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The Types Of Commercial Restaurant Induction Deep Fat Fryer

Commercial Induction Deep Fryer-Buying Guide (2022)

Commercial Deep fryers have been added to the list of popular kitchen equipment for restaurants, industries, and food trucks. It can complete the frying of large quantities of turkey, fish, doughnuts, and chips in a short period, while only a few amounts of fuel consumption and energy costs are used in commercial kitchens.

If you have searched for commercial deep fryers on shopping websites, you will find that choosing the right deep fat fryer among the many types of commercial deep fryers is not a simple action.

Therefore, in this fryer selection guide, the Lestov commercial induction deep fryer manufacturer will discuss the definition, types, function, and purchase fryer tips to help you determine the commercial deep fryer you need.

What is a commercial deep fryer?

Commercial deep fryers are not limited to commercial kitchens such as restaurants, industries, and food trucks. When voltage or space permits, some commercial tabletop deep fryers are also suitable for home kitchens.

Fully immersing food in high-temperature oil and obtaining crispy food texture in a short time is a high-return investment in kitchen equipment for commercial kitchens that require more orders/long production times.

Few people can completely resist the charm of chicken fry. The popularity of KFC & McDonald’s around the world may be the most direct answer.

Automatic Stir – fryer machine

Since the appearance of the automatic fryer machine, frying is regarded as a cooking method without complicated technology. If you are ordering kitchen equipment for your restaurant, a fryer can be a good investment.

Before deciding to buy a commercial deep fryer, you will find that commercial deep fat fryers are not a single type. In the electrical stove market. There are commercial induction deep fryers, food truck gas fryers, and commercial air fryers in terms of energy division.

Which fryer machine is the best commercial induction deep fryer? After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of various fryer machine types, you will get the exact answer.

Commercial gas fryer

The commercial gas fryer uses natural gas or liquid propane to drive the burner below or on the side of the fryer, thereby heating the deep fryer oil with an open flame to reach the boiling point of the fryer machine.

It can reach 400°f (carcinogenic smoke point) within 30 minutes and is used in areas where natural gas is prevalent. In some countries. Due to the potential risk of gas leakage, the commercial gas fryer has been questioned and rejected.

Commercial air fryer

It is difficult for you to see the presence of fat in the commercial air fryer, which will perfectly match the needs of the fat reduction crowd/oilless fryer. If you have ever been to a sauna or used an oven, you will understand how an air fryer works.

A commercial air fryer uses air to form circulating convection of hot air inside the stove to dry the water inside the food to achieve the effect of crispy frying.

A commercial air fryer requires a long cooking process, and the use of internal water loss to heat the food also makes the food less palatable. Just imagine the taste of dehydrated vegetables.

Commercial induction deep fryer

The commercial induction deep fryer directly heats the bottom of the deep fryer’s oil tank by induction. It heats the cooking oil with no open flame to reach the boiling point of frying, making it one of the most popular fryer machines in restaurants with an energy efficiency of up to 93%.

The commercial induction deep fryer is a new type of high-efficiency fryer, which can reach 170 ℃ (high-temperature oil) in 20 minutes. When you are facing a large batch of frying orders, you wouldn’t want to wait for the response time of the frying indicator.

That is the waiting time (3-8 minutes) on a restaurant gas fryer, while it only takes 1 minute for the oil temperature to recover in a commercial induction deep fryer.

A high-quality commercial induction fat fryer will be more expensive than a food truck gas fryer or commercial air fryer. That is an undeniable fact. You can buy gas fryers and air fryers as your restaurant equipment, under the premise of a tight budget.

Perhaps before making the final decision, why are commercial induction deep fryers more expensive? It is worth discussing together.

It should note that the reason for the high price of commercial induction fryers lies in the high-quality accessories and abundant functions.

Why choose commercial induction deep fryer?

  • Commercial induction deep fryers can fry foods such as turkey, fish, donuts, French fries, etc. It is a profit-increasing technique that restaurants can easily cope with busy orders.


  • The commercial induction deep fryer fully meets the needs of commercial kitchen equipment. Such as restaurants, food trucks, industry (food factories), etc. It has become one of the most popular cooking equipment due to its advantages of high efficiency and low-cost production of large quantities of food.


  • The commercial induction deep fryer matches the commercial voltage requirement of 180v-400v. Compared with household fat fryers in terms of accessories and functions, it pays more attention to the actual condition of commercial kitchens for the deep fryer, such as adopting a German advanced signal processor (Infineon IGBT) to improve the accuracy of functions.


  • As a manufacturer with 18 years of commercial induction deep fryer production experience. Lestov has reached in-depth cooperation relationships with more than 50 countries or regions including the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Israel, and South Korea, and most of its products have obtained CE certification.

What types of commercial induction deep fryers?

