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Why restaurant kitchens need high-powered commercial induction cookers

With the kind of heavy workload being seen in the household as well as commercial kitchens today, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for gas stoves to keep up with the demand.  A lot of environmental factors as well as physical factors are also beginning to come into play thus eliminating the possibility of further using these gas stoves.

This is where commercial induction cooktops come in. These high-powered induction cooker commercials are currently on top of the commercial kitchen cookers food chain as the go-to equipment when it comes to heavy workloads and tasks.

This reliance on high-powered commercial induction cooktops by commercial kitchens is not a blindsided one. They have so many reasons to actually rely on these commercial induction cooktops and we are going to discuss them below.

For starters high-powered commercial induction cooktops are highly efficient, they are very conservative and easy to manage/use. Unlike gas stove burners and some other electric hobs, they are environmental okay for use and pose no immediate threat to their users. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Why high-powered commercial induction cookers are in demand by commercial kitchens

High efficiency

The efficiency of these high-powered commercial induction cooktops is second to none. They are beasts when it comes to handling kitchen tasks of all sizes. No matter the duration, size of meal to be cooked and the number of users, they remain efficient in their output.

Almost all high-powered commercial induction cooktops come with timed temperature, meaning that they can never get too hot to the state that they overheat or burn whatever is being cooked on them.

They also have adjustable heat, meaning unlike gas stoves, you can be around them without feeling too hot or anything. Since many commercial kitchens usually rely on many staff to put all hands on deck in order to achieve all their daily orders, having a high-powered commercial induction cooktop helps reduce the need for that.

One high-powered commercial induction cooktop can do the same thing 4 gas stoves or 6 staff can do at the same time. With its efficiency on the job, you simply have to go ahead and repurpose yourself because the task at hand is being taken care of by your high-powered commercial induction cooktop.


Environmentally friendly

Because of the vast workload seen in commercial kitchens, they tend to pose a great threat to the environment especially when they use cookers that aren’t exactly environmentally friendly. Cookers such as gas stoves emit harmful gases and things that hurt us as well as our ecosystem.

This is why high-powered commercial induction hobs are sorted after, they don’t emit any form of harmful gas while in use. They employ pure clean energy in their cooking process and don’t pose any form of threat to us, our kitchen, and our environment.

With their adjustable heat as well as their timed temperature, high-powered commercial induction cookers are ideal for use. These commercial induction cooktops are approved by all the necessary bodies in charge of environmental control and human health. With most of its too-good-to-be-true features, these high-powered commercial induction cooktops are ideal to have in every home.

Easy to control

Another good reason why restaurants kitchens need high-powered commercial induction cooktops is the fact that they are really easy to control. Not only do they have features that make their use easy, but they also come with little one-touch buttons that make life easier for you.

Temperature control, adjustable heat, auto timer, and much more. High-powered commercial induction cooktops are built to maintain a particular standard even in the face of tasks that may overwhelm other cookers.

Built with human safety in mind, high-powered commercial induction cooktops are easy to operate. Even a little child can prepare a meal using a commercial induction cooktop, although not advisable. With this ease of use, teaching new staff members how to operate one would be relatively easy.


Easy to clean

Another major advantage of having high-powered commercial induction cookers in restaurant kitchens is their ease of cleaning. High-powered commercial induction range cookers like every other commercial induction cooktop are relatively easy to clean.

They come with advanced spill control which all the more makes cleaning them very easy. This spill control feature makes sure when your currently prepared meal accidentally spills over on the cooker, it stops working and automatically turns off.

It resumes cooking once cleaned. This makes it non-sticky and always neat and hygienic. The fact that cleaning this machine that can be used to make meals for a high number of persons can be cleaned relatively easily is a major reason why it’s being employed by many restaurant kitchens. All you need is a simple cleaning agent and some sponge or piece of cloth.

Small and durable

High-powered commercial induction cookers may sound heavy and big but these are really small and portable equipment. They are not as big as gas stoves and thus don’t occupy the same number of space as them. They can easily fit into restaurant kitchens of all shapes and sizes.

Their durability makes them high in demand too. As stated earlier, they are efficient and thoroughly easy to clean thus this makes them very durable. It’s hard to see a ruined high-powered commercial induction cooker.

Unless it was deliberately spoilt or had a fault from the manufacturer. Aside from this, they are known to live up to, if not more than their warranty period performing at the same rate as they were when you first got them.

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