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Commercial Induction Cooktop Working Principle

Is The EMF Radiation Of The Induction Hob Safe And Healthy?

The commercial induction cooker, which is convenient and efficient, and has no open flame, has undoubtedly become the first choice for modern people to choose commercial kitchenware.

But many people are worried that the electromagnetic radiation contained in the commercial induction stove will cause harm to the human body. Below, Lestov will take you to interpret it.

What is electromagnetic field radiation?

Electromagnetic field radiation refers to the electromagnetic wave generated by the interactive change of the electric field and the magnetic field, in the form of an electromagnetic wave propagating through space to release energy.

The influence of electromagnetic field radiation on the environment and the human body depends on the strength of energy.

The electromagnetic field radiation is similar to lard residue. By frying the fatty part of the pork, most of the fat in the pork is released, and finally, the oil residue is left. The harm of oil residue to the human body depends on the amount of consumption.

Where does electromagnetic field radiation generally exist?

According to Newton’s law of universal gravitation, we know that the earth is a powerful magnetic field, including the sun, moon, thunder and lightning, and other planets that can produce electromagnetic field radiation.

When you walk on the road, you will be exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and light radiation. These are the more common natural electromagnetic field radiation.

At the same time, human beings are also using electromagnetic communication technology to accelerate the modernization of social information.

And apply it to our actual lives, such as substations, communication base stations, wireless routers, induction plate cookers, mobile phones, etc., which will more or less feedback electromagnetic field radiation to humans.


What is the safe value of electromagnetic field radiation?

According to the domestic safety value standard requirements for electromagnetic field radiation, the electric field strength cannot exceed 4000V/m, and the magnetic field strength cannot exceed 100 micro Stella.

As shown in the following table, according to the minimum value of the electromagnetic wave radiation intensity and its frequency band that harms the human body, the environmental electromagnetic wave permissible radiation intensity standard is divided into two categories.

The first-level standard is a safe area where people who live for a long time under the electromagnetic wave intensity of this environment receive less electromagnetic wave radiation.

The second level is the middle area When people live under the intensity of electromagnetic waves in these environments will cause potential adverse reactions.

Wavelength unit allowable field strength
Level 1 (safe area) Level 2 (middle area)
Long, medium, and short wave V/m <10 <25
ultrashort wave V/m <5 <12
microwave µw/㎝2 <10 <40
Mixed wave According to the field strength of the main band; if the fluctuation fields are scattered, it is determined by weighting the composite field strength.


Environmental electromagnetic wave radiation level classification standard

Taking a mobile phone as an example, the electromagnetic field radiation value of a mobile phone is between 0.03-0.7, and the electromagnetic field radiation magnitude is related to the strength of the signal. When the mobile phone is in the connected state, the radiation value is the highest, which is 4.0 milligauss.

When the distance from the mobile phone is 5 cm, 10 cm, and 15 cm, the peak values ​​are 1, 0.5, and 0.3 milligauss respectively, and the environmental radiation value is subtracted. When the distance from the mobile phone is more than 15 cm, the radiation value is 0.

The harm of electromagnetic field radiation

  • The human body is affected by electromagnetic field radiation for a long time, and the central nervous system and heartbeat frequency will change. Such as conditional emission activity is inhibited or slow, arrhythmia or faster, and so on.


  •  Electromagnetic field radiation will cause qualitative changes in blood, lymph fluid, and cells. Children who live under high electromagnetic field radiation for a long time have a relatively high probability of developing leukemia.


  • Electromagnetic field radiation pollution is an inducement to damage the human circulatory system, immune system, and metabolic function. It can accelerate the generation and deterioration of cancer cells.


  • When Women in pregnancy, affected by electromagnetic field radiation, are prone to spontaneous abortion or fetal hypoplasia.

How to prevent the influence of electromagnetic field radiation?

  •  Electrical appliances should not be placed too concentrated, to avoid living in an environment where electromagnetic field radiation has overdosed.


  • All kinds of electromagnetic equipment should not be used for too long. Stop using them appropriately to let the eyes rest and relax.


  • After the electrical appliance is suspended from use. It should not be kept in standby or dormant state. There is still a small amount of radiation released.


  • Try to stay away from the environment with strong electromagnetic field radiation, especially children, the elderly, and pregnant women.


  • Eat more foods rich in vitamin A, C, and protein daily to enhance the ability to protect against radiation.


  • Choose kitchen equipment with less electromagnetic field radiation to prevent the influence of electromagnetic field radiation at the source.

What is the electromagnetic field radiation of the commercial induction cooker?

The harm to the commercial induction hob cooker mainly comes from electromagnetic field radiation, and its radiation power depends on the electromagnetic wave leakage value of the induction plate cooker.

The electromagnetic field radiation value of induction cooktops is only one-sixtieth of that of mobile phones. When the electromagnetic wave leakage value is small, it is the type of electromagnetic equipment with less radiation influence.

How is the electromagnetic field radiation of induction hob produced?

Induction burners use electromagnetic induction to generate electromagnetic eddy currents to heat food. The low frequency electric and magnetic fields are generated during their work, which will cause electromagnetic pollution to the environment within a certain range.

However, since the electromagnetic field emits electromagnetic field radiation to the upper pot, it will form a closed magnetic field at the bottom of the hob.

Therefore, most of the electromagnetic field radiation will be used to heat food, and the electromagnetic field radiation to the outside human body or the environment is less.

How to reduce the electromagnetic field radiation of commercial induction cooker?

  •  To buy the Kitchenaid induction range products with better quality, which can guarantee the quality. Lestov induction wok burner produces products strictly under the national induction burner cooktop industry electromagnetic field radiation standards, and the quality is guaranteed.


  • To choose induction cooktop bunnings with metal partitions if the induction stove plate is used for a long time. The metal partition can effectively isolate the release of electromagnetic field radiation to the human body. The housing of Lestov’s commercial induction cooktop is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel.


  • When using the induction cooker, keep a distance of about 40cm from the induction cooker.

The electromagnetic field radiation in the induction wok stove has less impact on the human body. If you purchase a good quality product and use it reasonably, there will not be much electromagnetic field radiation. Therefore, electromagnetic field radiation cannot be a factor in your purchase of a commercial induction stove.

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