Commercial induction deep fryer types are divided into the single-cylinder fryer, double deep fryer, four-basket fryer, and other products that support customization by cooking area. In terms of functional configuration, it was divided into Oumenglong deep fryer thermostat and conventional channel models, among which the Omron fryer is the best-selling option.

It is worth mentioning that you can choose a restaurant tabletop induction deep fryer or a floor commercial induction fryer according to the commercial kitchen space. The restaurant tabletop induction oil fryer is fully adapted to the compact commercial kitchen environment and can show high-quality work service in busywork.

The floor commercial induction deep fryer shows more professional ability in frying turkey and pork chops. If you are operating a food truck, a large restaurant, or a mobile kitchen. A floor commercial induction deep fryer is a good choice.

Special Design for commercial induction deep fryers

Oumenglong’s deep fryer thermostat

How to control the commercial induction deep fryer temperature? You may think that this is a skill that experienced chefs are good at. That is the conclusion. But is it accurate to the set temperature? It is difficult to guarantee even the measurement of the thermometer.

Oumenglong’s deep fryer thermostat can control the commercial induction fryer to reach the set temperature (the precise temperature deviation is ±1 degree) and maintain the best oil temperature. That is not an exaggeration.

Oumenglong’s deep fryer thermostat can automatically sample and adjust the temperature within 250ms, and reduce the temperature recovery time by about 80%. You can see the precise change data on the intelligent display, without manual adjustment by the chef and thermometer.

Deep fryer filter

When edible oil is fried many times. Some harmful substances such as benzopyrene (dense smoke) and acrolein will be generated & as some tiny impurities such as batter/crumbs.

These impurities will reduce the frequency of edible oil use and also mean that your bill will increase. How do remove harmful substances and impurities in the commercial induction frying machine? That is not the task that the oil screen (filtering large particles of impurities) can accomplish.

Fortunately, the oil filter (A stainless steel drain valve with a tap) at the bottom of the commercial induction fryer can do an excellent job of purifying and filtering impurities and harmful substances in edible oil.

The same applies to how to drain a commercial induction deep fryer. The oil filter is responsible for draining the deep-fat fryer and can help you clean the commercial induction fryer faster.

Deep fryer coil

The commercial induction fryer chooses a double-layer concave energy-concentrating coil on the line plate (heat-conducting element). It presents the perfect performance of 360-degree non-blind zone heating in terms of heat conduction. It avoids the loss of 40%-50% of the gas fryer (open flame cooking) thermal energy converted into actual cost savings for you.

Stainless steel deep fryer

The commercial induction deep fryer is made of a durable stainless steel structure whose service life of the commercial induction fryer can reach about 3000 hours, and you can use stainless steel deep fryer in an environment with a humidity of 30%-90% and a temperature of -5°-40° fryer.

Eight-speed power adjustment -fryer switch

A commercial induction fryer has an eight-speed power converter that accurately controls different powers for different foods. Such as sauces, French fries/vegetables (easy to cook), and you can choose between 1-3 levels (0-30°Cold and warm oil), fried chicken, fried fish, choose 3-5 gears (85-120°low temperature oil).

The hot-selling commercial induction deep fryer- from Lestov manufacturer

If you are planning to include fried food in your restaurant menu options, then it is time to buy a high-return commercial induction fryer for your restaurant.

But how do select a suitable and good-quality commercial induction deep fryer? Perhaps you can get inspiration from the Lestov hot-selling fryer catalog.

Omron Double Cylinder Induction Deep Fryer

Cook 13.3L of chips in double separate oil tanks at the same time, and get fried chicken without flavor infection after reducing the amount of oil.

This food truck induction deep fryer with double tanks is accurate to ±1 degree under the Omron thermostat. Bring you increased profits.

Two independent frying tanks are equipped with corresponding controllers and temperature monitors, which can be controlled and adjusted independently.

It is suitable for frying multiple batches of turkey/fish/chips/doughnuts/chicken wings/shrimp in chicken shops/bakeries/restaurants/food stalls/food trucks.

Double Tank Restaurant Induction Frying Machines Price
Industrial Single Cylinder Commercial Induction Deep Fryer

Freestanding Commercial Induction Deep Fryer with Caster

A floor-standing commercial induction fryer is the perfect combination of efficiency and volume. You can cook large quantities of orders with a frying capacity of 27L-36L.

The design with casters helps you transport to any place, and the time and temperature of the six menus can be preset and stored through programming controls.

95% induction heating energy efficiency for fast cooking and short recovery times for fried food output.

Unlike commercial electric fryers, which put the heating element in direct contact with the oil, commercial induction deep fryers with oil and electrical separation eliminate the possibility of electrical leakage.


Make fried food a high-quality choice for your restaurant’s profit growth. That will be the best commercial induction deep fryer that can provide you. At the same time, I hope Lestov can give you valuable tips for a commercial induction fryer.

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