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Using Induction Cooking In Vancouver Restaurants - Beneficial Changes

Using Induction Cooking in Vancouver Restaurants – Beneficial Changes

Some policies are forcing the restaurant industry to reduce the use of natural gas. These policies come from pressure to reduce the carbon footprint by 33%. It has a beautiful name – Green City Action Plan. This is a policy that started in 2011 and has achieved 36% of its goal in 2018.

Is it relevant to citizens’ lives? When you no longer just smell smoke and dust when you walk down the street, it’s working. Research has found that 134,322 tons of carbon dioxide comes from restaurant chimneys, and it continues to grow. This is the area of focus.

Carbon dioxide comes from gas stoves, which are favored by 80% of commercial kitchens. It is the source of oil fumes, exhaust gas, and thick smoke. Environmentalists detest it and say it harms clean air. Therefore, the Vancouver government has proposed a policy of using 100% renewable energy for all social and economic activities in 2050 to curb the spread of carbon dioxide in the air.

Chef Induction Cooking

The Alternatives of Commercial Gas Cooker - Induction Cooking

Chefs are looking for cooking equipment that can replace gas stoves to facilitate cooking large amounts of food in a short time. It must meet the environmental protection policies issued by the government, such as not producing too much fumes, carbon dioxide, and thick smoke (which they have endured for a long time). Fortunately, they found a suitable replacement – a commercial induction cooktop

This is a cooking device that uses electricity to heat food. You won’t see any flames or fumes, but you will see the food in the pot being heated. It addresses CO2 growth and the need for alternatives to gas stoves and has been promoted by the Vancouver government. This means you get government subsidies for green energy.

One-stop Cooking Equipment Solutions

Some commercial induction hob manufacturers are developing cooking equipment with the same functions as gas stoves, such as stoves, fryers, griddles, and wok cookers. It covers grilling, boiling, cooking, and baking modes.

The 3 burners / 5 zones induction burner with an oven that better meets the needs of restaurants has been put into use. If you prefer to use a 2 to 4-burner high-power induction stove for quick stir-fry dishes, this is allowed. They are available in energy-efficient versions with Energy Star certification.

Beneficial Changes from Induction Cooking VS Gas Cooking

The view I have always admired is that commercial gas stoves and induction cookers have extremely excellent capabilities in different fields. What we can do is combine their advantages so that chefs can cook food faster.

To give an obvious example

Why do most Asian restaurants prefer commercial gas wok stoves? Chef Toby bluntly said that the flame can heat the pot faster, allowing the temperature to quickly reach 150°C to 200°C. High temperature is a necessary factor to produce Wok Hei, and Wok Hei is the secret to making food more delicious.

If you are sitting in a noble Western restaurant enjoying a medium-rare steak, you don’t want to see the dining area covered in oil smoke. Chefs also don’t want to have trouble controlling the heat and end up with a steak that’s burnt or undercooked. In noble western restaurants or open kitchens, chefs prefer commercial induction cooktops with no open flame heating + adjustable firepower/temperature.

Boss’s calculator

The calculator endures unexplained irritation as the boss calculates bills and profits. Even minor energy bills can make your boss hate you. Please don’t ask your boss for a raise at this moment. This is one of the career tips I can tell you. Do you know how much energy on a stove is used for cooking? Please don’t let your boss know these answers. The energy efficiency of gas stoves is 40% to 55%, commercial induction cooktops are 85% to 95%, and electric stoves are 55% to 65%.

When cooking the same amount of food, the induction cooker is 2 times more energy efficient than a gas stove. This means it can help the owner save 35% of energy costs. Please don’t be a picky mathematician or researcher. I always got a C in math. These data come from Wikipedia and Lestov manufacturer’s test results.

No Open-Flame Induction Cooking

I’m going to discuss the benefits that using induction cooktops without open-flame heating brings to restaurateurs. If you want to know keep reading. When you buy a commercial gas stove, the salesman will tell you that you must buy kitchen ventilation equipment (perhaps a range hood, exhaust duct, or exhaust fan). They are supporting equipment for commercial gas stoves. If you don’t want your kitchen to be filled with thick black fumes, steam and food smells.

