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Best Commercial Induction Cooktops: The Pick for a Brand Distributor

In 2019, China’s commercial induction hob manufacturer from Qinxin Technology Co., Ltd first appeared in the purchase orders of Costa Rica’s government.

They have recognized the value of commercial induction hobs. These induction cooktops can effectively alleviate the pressure of carbon reduction and meet the needs of environmental protection, safety, and green energy conservation.

For commercial kitchens, the average kitchen temperature dropped by nearly 10 degrees Celsius due to the elimination of open flames, which reduced CO2 emissions and made chefs in restaurants and catering staff happier and more comfortable.

Safety and environmental protection are the two most important topics we have discussed.

Because Costa Rica is located between 8 and 12 degrees north of the Equator, the climate is tropical year-round. There are potential safety hazards in open flame cooking, such as gas explosions.

By 2016, 98.1% of its electricity was generated from green sources. Costa Rica has a progressive environmental policy and plans to become a carbon-neutral country by 2021.

At the same time, the Chinese government’s commitment to making the sky blue again is a long road, but this has become the focus of sustainable policies in China. China’s industrial and residential sectors are replacing coal with natural gas on a large scale.

At the same time, the demand for electricity is growing at a rapid rate. In the catering industry, more and more medium and large restaurant chains have abandoned gas equipment, all using commercial induction hobs that use electricity as clean energy.

Lestov commercial induction hob manufacturer has also struggled for 20 years on the road to green cooking and energy conservation. Compared with these non-renewable primary energy sources, such as coal, natural gas, artificial gas, and liquefied petroleum gas.

commercial induction hobs are driven by electric energy sources, which have the inherent advantages of eliminating safety hazards and improving the cooking environment. According to the statistics, each commercial induction cooker can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 5 tons per year.

The Types of Countertop Portable Commercial Induction Cooktop

The details of our Cooperation story:

Through Google search, Minor came to our website and contacted us. He said to us: ”Costa Rica is not a country with rich experience in cooking on commercial induction stoves. About six years ago, we made a lot of effort to make this technology popular.

My main customers at the moment are big chains like Walmart, retail stores in general, and the government. We would open new clients who focus on hotels and restaurants. We also participate in a yearly Fair where all the main hotels and restaurants visit a very year.”

As a result, Minor has chosen Lestov as his Chinese supplier of commercial induction cookers.

Below are some important issues we talked about, including the brand. It came from our dialogue process. We hope that this article can help potential commercial induction hobs dealers.

Minor told us that there are larger groups in Costa Rica who want to change the gas stove to an induction range cooker, so he needs some data, such as a comparison report of induction and electric or gas, to convince and speed up their decision.

Here, please refer to one of our test videos (gas stove VS 5000w induction cooker ): the thermal efficiency of the gas is usually between 60% and 75%, and the induction is between 85% and 95%. Induction hob cookers can save 63% of the cost compared to gas stovetops.

In July 2019, Mr.Vian (an engineer) from South Africa personally made a Galito New for his first order of commercial induction range cookers. After a week of continuous testing, the induction range cooker still works, which makes him surprised by the advanced induction technology.

There is a very high cost of waste generated by gas stovetops. First of all, you have to pay for unused fuel because they can’t achieve perfect fuel burn.

Second, the products of gas combustion are carbon monoxide (toxic), carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gas), and oxides of any impurities present. Third, more stringent ventilation is required, which is another cost.

Internal construction, cable&plug, package color

Just browsing the product map of the official website is not enough. Mr.Minor proposed to view true products. This behavior deserves encouragement and appreciation because the product is the basis for examining the strength of a manufacturer.

The Lestov manufacturing center uses high-quality electromagnetic components to provide excellent performance guarantees, such as imported PCBs and IGBTs, pure copper coils, and multiple cooling fans.

Cooktops are divided into tabletop and vertical types. The cable of the bench furnace is generally 1.5 m, and the vertical furnace is 3 m. Strictly speaking, commercial induction range cookers exported to the world do not have plugs. If the buyer has special customization requirements for the cable and plug, please let us know the details.

As a commercial induction cooker manufacturer, the exported packaging box has a uniform color and has undergone strict shock and waterproof standards testing, so we do not recommend customers change the color or style of the packaging. Of course, if customers have special requirements in this regard, we can customize them for you, but there will be some costs.

Lestov brand VS OEM brand: What is the difference between the two (price, cooperate conditions, etc.)?

(1) About the price

Of course, the price of the Lestov commercial induction cooktop brand is lower. In general, OEM brands involve customized services and there has a minimum order quantity (MOQ) limit, and the price will be higher.

OEM brand fees are generally sticker fees, as well as some complex design fees or feature development costs.

For customers with private label requirements, we recommend starting with small-batch trial orders to verify that the manufacturer’s products meet the needs and cooperation of subsequent large orders with minimal cost.

(2) About cooperation conditions

Mr.Minor initially wanted to use his brand, but he raised his concerns: “We always promote our brand, but we are concerned about the possibility that you sell your products to another company in Costa Rica.

If we become a distributor of your brand, would you not sell to anyone in the country, including OEM? This is important for us. Costa Rica is a very small country, only 5 million people.”

Lestov Team’s response to his concerns: “Integrity and shared growth are the only ways to achieve sustainable development. If we want to talk about dealers, then we also want to have only one dealer in your country.

Whether you choose OEM or our brand, we respect your choice. It is necessary to reach a consensus on the terms of cooperation.”

Regarding whether to grant exclusive distributor rights, we have raised some questions that we care about: “Does your company have a perfect after-sales system? Do you have your factory? Do you have your technology research and development team? Is your company planning to do only the country or to do global markets?”

Mr.Minor answered our question very seriously with a long email. After a more in-depth conversation, Minor chose to represent our brand, completed the first sample order purchase, and signed a formal dealer agreement with us. We grant the exclusive brand agency and register our brand locally in Costa Rica.

Minor said: “The price of the OEM is very reasonable. Although the price of the product is higher than the other factories I have checked, your quality looks good. Lestov induction has been in the induction cooker manufacturing industry for 18 years. We choose and trust your brand and will cooperate for a long time.”

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