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Epidemic Dilemma of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers–7 Solutions

The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic has put the restaurant industry in many countries at risk of bankruptcy/closure. In the “post-epidemic era”, what does a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer need to do to provide consumers with high-quality/high-efficiency/cost-effective restaurant cooking equipment?

It is a problem that the cooker supplier urgently needs to solve. Through research on the global catering market, Lestov commercial induction cooktop manufacturer provides the 7 solutions.

Urbanization – Demand and usage growth

The expansion of urbanization to the countryside stimulates the growth of the catering service industry/consumer demand; on the other hand, it reflects the improvement of economic development and material life.

The strong demand for innovative food service equipment/smart products/multi-purpose kitchen utensils is in line with modern people’s pursuit of automation/sense of technology/beauty/practicality.

For many catering equipment suppliers/manufacturers, this is a manifestation of the continuous demand of restaurant owners for product procurement. It is also a reminder that stove brands need to pay more attention to product innovation/intelligence/high quality.


Rebound Consumption – Promotional Fee Policy

The COVID-19 epidemic has caused many restaurant owners/consumers to be trapped in-home quarantine/public service closures. It is undeniable that many restaurants/hotels/companies are facing the danger of bankruptcy/shutdown, and the reduction of passenger traffic & the loss of orders are all severely hitting the fragile restaurant market.

Just like the sales information of second-hand catering cooking equipment then sent to you on Facebook/Ins/Google. It is reflected that many restaurants/hotels have gone out of business.

With the easing of the COVID-19 epidemic, to stimulate social and economic development, the state/government has gradually provided urban residents with measures such as discount coupons/preferential information/financial subsidies for purchasing commodities. The retaliatory consumption of some citizens on Amazon, Tiktok, and Made-in-China is more in line with the mentality of “hoarding goods” caused by the epidemic.

For restaurant service equipment manufacturers. How do grasp consumers’ “retaliatory consumption” mentality to sell products? It may be a feasible solution to meet the needs of consumers (such as intelligent disinfection/long shelf life/automatic equipment/high-cost performance).

“Green New Deal” – Energy Policy

Various European countries have begun to implement the 2030 “Green New Deal” to replace disposable/highly polluting coal power generation with clean/recyclable/efficient electricity. Such as the UK’s “Energy Bill”/Poland’s “Green Smart Traffic” plan (energy-saving equipment financial support), and Germany abolished the clean energy surcharge for residents.

To a certain extent, environmentally friendly/high-efficiency/non-polluting electric heating/induction restaurant equipment is more worthy of favor in the catering industry than gas stoves with high pollution/open flame/leakage risk. Whether it is from the national energy holding rate/the government’s emphasis on renewable energy/energy subsidies, etc., the Induction kitchen equipment manufacturer has a bright development prospect.

On the other hand, consumers’ pursuit of healthy food (salad, vegetarian food, organic food) has significantly increased the purchase demand of food processing equipment for standardized production/no frying/low-fat steaming.


Restaurant current limit – online sales

Buying restaurant equipment from offline brick-and-mortar stores is no longer the only option for restaurant owners/distributors/importers, especially under the influence of epidemic prevention and control measures (current restrictions in public places)/rich global procurement platforms. More and more consumers prefer online shopping with professional explanations, one-click purchases, and rich product pictures/videos.

Under the circumstance that consumers can’t get in touch with the actual products, how to improve consumers’ recognition of catering food equipment to purchase products is the biggest problem encountered by commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in online marketing.

Professional commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer believes in providing consumers with comprehensive/detailed product details & information, demonstrating production/design/R&D/after-sales capabilities and timely/preferential/win-win services.

It means that consumers can get more detailed food service equipment information through the Internet / live video / 3D exhibition hall to improve consumers’ trust and recognition of manufacturers.

“The Home Economy Recedes” – Eating Outdoor

Under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, “takeaway service” has become an important way for many restaurants/hotels/canteens to increase revenue. The demand for quick production/product disinfection/standardized commercial foodservice equipment is obvious, such as Lestov automatic cooking machine.

On the other hand, the repeated COVID-19 epidemic has brought potential business risks to the restaurant/bar/foodservice industry. Based on cost considerations, second-hand cooking equipment/kitchen equipment short-term rental services are more favored by shop owners.

The hot sale of used kitchen cooking equipment is not what commercial kitchen equipment supplier expects, but it cannot be ignored. How do increase the sales of kitchen equipment supplies? It may be worth considering waiting for the outbreak to ease/produce products that meet consumer needs.


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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers
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Short Video Platform – Live Streaming – Commercial Closed Loop

Short video social platforms such as Tiktok/Facebook realize the combination of product sales/shopping platforms/interpersonal communication. For example, in the first quarter of 2022, the transaction volume of TikTok goods has reached 840 million US dollars, and there are more than 1.6 billion active users, which means that social media will be the platform for consumers to shop online.

Why are consumers keener to buy foodservice equipment on TikTok? Intuitive product video/display of manufacturer’s capabilities/shipment of small items/humorous and active video style/comprehensive product guarantee may be the answer.

Rising raw materials, global chip shortage – unstable supply of goods

The “global chip shortage” and rising raw materials are constantly compressing the sales profits of commercial induction food processing equipment. On the other hand, epidemic prevention and control/increased production costs/lack of product accessories have caused many food equipment companies to suffer bankruptcy/layoffs/inadequate supply Stabilize.

How can Commercial induction cooker brands continue to provide consumers/dealers/agents with a sustainable/high-quality/cost-effective supply of goods in a tough economic environment? Stimulate consumer demand with the help of an online purchasing platform/Tiktok to live broadcast/exhibition, and provide a professional/full range of equipment solutions.

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