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Is The Commercial Induction Cooker Suitable For Use In A Home Kitchen?

Is the Commercial Induction Cooker Suitable for Use in a Home Kitchen?

The induction cooker is gracing commercial kitchens for years and even home kitchens. Still, some people wonder if a commercial induction cooker is suitable for use. Fortunately, the answer to this question is ‘yes’. There are good reasons for this, the main being higher efficient, operate and clean convenience. There are several other benefits too. Before talking on them, let’s see how a commercial induction cooker performs cooking.

Principle of Commercial Induction Cooker

To understand what induction cooking is, you should first understand what induction is. Induction is a short form of ‘electromagnetic induction’. Thus induction means producing magnetism with electricity. You have to understand that the alternating current can produce a magnetic field, and the induction cooker is to use the generated field to work.

An induction cooker is simply an electromagnet that you can use to cook. There’s an electronically controlled metallic coil inside a glass cooktop. When you turn on the power source, a current flows through the coil. And it generates a magnetic field around and straight above it. A law of electromagnetism says that fluctuation in magnetism can be produced only by a continually changing electric current. So, an alternating current should be used that will keep fluctuating that will create a wavelike magnetic field, which in turn will indirectly generate heat.

Here’s how commercial induction can be suitable for a home kitchen.


Faster Heat and Easy Control

A significant reason why a homeowner should use an induction cooker from a trusted commercial induction manufacturer like Lestov is that the heat could achieve cooking requirements more quickly because electromagnetism induction direct action is provided on the pan. In induction cooking, no waiting is involved for the pan to respond to the heat changes or coils to reduce their temperature.

When compared with gas, electromagnetic induction heating scores over gas heating, the burners in a commercial induction cooker react quicker. It results in more evenly cooked food than any other cooking method.

Lestov Induction Cooker Panel

Ease of Use

In a household, where there are multiple people and children are present, simplicity, and thus safety is major beneficial factors. With a gas stove, the burning of food is more frequent than the induction hob, due to different wrong operations and carelessness.


Great Safety Features

Commercial induction cooker has excellent safety features which are essential for a home kitchen where there are children and pets. Some of the safety features are:

Auto shut-off

When you remove your cooking vessel from an induction cooktop, the stove automatically shuts off. It eliminates your confusion and anxiety, whether you’ve forgotten to shut off the burner.

Quick Cooling of Burners

Within seconds after cooking, you can touch the burners, and you won’t be burned, which is excellent for which household has children and pets, and also for adults. As the stovetop itself doesn’t get heated, there’s even less risk of accidental burns.

Low Risk of Grease Fire

Grease fires commonly occur in kitchens. Why? It will happen if grease and fire come together. Around 75% of fires in kitchens are caused by fat.

With the commercial induction cooker, you can reduce the risk because fire or flame is absent!

No Heat in Kitchen or Home

The induction cooker does produce heat. However, it produces much less heat than gas or electric cooktops. Because it only heats the pan placed on it. The rest of the cooktop is free from heat.

So, are you planning now to buy a commercial induction cooker for your home kitchen?

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