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Best Commercial Induction Cooker Supplier List 2020

Best Commercial Induction Cooker Supplier List 2020

After a round of awkwardness and adaptation, the chef has become proficient and fell in love with commercial induction cooktops. With the powerful functions and easy operation of commercial induction cooktops, as well as the rich variety, more and more chefs have upgraded their commercial kitchens. The chefs who are watching are also starting their new attempts. Finding a high-quality commercial induction range cooker supplier is the most important step.

Why do commercial kitchens choose induction stoves instead of gas stoves or electric stoves?

This is a topic worth discussing. “Many chefs initially refused to change, but when they tried to accept this change, they found that the induction plate cooker was the better choice.” This is a statistical survey from the Chinese catering industry. More than 63.7% of the chefs indicated that the induction wok burner is more easily accepted after they used it. More importantly, the energy-saving effect of the induction hot plate is more obvious compared with the gas stove and commercial electric stoves.

A set of interesting data, the thermal efficiency of the induction cooker reaches 90-95%, the electric heating equipment 60-70%, and the gas stove equipment 40-55%. You can find that energy consumption is effectively reduced. If you are a commercial kitchen design supplier, or you plan to upgrade your commercial Kitchenaid induction range, the following 5 best induction cooker brands may be helpful to you.


1. Lestov Induction Cooker


This is a well-known brand in China. With 17 years of commercial induction stove manufacturing experience, it is very rare in commercial induction burners. It has a lot of supporters in 50+ countries, although it's a bit expensive. The chefs choose Lestov because its operation is convenient and it is durable. Whether it's a refined family kitchen or a large commercial Kitchenaid induction range that needs to cook 200 people or more, you can find what you need from Lestov.

Because of its simple operation and environmental friendliness, some countries are also considering promoting and encourage restaurant transformation. More and more catering enterprises are planning to upgrade commercial kitchens are also trying to introduce and use them.

But when you try to introduce an induction hob, you will have some concerns. Of course, you will be discouraged by the seemingly high price. Is the induction range a suitable investment option? The answer is of course ”yes”.

As an example, Lestov's 3500W tabletop induction cooker, a commercial induction range cooker that performs very well in both home and commercial kitchens. The body shell made of food-grade 304 # stainless steel is durable, and the one-piece shape is easy to clean. Due to technical and cost factors, only a few stove manufacturers of induction stove utensils currently use it.

High efficiency is the characteristic of a commercial induction stove. It is difficult to imagine that heat up in 3 seconds as the microwave oven, which is incomparable to other heating kitchenware. It has a higher thermal efficiency conversion than ordinary household induction cooktops, up to 95%. This rarely occurs on any heating tool. And Lestov induction range cooker has obtained CE and UE certification.

When you buy a single wok induction cooker, you will feel that the high price is not because of its high-quality requirements. Freight is the main factor affecting you. What you need to know is that when you choose to purchase the induction stove plate locally, there is no need to pay for freight and customs. When you introduce high-quality induction cooktops from China, this is an unavoidable cost. But when you purchase a large number of induction burners, the cost-sharing is acceptable. In the long run, this is still more economical than using a gas stove.

If you are a savvy purchaser of commercial kitchen equipment, or you need large-volume customization OEM / ODM, Lestov will be more attractive in price and quality.

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2.AT Cooker

This is also a brand from China. Compared with Lestov, ATcooker is more focused on the equipment supply of small restaurants. 2000+ restaurants and hotels are their customers. If you are a small restaurant, you may consider contacting them. AT Cooker is relatively cheap, and of course, you will understand the relationship between quality and price.

The 3500W countertop induction range is also one of the most popular products of AT Cookers. Similar to the design of Lestov's small desktop induction hob, the compact size has 8 gear functions. You can adjust the firepower required to melt the chocolate or stir fry the meat.

The compact body can adapt to your small kitchen, especially in small restaurants. Its glass-ceramic top is thicker (6 mm) than usual and each burner. The power of 3500W is slightly higher than a household induction hob, but it can be fully applied in household circuits. If you are using it in a small restaurant or even a family kitchen, the induction range cooker is a perfect choice.

