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Commercial Drop-in Induction Cooktop

Lestov Manufacturer: 3 Best Commercial Drop-in Induction Cooktops

Are you worried about finding a machine that fits your compact kitchen space? Follow my steps and take you to learn about the drop-in induction cooker. This extended composition aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the working principles and unique characteristics of a drop-in induction cooktop. By delving into the intricate details, we hope to enlighten readers and help them develop a better comprehension of the technology behind induction cookers.

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What is the Drop-in induction cooker?

Nowadays, restaurants more and more use commercial drop-in induction cookers. However, a lot of people remain unaware of what commercial drop-in induction cookers are, the specific types available, and how they function. Induction cookers are generally divided into desktop stoves and drop-in induction cookers. The drop-in induction cooker is a kind of induction cooker that embeds the induction cooker into the kitchen countertop so that the induction cooker and the kitchen form a flat surface. So what is the difference between induction cooker and traditional cooking tools? I will reveal these answers to you one by one.

How does the drop-in induction cooker work?

In the first place, it is essential to grasp the fundamental concept behind induction cooking. Unlike conventional methods that rely on radiant heat transfer, induction cooktops utilize electromagnetic induction to generate heat directly in the cookware. This remarkable technology enables faster heating times, exceptional energy efficiency, and precise temperature control.

Induction cookers use the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat food. When the bottom of the pot is in contact with the magnetic field, it creates vortex currents, which can heat food. Why don’t you feel the heat when you put your hand on the induction cooker? Because the induction cooker is heated directly by the current at the bottom of the pot. According to data, 95% of the heat used on induction cooking stoves is used to cook food. In this way, we know that the efficiency of the induction cooker is very high and can save energy.

So is the drop-in induction cooktop expensive?

With a traditional gas stove, we have to consider the working environment, and the customer who buys our products says that the workplace used to be full of smoke, and he worries about the working environment and the turnover of employees every day, but the induction cooker can solve this problem for him very well, the drop-in induction cookers are relatively expensive due to the integration and design issues involved. It can cook 3.5kg of food in 15 minutes but uses 35% less energy than a gas stove. It does not produce excessive fumes during cooking, allowing chefs to work easily in a cool kitchen. When the price of global production products rises, we have been committed to providing customers with good quality and affordable commercial drop-in induction cookers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of drop-in induction cooktops?

Drop-in induction cookers can be widely used because:

·Even heat dissipation

When traditional gas stoves are used to stir-fry food, it is easy for the food to heat unevenly and cause some parts of the food to be undercooked. When a large amount of food needs to be fried, it will test the chef’s skills. However, the induction cooker generates heat by the eddy current generated by the coil. The coil is fixed on the bracket, which means that the heat of the induction cooker is evenly distributed. The drop-in induction cooker heats evenly and can make delicious meals more efficient than traditional cuisine tools.

·High Security

Traditional gas stoves have many safety hazards. For example, if they are not cleaned in time, oil and carbon dirt will almost completely block the gas holes. At the same time, there is no flameout protection device, and the gas may still be supplied after the fire is extinguished.

Compared with traditional ranges, Commercial Drop-in induction cookers have no open flames, they will not have a visible fire but will use the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy into heat energy. which highly reduces risks and is safer.


Compared with a desktop induction cooker, it is more beautiful. The drop-in induction cooktops fit seamlessly into the countertop, ensuring a seamless and beautiful appearance. The drop-in induction cooktop looks more high-end, elegant, and good-looking. Commonly found in commercial kitchens, drop-in induction cooktops provide a sleek and integrated solution for culinary establishments. They are available in various sizes and configurations to suit the specific needs of different kitchen layouts.

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·Save space

General commercial drop-in induction cookers require a lot of space during decoration, which reduces the usable space behind the kitchen. Drop-in ones successfully save kitchen space by taking advantage of the feature of being able to be embedded.

·High efficiency and energy saving

One of the distinguishing characteristics of commercial drop-in induction cookers is their remarkable efficiency. Unlike traditional cooking methods that involve heating the surrounding air and losing a significant amount of energy, induction cookers directly transfer heat to the cookware. This targeted energy transfer not only reduces cooking times but also significantly saves energy, making it an environmental protection choice.


