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Enjoy discounted prices-Lestov commercial convection oven

If you are looking for a commercial electric oven that can bake large quantities of bread, cakes, and turkey for your bakery, restaurants, or hotel. Perhaps the Lestov commercial convection oven can be intelligently controlled, multi-recipe mode, and evenly baked is worth buying.

It is a hot product from a manufacturer with 20 years of experience in Developing / Designing / Producing / Selling a full range of commercial induction cooking & baking equipment. It has obtained a CE certificate and is chosen by many kitchen engineering, catering brands, hotel chains, and other commercial kitchens at factory discount prices.

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Compared to the traditional commercial toaster oven, the Lestov commercial multifunctional oven has a built-in convection fan. It transmits heat molecules evenly to the food on each layer of baking dishes, maintaining synchronous maturation inside and outside the bread, and reducing baking time.

More surprisingly, the Lestov commercial convection oven increases the internal humidity with one click. It is undoubtedly a timely and intelligent help for bread embryos that need water vapor molecules for sufficient fermentation.

Why choose the Lestov commercial convection oven?

The Lestov convection electric oven can fully match the extreme requirements of the restaurant for baking equipment for large capacity, high power, and low energy consumption. In particular, 90L baking capacity and different specifications can choose from, making it a perfect performance for completing multiple batches of cookies, toast, and bagels.

For many bakery/hotel pastry chefs, monitoring the Fermentation / Baking effect requires experience. Some chefs who use Lestov multipurpose induction ovens, which through accessories such as built-in probes /one-click humidifying buttons / HD glass doors help them accurately control, visualize, and automate the baking process.

If you need a commercial convection oven to complete the entire baking process instead of your bread, perhaps the 9-editable baking recipe mode will be the best assistant. Lestov commercial convection oven allows you to set the baking time, temperature, humidity, and other parameters for each set of baking recipes in advance. The machine will bake by following the recipe steps completely.

It is a countertop commercial convection oven that is built into any wall. It is a way for compact bakeries and small restaurants to get an integrated kitchen without spending extra space. For large commercial kitchens such as bakery factories/industries, Lestov can offer three layers of commercial deck ovens and large freestanding electric/gas oven products.

Its shell is made of stainless steel and remains cool during baking. It allows you to assemble or remove with a screwdriver, being waterproof to IPX3 (meaning the impact of water flow cannot penetrate the inside of the machine). Before you receive the product, Lestov commercial convection oven has been tested thousands of times and certified by other customers before entering the sales kitchen cabinet.

Even in a damp kitchen environment, the four anti-skid stove feet at the bottom of the oven give it a safe and stable standing on the cooking stove. The commercial deck roaster oven has two options: removable pulley and adjustable height furnace foot. Whether it’s transporting bread embryos to the fermentation/baking, or adjusting the oven to the right height for the chef, it’s getting even more convenient.

Important opinion

The Lestov manufacturer provides you with a full range of baking equipment, ranging from dough, filling mixing, dough fermentation, and baking bread. You can get a complete baking/cooking equipment solution from Lestov manufacturers. At Lestov cooker supplier, you can get quality products at wholesale factory prices. We also support product appearance/function/power customization with OEM services.

Even if Lestov has strong confidence in commercial convection ovens’ quality, function, and application, we still provide you with a 1-year product warranty with a free supply of accessories/provide full-time after-sales service (mail/video tutoring).

Lestov commercial baking equipment manufacturers are adding attractive offers for convection ovens, which means you can get lower discounts on your factory direct price, but they won’t last long. If you are looking for a commercial convection oven manufactured by a factory, please do not ignore the offers provided by Lestov.

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