Duty, etc.

When importing goods from China, common transportation ways are by Express, by Air, and by Sea. In general, Express transport is mainly for trial or small batch orders, such as DHL and FedEx. If you are very urgent, Air transport may be your best choice, but higher shipping costs need to pay. The longest shipping way is by Sea, which requires you to make a long-term plan.

We hope helpful tips across this business guide can make your business boom. With the very best of design and technology, you can look forward to a trouble-free cooking life with Lestov. If you have a plan to resell commercial induction cookers, we recommend that you start with a trial order or a small order.

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