If your circuit is unstable, or the voltage load is too large, the damage to the induction hob is very serious. Fortunately, most of the commercial induction cooktops have voltage protection, which is very important in circuits with unstable voltage, it would protect your induction hob well. Therefore, when you use the commercial induction range cooker, providing a stable voltage is very necessary.

If you are not in China, freight and tariffs are still inevitable topics. In addition, maintenance is also an important issue. When your induction plate cooker fails, it is difficult for you to perform repairs. You can only seek help locally if you send it back to the manufacturer for repair, the shipping cost may be enough for you to buy a new one.

AT Cooker may be relatively favorable, but of course, you will understand the relationship between quality and price. In addition, their service is also worthy of recognition. You can see their products on many platforms such as Alibaba and Made-in-China.



Founded in 2013, it is a professional cooker supplier of innovative high-quality commercial catering equipment and related products in the UK. Its products are produced in fully equipped modern factories in many parts of Europe and Asia.

You can find more than 200 products in the catalog, including 700 series of main cooking equipment; induction cooking equipment; combination oven, front cooking station; griddles; professional grill, and heat pump. All products enjoy the benefits of two-year parts and a one-year labor warranty.

I have to say that a very interesting product of Rexmartins, 3 single multiple induction hob, a layered device. This is a very clever design that minimizes space usage. This is an important consideration in a small kitchen, allowing you more space to handle more things.

Rexmartins is not a manufacturer specializing in induction cooktops. If you need to start a small restaurant in the UK, Rexmartins is really a good choice. Because you can find not only an induction range cooker but also a barbecue suite, heat pump, fume filtration station, all kinds of commercial kitchen equipment you need.

This is a place where can be fully equipped for front cooking equipment. If you are in the UK, I have to say this is a good choice. However, it is not a cooker manufacturer that focuses exclusively on the production of induction burners, I think I will have reservations about the quality of commercial induction cooktops.

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4. Avantco

American kitchen equipment manufacturer. Avantco is more like a comprehensive supermarket, where you can buy various induction stove utensils, hot dog roller grills, even Beverage Dispensers, coffee browsers, etc. You will find that it may not be a professional commercial induction cooker manufacturer, but its products are more comprehensive. If you need to buy all the items for your restaurant, Avantco may be a good choice.

In the United States, fast food trucks can be seen everywhere. You can see that there is only simple equipment inside, such as an induction hob, beverage machine, hot dog machine, and fryer. When you log into Avantco, you will find that you can find all the equipment you need, even pots and pans.

If you are good at handling, when your induction range cooker or other equipment fails and you need to replace parts, you can find suitable replacement parts on Avantco. This can reduce the cost of door-to-door maintenance, it is a huge budget.

Lestov Commercial Induction Cooker Send to Costa Rica

If you are a Michelin restaurant in Las Vegas (Oh, sure, all restaurants in Las Vegas are Michelin starred), my suggestion is to choose an experienced commercial induction cooktop manufacturer. This seems to be because of the brand effect, but only when you have a professional commercial induction stove, you will find how important it is for stable power output, critical and perfect product protection. Because this is a necessary condition for the chef to ensure stable meal quality and fast delivery.

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5. APW Wyott

Foodservice Equipment Company in Texas. You will find an interesting phenomenon, its commercial induction cooktops are all tabletop. APW Wyott provides complete cooking equipment, whether it is a warmer or a heating utensil, you can find what you need.

Unparalleled steaks, fragrant barbecue, Tex-Mex cuisine with spicy, this is a Texas flavor. Texas cooking styles prefer charcoal-grilled, fried, or baked desserts. You can find a variety of charbroilers, fryers, grills, and toasters everywhere on APW Wyott. In the wild west, the induction range is more like an auxiliary kitchen utensil.

However, auxiliary kitchenware does not mean unimportant. There is no doubt that the induction burner cooktop cannot provide the charcoal-grilled smoke effect, which char boiler cannot be replaced. But when you need to cook food quickly and efficiently, commercial induction cooktops perform very well. Sophisticated cooking skills require an induction hob that is easier to master the time and temperature.

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If you need solutions to solve the large-scale purchase of a commercial kitchen induction cooktop, you can try to contact Lestov Induction Range Cooker. Looking for a reliable induction hob, and hope to obtain the greatest discount, I believe you will get a surprise!

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