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Commercial Induction stoves can use for 10 years? -Maintenance Tips

Are you looking for an induction cooktop with a lifespan of more than 10 years to cut down on your consumption costs? These tips from a cooktop manufacturer that you shouldn’t ignore.

As a restaurant owner, getting useful value from commercial cooking equipment is an inescapable consideration. A commercial stove that conforms to the chef’s cooking habits, is efficient, can be purchased on a low budget, and can be used for a long time has become a consideration for many restaurant owners when purchasing.

But it can’t ignore that chefs find that even the best commercial induction cooking equipment is not immune to the wrong use or maintenance, and can quickly break down. Many shopkeepers ask Lestov commercial induction cooktop manufacturers about maintenance methods, and that’s the focus of this article.

Reduce infiltration of water vapor

Commercial induction cooktops use electrical energy as their energy source. During the cooking process, water stains and steam should be prevented from entering the interior. After the water vapor comes into contact with the moving parts, it is easy to get wet, resulting in damage, unstable transmission, or leakage of electricity.

Commercial induction cooktops are equipped with multiple cooling fans, which are exposed. Water vapor enters the machine through the vent hole. Therefore, the induction cooktop should be placed in a well-ventilated environment when the appliance is installed.

During the cleaning process of the equipment, water should avoid impacting the exhaust holes directly. Otherwise, a large amount of water will seep into the inside of the machine. Although commercial induction cooking appliances are rated IPX3 to IPX6 for water resistance, the internal movement should reduce direct contact with water.

Use magnetic cookware

Not all cookware materials will work on commercial induction stoves. In Lestov, more than 50% of the inquirers apply gas stove cookware to induction stoves, whether stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, glass, ceramics, and other materials.

Cookware made of glass/ceramic/enamel is suitable for gas stoves. They can be exposed to open flames, resistant to high temperatures, and highly thermally insulating. Commercial induction cooking equipment can only transfer heat energy to the pot when it is in contact with a magnetic material, such as stainless steel pan, or cast iron pot.

If you use non-magnetic cookware on a commercial induction hob, not only will it not heat up, but it will also consume more power. Cookware made of glass/ceramic/aluminum cannot use on induction stoves. Only stainless steel/cast iron and other magnetic materials are suitable.

Reject magnetic items

When the induction cooker core comes into contact with the copper wire disc, a magnetic field reacts and transfers heat to the bottom of the pot. Please note that the magnetic field reaction only needs the two roles of the movement and the copper wire reel. Please do not put magnetic objects such as knives, forks, or screwdrivers, around the induction furnace to avoid magnetic field confusion/no heating.

If you have had heart bypass surgery (pacemaker) or are pregnant, do not go near induction stoves. Although it has only a small amount of magnetic radiation, you need to be cautious about it.

Avoid empty burn

If you can’t maintain long-term attention to what’s cooking in your pot, you should try a commercial induction hob with a timer. It allows you to pre-set cooking after 180 minutes and automatically shuts down after 3 hours of no operation.

Please do not start a commercial induction cooker without food in the pot, such as dry/empty cooking. Commercial induction furnace heating panels can crack/explode due to high/overheating.

Reject the steel ball

Commercial induction stoves feature a high-temperature, thermally conductive black crystal glass heating panel, which allows you to remove stains with a rag/sponge. Many chefs habitually use steel wool to wipe glass panels or use a knife to remove large particles of stains.

Using steel wool and a knife to clean up stains on an induction stove will not only leave irreparable scratches on the glass panel but also water stains will enter the inside of the machine through the scratches, causing short circuits / poor thermal conductivity.

If there are large particles of stains on the glass panel, you can apply soda water/cleaner to the stains, wait until the stains soften, then use a plastic scraper (45°) to remove the stains.

Buy from the manufacturers

Buying a commercial induction cooktop from a cooktop manufacturer/brand not only gets you a custom/full range of restaurant cooking equipment at wholesale factory prices but also full-time after-sales service and free technical training.

Buying a restaurant induction hob from a cooktop manufacturer/supplier also means you get a catering cooking device made up of high-quality accessories, such as Germany Infineon IGBT/Black Crystal Glass.

Obtaining a high-quality, cost-effective, and safe commercial induction cooktop among cooktop manufacturers/brands is the beginning of achieving the 10-year service life goal.

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