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The Types Of Commercial Restaurant Induction Deep Fat Fryer

Budget-Friendly Food Truck Fryers – Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Lestov manufacturers are planning to introduce commercial deep fryers into food trucks. The owner suggested that it should portable, high-capacity, and instant frying. So it can do the task of frying well in a compact kitchen.

The Lestov manufacturer has browsed many of the chef’s reviews of restaurant deep fat fryers on Quora and Reddit. They looked through countless answers to find a suitable deep fryer machine but couldn’t find a deep fryer that fit their needs.

From the number of frying baskets and frying capacity to energy consumption, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a commercial deep fryer. It is complex mental work. The restaurant owner asked the Lestov manufacturer for help to escape this trouble.

Food Truck Deep Fryers - Buying Guide

The price of a food truck deep fryer is expensive, so you need to look for trustworthy factors when purchasing, such as high-quality reviews, sufficient sales, and long-term warranty service.

Some evidence that commercial deep fryer has good performance and durability.

Types of Commercial Deep Fryers

In the cooker market, the optional commercial deep fat fryer includes gas fryers, electric frying machines, and restaurant induction deep fryers. Purchasing a gas fryer is affordable if your restaurant has a natural gas line and exhaust system. It will work with other gas stoves to reduce your operating costs.

The electric fryer, which dips the heating tube into oil, is the less expensive option in the deep fryer range. It has no complicated heating technology, so it is easy to maintain. You only need to pay attention to whether its heating tube has rusted.

Induction heated commercial deep fryer is a favored option for many food trucks. It does not get a gas permit required by the government, keeps the kitchen safe and cooling at all times, and induction heating can reduce energy costs by 40%.

Size and Capacity of Commercial Deep Fryers

For food trucks, buy a commercial deep-fat fryer with the weight of the food you fry (how much oil you need) per day or day in mind, which will determine the type and capacity of the fryer you need.

If you need to fry large batches of chicken wings, a fryer with a larger tank will be more suitable. Typically, a 70-pound commercial deep fryer can fry 80 to 100 pounds of French fries per hour or more than 30 chickens.

A freestanding commercial deep-fat fryer is a professional option that specializes in frying large batches for food trucks.

For cafes and bars, the commercial countertop deep fryer with a single fryer basket provides a frying capacity of 10 lbs to 15 lbs. To prevent the flavor mix of different foods, the commercial portable deep fryer with two fry baskets is a suitable option.

Lestov Range of Commercial Induction Deep Fryers - Hot Sale in 2023

We are a commercial induction deep-fat fryer manufacturer from China, with 20 years of experience in R&D/design/production/sales of restaurant fryers. Lestov commercial induction deep fat fryer has been certified by consumers in more than 50 countries.

Whether you are looking for industrial deep fryers, restaurant frying machines, or tabletop deep fryers, you are allowed a full range of fryer solutions at Lestov Manufacturer. Below are 5 Food truck induction fryer options for thermal efficiency.

It is a review from a consumer who has purchased Lestov commercial induction deep fryer. Its details are available by scrolling down the page.

Best Commercial Induction Deep Fryers for Food Trucks

Smooth pulleys allow it to be propelled into any food truck. Just reserve 850*450mm space, it can be embedded in the cooktop. The smooth stainless steel case retains no oil stains or residue and can be restored to like-new condition by wiping it with a soft cloth.

The 27L oil tank can fry 30 pounds of french fries, and the frying power of each food can be precisely adjusted through the 8-speed knob, whether it is 700w low-temperature slow-frying vegetables to 5000w high-temperature frying turkey.

The skin and interior of the turkey will be submerged in the oil for consistent heating, which means you’ll get a turkey that’s cooked at the same time and crispy fries.

Filter-screen: A filter at the bottom traps loose deposits and prevents them from sticking to the cylinder.

Safety Protection: Anti-dry burning / over-temperature suspension/voltage instability suspension and other safety protections.

Freestanding Industrial Double Baskets Induction Deep Fryer 27L

Best Temperature-Controlled Restaurant Induction Fryers

Double Tanks Commercial Kitchen Donut Induction Deep Fryer

Fryer designers provide food trucks with more convenient temperature control settings. Whether it is slow frying at a low temperature of 35°C to a high temperature frying fish at 165°C. The Omron thermostat can be precisely adjusted, and the maximum temperature difference does not exceed ±3°C.

It presents the highest frying temperature for the commercial deep fryer. Provide as much persuasive safety as possible while keeping your food crispy and delicious.

Keeping the frying temperature at 135°C all the time is not easy for many chefs. On this optimally temperature-controlled restaurant induction deep fryer, chefs are allowed to serve crispy fries, as well as a standard recipe for fries.

Precise power control: The combination of an 8-speed power knob + Omron thermostat ensures precise control of the frying process and easy operation.

Keep frying: Add insulation cotton at the bottom and around the oil storage container to keep the frying oil temperature stable.

Best Value Portable Commercial Induction Fryer

In the Lestov commercial induction deep fat fryer range, this countertop double baskets induction fryer is the most affordable option. It boasts two strainable frying baskets and can fry over 20 pounds of fries in under 1 hour.

The stainless steel cylinder allows it to be cleaned quickly after frying. Even viscous foods such as cheese bars, bread crumbs, and the batter will not sink to the bottom of the oil tank under the barrier of the stainless steel filter screen.

Like other commercial induction deep fryers, it has precise firepower regulations. Extremely fast switching from 700w to 5000w with short recovery time.

High-quality components: Adopt German Infineon IGBT, self-developed movement & PCB board, more sensitive function response, run for 3000 hours.

Induction Heating: Adopt induction heating technology without open flame, 95% thermal efficiency, save 30% energy cost

The Best Food Flavored Dual Cylinder Induction Fryer

Double-cylinder Commercial Induction Fryer

Intelligent Controlled Food Truck Deep Fryer

The only food truck induction deep fryer that can pre-store 6 sets of frying recipes, it will automatically store the frying time, temperature, and power of 6 kinds of food.

Adjust at 0°C to 170°C, 1 minute to 60 minutes. It doesn’t require you to recite complicated product manuals and fry over 35 pounds of fries or doughnuts at the push of a button.

The industrial commercial induction deep fat fryer with a filtration system is an ideal combination of efficiency and volume.

It is an excellent addition to any restaurant looking to increase profits from popular fried foods! Whether is frying turkey, chips, donuts, or fish.

Separate frying areas isolate flavor confusion between foods. Diners will no longer complain about the taste of doughnuts in fried turkey.

While maintaining independence in food flavor, a separate dual control mode is also configured on the operation interface. From the multi-function button panel to the 8-position firepower knob, each frying area can be controlled individually.

It means that you can adjust to high power in the left fryer for fish, and in the right fryer to low power for vegetables. Its frying time can also be adjusted individually, from 1 minute to 60 minutes.

Induction Heating: 95% energy efficiency by induction heating brings fast cooking for the output of fried food and a short recovery time.

Filter-types Baskets: Two separate fryers come with removable baskets with grease-filtering hooks and anti-scald handles.

Commercial Restaurant Deep Fat Fryer With Filtration Systems

Manufacturer's Offer

Lestov manufacturer is offering a competitive price for commercial induction deep fat fryers limited to 5 hot selling food truck induction deep fryers. It is a customized offer and it won’t last long. Please feel free to contact us for the latest food truck induction deep fryer.

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