·Precise temperature control

Commercial drop-in induction cookers offer precise temperature control, allowing chefs to achieve optimal cooking outcomes. With the ability to adjust heat levels instantly and accurately, chefs can fine-tune the cooking process for specific recipes, ensuring consistent results every time. This level of control is especially beneficial for delicate dishes that require precise temperature management. This means drop-in induction cooktops can reduce the need for chefs to frequently adjust the temperature.

Of course, it also has some shortcomings:

·The price is relatively high

The commercial drop-in induction cooktops are equipped with an energy-saving device, and we can set a customized menu, which improves the chef’s work efficiency. Its price is higher than that of a gas stove.

·Heat dissipation effect

The drop-in induction cooktop is embedded in the kitchen countertop. It has a relatively closed environment than the desktop induction cooker. When choosing the drop-in induction cooker, we should choose a good quality brand, good brands have qualified safety and quality control. If you are looking for a drop-in stove with good heat dissipation, I recommend the Lestov stove now used by Panda Express” You just need to reserve about 10 centimeters of space for your drop-in induction cooker, because we will install a twin-turbo high-frequency small cooling fan for you, so you don’t have to worry about the inability to dissipate heat in a closed environment.

How to choose the right drop-in induction cooker?

In the past, we used gas stoves, and the gas released from them had an impact on the chef’s body. When working as a chef, we didn’t even want to step into the kitchen. The kitchen was filled with smoke and heat. It was too painful. After technological innovation, chefs have been liberated from the fumes in the kitchen and choose to use efficient and energy-saving induction cookers to work.

I once thought, what is a good drop-in induction cooker, a well-known brand or a professional induction cooker production team? This is what we need to consider. We are an induction cooker manufacturer with 20 years of production experience. These suggestions for choosing an induction cooker are for your reference.

·Direct factors affecting the quality of drop-in induction cookers

The direct factor that affects the drop-in induction cooker is the surface material. If we choose a glass shell material, it is too light. If we put large-capacity dishes inside, it will not be able to withstand it and will be damaged soon. Therefore, when we choose an induction cooker, we should choose thickened stainless steel or glass. Especially for commercial use, load-bearing capacity and waterproof performance are very important. No one wants the machine to be damaged within a few years after buying it, which is exhausting both physically and mentally.

·Choose the right drop-in induction cooker according to the number of meals

If the number of people serving food is less than 15 people, you can consider a small drop-in induction cooker, which can serve some small restaurants, private clubs, etc. But if you are a large restaurant or hotel, I think you need to consider a larger-sized drop-in induction cooker, so that the meals it cooks at one time can serve about 50 people, which greatly improves work efficiency.

·Think about your cooking style

If you are used to stir-frying, such as cooking some Chinese dishes, you can choose a drop-in wok; If you usually cook pizza, pork chops, steaks, etc., perhaps a drop-in flat-top cooker is your best choice. In addition, if you have a variety of cooking methods, such as frying, stir-frying, or the combination drop-in induction cooker that matches your needs, we provide customized services.

Several kinds of products are relatively hot.

This is a Full Glass Commercial Drop-in Induction Cooktop. The glass commercial drop-in induction cooktop has good heat insulation performance, chemical wear resistance, and high thermal stability.

At the same time, the product provides customized services, such as single burner / 2 burner / 6 burner / 8 burner, and so on. It’s entirely up to you to choose, and there’s no need to configure additional accessories, which highly saves your cost.

This product is the Double Burners Restaurant Drop-in Induction Wok Cooker. It can meet our different cooking requirements and can produce a large capacity of dishes at one time. You can make steaks, pork chops, burritos, and other foods on one side, or you can use the stove on the other side to make some dishes that require stir-frying. You don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed. This machine frees your hands. After all, It can accurately control temperature and time. It only takes 20 minutes to finish this work.

This Commercial Drop-in Induction cooktop has temperature preset and timing functions.You can set the time and temperature to control the heat, which will facilitate your work in the restaurant.

This product can feed about 15 people.At the same time, it has good cooking ability and can produce a dish in 15 minutes. You can use it to cook dishes that require stir-frying, such as the Chinese dishes.


Commercial drop-in induction cookers have greatly improved the working efficiency of merchants and provided delicious dishes for customers. It provides a lot of convenience to users.It is widely used in modern restaurants.

If you want to improve the speed and quality of kitchen output, welcome to the commercial drop-in induction cookers. If you want to know more about commercial drop-in induction cooktops, contact me in time. If you think this article can effectively solve your problem, you can comment and forward it. Your support is my driving force.

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