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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Suppliers

Why buy induction stoves from commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers?

If you are looking for commercial induction ranges for your restaurant/catering, Is choosing to buy food machinery from commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers or catering equipment wholesalers? It will be a difficult choice.

How do distinguish products from commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers or food equipment distributors?

  • Food equipment distributors refer to independent operating institutions that purchase all products/services/brands from manufacturers, have the right to use/sell products, and obtain profits through channels such as manufacturer discounts/product sales.
  • Agents refer to manufacturers who require them to sell the company’s products through employment. The sales and operation of products are restricted and guided by the manufacturer.
  • A trader refers to an intermediary company that sends an order to the catering equipment manufacturer after receiving your purchase order and earns you the price difference/factory commission of sale equipment.
  • Kitchen equipment manufacturer refers to a manufacturer with independent production/sales/operation rights and an independent factory/R&D team/after-sales department/sales team. Allows providing the best wholesale prices and all-day after-sales service.

Restaurant cooker supplier has independent factories

  • Commercial induction ranges of stainless steel material cutting, machine welding, product assembly, accessories production, and product testing can be live video.
  • The production of commercial induction ranges is automated & standardized through an automatic cutting machine/automatic bending machine/automatic welding machine and other equipment.
  • Have an independent workshop for independent production/operation and can undertake OEM/ODM services for large-scale products
  • The catering equipment has undergone thousands of tests (including function/appearance/components/heating time) before shipment. The product quality can be traced.

Commercial cooker supplier has professional R&D

  • The professional R&D team of induction heating technology supports independent R&D of special voltage/function/appearance/multi-purpose. Each piece of equipment is guaranteed by an R&D engineer.
  • Continue to develop innovative/multi-functional new induction cooking equipment, provide professional answers to maintenance failures, and free industry technical services.


The Customized OEM/ODM Services of Commercial Induction Burners

Commercial cooker manufacturers support customers

  • Custom from product appearance/function/model/material/multi-burner/full range of cooking equipment/Logo.
  • Get commercial induction ranges produced by professional food processing equipment manufacturers at wholesale prices. You only need to change your Logo (OEM/OD service) without setting up an industrial kitchen equipment factory.

The commercial cooker manufacturer has competed in after-sale service

  • Lestov commercial induction cooker manufacturer has separate after-sales service departments in 34 provinces in China.
  • Commercial induction ranges experts provide professional/accurate/all-around guarantees (accessories/technical free counseling/video).
  • Commercial catering equipment supplier provides the cheapest price
  • Buy products from commercial catering equipment suppliers at factory cost price, reduce the difference in price/raw material/dealer’s profit increased by traders.
  • Direct trade with a Commercial catering equipment supplier, you can get the best discount, and provide matching accessories such as cookware/surface sieve/drain valve for free.

Commercial cooker suppliers provide the full range of cooking machine

  • Hospitality equipment suppliers provide more than 30 kinds of the full range of commercial kitchen cooking equipment, covering stir-frying/frying/grilling/boiling/steaming/baking, commercial refrigerators/range hoods, independent/countertop/built-in, etc.
  • Set up an independent kitchen engineering department to provide professional/accurate commercial kitchen design/equipment procurement/fixed-point after-sales.
  • Support one-stop procurement (full product quality/price/after-sales guarantee) and provide convenient/low-price purchase services.


Why choose restaurant cooking equipment suppliers from China?

  • As the only major manufacturing country to achieve positive economic growth in 2021, China provides a stable/high-quality/low-price supply chain to dealers/importers. It means you get a stable/long-term supply/quality source of restaurant cooking equipment.
  • After 18 years of promotion/application/R&D/innovation in China, commercial induction cooking equipment has reached a professional/high-quality development/perfect production process. It means you get a quality/reliable/professional catering induction cooktop.
  • China promotes the prosperity and stability of international trade with “tariff reduction and exemption in some countries”/developed logistics and transportation. It means could get food and beverage cooking equipment from the manufacturer at the lowest tariffs and the best shipping prices.
  • From Alibaba,, and office manufacturer websites, China has built a diversified/multi-choice shopping platform to provide you with detailed/professional/accurate shopping services. It means that you can complete the high-quality service of product browsing/manufacturer verification/price comparison through the Internet.

Lestov commercial cooking equipment manufacturer

  • As the preferred manufacturer of government projects/canteens, school kitchen engineering updates/and catering chain brands, it has provided CE-certified restaurant cooking equipment to kitchen equipment dealers/engineers in more than 50 countries.
  • It is a pioneer in China’s commercial catering cooking equipment industry, with 20 years of independent R&D/design/production/after-sales experience, and has held & sponsored exhibitions/cooking competitions many times.
  • Provide a full range of restaurant cooking equipment procurement, support customized product appearance, function, multi-purpose, OEM+ODM service.


Dealer offers from Lestov commercial cooker manufacturer

  • It assists you to develop the local commercial catering equipment market – technical/sales/operational support.
  • Supply of a full range of restaurant food service equipment/private customization/all-day after-sales service.
  • Hold the catering industry dealer conference every year–industry technical exchange/local customer resource sharing.
  • Provide product catalogs/signs/marketing posters/product pictures and videos.
  • Get a full range of cooking equipment/accessories/free technical training at wholesale prices from Lestov.

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