I can tell you for sure: ventilation equipment and air conditioners are not must-buy products for induction cooking without open flames. It helps you reduce your fume ventilation and cleaning expenses by 23% to 50%.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

I want to tell you a valuable fact. 93% of the electricity produced by BC Hydro comes from renewable energy sources. Commercial kitchens using full induction/electric cooking can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 96%. If you are a forward-thinking restaurateur or environmentalist, this information will benefit you. Although restaurants using induction cookers will incur more electricity costs, these costs will be offset by their high efficiency and energy savings.

Commercial Induction Kitchen

Improve kitchen ambiance

When I rarely hear complaints from chefs and avoid cleaning the exhaust hood, I feel that induction cooking is a good decision. It’s good for me, the chef, and the hygienic quality of the dishes when I don’t have to pay medical bills for the chef’s occupational illness (cough or lung infection).

As the chef works in the cool commercial kitchen, he whistles or hums a song and happily creates new creations. Instead of complaining about the temperature in the kitchen to his colleagues, he started chatting about fun things with his family and tonight’s date. I think this is the benefit of induction cooking. It keeps restaurateurs, chefs, and diners happy.

During my market research, I discovered another type of induction cooking equipment that would be more beneficial to restaurateurs – an automatic cooking machine. It automatically stir-fries/seasons/pours ingredients/cooks 3.5KG to 20KG egg fried rice or tomato sauce within 20 minutes.

Outdoor air quality

As I saw more and more diners being turned away by the fumes emitted from commercial kitchens, I realized it was time for a change. On, many diners believe the air quality of the dining environment affects their decision-making. Natural gas cooking produces carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (NO2), and nitrogen oxides (NO).

These dangerous pollutants can attack residents’ throats, noses, and lungs.
Although electrostatic air cleaners will clean 65% to 90% of oil fumes, this is a danger that cannot be ignored. Induction cooking produces no contaminants except food flavor and steam. It’s friendly to blue skies and diners.

Faster heating speed

According to Lestov test data, the induction cooker transfers heat to the pot 2-3 times faster than the gas cooker. It means chefs can cook food faster, reducing the time diners have to wait in the restaurant.

Easier to clean

There is no more difficult task than arranging for a chef to clean the burner of a commercial gas cooker. Some oil stains, food residue, and smoke marks are difficult to remove. They require the help of brushes, cleaning balls, knives, cleaning agents, and scrapers. It usually takes 2-3 hours. The heating surface of the Commercial induction cooker is made of ceramic glass. There is no hiding place for oil stains and food residue on the panels. It only requires a soft rag or sponge to remove.

Home Kitchen

Persuasive reasons

If you already have natural gas pipes for your commercial kitchen, stick with a commercial gas cooker. If you are a mother who is expecting a baby or a patient with a pacemaker, please refrain from purchasing a commercial induction cooker that contains radiation, even though the amount of radiation it produces is lower than that of a mobile phone.

Concerns about induction cooking

(1) Limited budget

Based on the above benefits that induction cooking brings to restaurant owners, commercial induction cookers are relatively more expensive than commercial gas cookers. In addition, it is not easy to raise enough funds to purchase commercial induction cooking equipment to replace the gas cooker. Fortunately, the local government is providing subsidies for restaurants that switch to induction cooking.

Although it will please the manufacturer to buy a full line of commercial induction cooking equipment at once, resist the urge. Please try purchasing a Lestov countertop flattop induction cooker for less than $250 as a test piece to verify its capabilities.

 (2) Limited voltage

Unfortunately, the voltage of most commercial induction cookers is 220V – 380V. In Vancouver restaurants, 110V/208V is the commercial standard voltage. It’s not absolute. Lestov manufacturer provides commercial induction cookers from 110V to 208V specifically for American and Canadian customers, such as Panda Express.


The benefits of using induction cooking in Vancouver restaurants are providing restaurant owners with profits. It keeps governments, restaurateurs, chefs, and diners happy. If you are looking forward to increasing your income, please contact Lestov manufacturer today to order a commercial induction cooker.

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