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Wok Cooking Commercial Grade Induction Cooker

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The 15-inch induction wok pot is the hot new wok. The countertop portable wok burner is suitable for compact commercial kitchens. You can control the 8.4L food in the wok for induction hob through the wok handle. The induction round wok cookers release 95% of the heat energy to the cookware, which is more efficient and the best induction wok.


Features & Advantages:

  • Spares included: around 400mm wok pot for ease of use.
  • Four anti-slip feet designs can prevent the stove from moving.
  • All stainless steel structure: simple cleaning and maintenance.
  • Special design for commercial use: great for a long time cooking.
  • 95% of energy efficiency: faster cooking and minus energy dispersion.
  • Stable core technology: patent induction coil & high-quality PCB board.
  • Multiple safety features to protect equipment and extend the service life.
  • Countertops design: suitable for the kitchen with a small occupation area.
  • 360-degree knob control for simple switching between 8 firepower settings.
  • You can choose a double-ear iron pot, stainless steel wok, high-temperature resistance, thickened type.
  • The appearance, function, size, power, brand LOGO, etc. of the wok can be customized, and support OEM/ODM.
  • Commercial induction wok cooker manufacturers provide full-time after-sales service and free technical guidance.
  • Powerful twin-turbo cooling fans effectively remove waste heat, protect internal components, and extend service life.
  • Professionally designed for commercial kitchens, 3.5KW and 220V power design, matching the needs of multiple orders/large capacity.
  • Various types such as the built-in, countertop, and freestanding can be selected, which are suitable for compact/industrial/catering kitchens.
  • The black crystal glass heating panel is attached to the bottom of the wok and directly conducts heat to achieve the required firepower for frying.


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Product Parameter Details:

  • Model No.: LT-TAM-B135
  • Power Options: 3.5KW/5KW
  • Rated Voltage: 220V, Single Phase, 50HZ
  • Voltage Fluctuation: From 180-240V
  • Product Size: D420*W470+50*H240mm
  • Glass Size: Φ300mm, Thickness 5mm
  • Wok Pot Capacity: 8.4L
  • Matched Wok Size: Φ400mm, Depth 121mm
  • Product Material: Stainless Steel #201/#304
  • Services: Customized OEM ODM
  • Spares Included: Wok (One piece)
  • Packing size: 500*290*575mm
  • Package Way: Carton Box
  • Net Weight: 8KG
  • Gross Weight: 13KG
  • Switch Control Way: Knob
  • With plug and play: No
  • IPX3 Level: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Certificate: CE


Commercial Grade Induction Cooker Countertop Wok Ranges

Product Certificate


Commercial Induction Cooktop Product Certificates


This commercial induction round bottom wok is ideal for stewing soups, sauces cooking, milk, chocolates, and stir-fry dishes.

Suitable for commercial kitchens such as restaurants/canteens/bars/food factories for stir-frying/simmering/boiling.

The Application of Commercial Induction Kitchen Cooking Equipment

Why Choose Us:

Lestov is an independent manufacturer/development/design/sales of a full range of commercial induction cooking equipment. We are looking forward to you becoming our distributor.

Lestov has provided high-quality catering equipment with CE certification to kitchen engineers/importers/distributors, etc. in more than 50 countries, at wholesale prices and free technical guidance.

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