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Why Choose Commercial Induction Hob Instead Of Commercial Gas Stoves?

Although induction hot plate has become one of the best-selling kitchen equipment, many restaurants remain on the sidelines of induction hob cookers.

They believe that the induction cooktop stove is far less convenient to use than gas stoves, and they even regard it as the enemy of gas stoves.

Why is induction wok burner considered the enemy of gas stoves? Is this view accurate? Lestov will bring you a detailed explanation.


The invention of the induction cooker

Since the beginning of the last century, due to the advent of induction stove utensils, a debate between induction cooktop bunnings and gas stoves has continued.

Although induction plate cookers have the advantages of green, high efficiency, safety, and energy-saving, they are not favored by mainstream restaurants, especially those that use gas stoves as the main energy source.


Low firepower

The visual stimulation brought by gas cooking makes gas stoves innately attractive. One of the shortcomings that chefs often complain about is that the firepower of portable induction hobs is not as great as that of gas stoves.

Is this true? People who have experienced electromagnetic cooking will be surprised by the magic of a single induction hob: when you switch between gears with different cooking power values ​​arbitrarily and easily, you won’t see any open flames; when you use simple When comparing the cooking time of induction cooktops and gas stoves in the boiling water experiment, you probably won’t stick to gas cooking equipment.

As an optional feature item, a portable induction hob can add a timer and thermostat control system. Among them, the timer is used for the cooking time setting and reminding function, the temperature control system allows the setting of the temperature value, and has an over-temperature protection function.

High requirements for the use environment

The induction stove relies on an electric current and a coil to generate an alternating magnetic field, thereby directly releasing heat energy to the bottom of the pot. Based on the working principle of the induction cooker, the induction cooker cannot work in the event of a power failure. Many people will shrink back when they learn about this situation and choose a gas stove that is suitable for any situation.

If you are using a gas stove, the danger of gas leakage and oily smoke will not be easier than the power outage and the inability to cook. Therefore, whether it is a gas stove or an induction range cooker, there will be a different use environment, which will cause inconvenience to you.

Cookware material

Not all materials are suitable for induction burners, you will get such a reminder before purchasing a commercial cooker. The commercial range can only generate a magnetic field with magnetic cookware, otherwise, it will not work.

This is indeed a requirement that cannot be ignored for induction cooking plates. Do I need to pay extra to purchase the equipped kitchenware?

This is not the case. Most household kitchen utensils are magnetic, and it is perfectly possible to cook the kitchen utensils on the gas stove on the induction cooker.

If you pay attention to the Chinese induction burner cooktop manufacturer or manufacturer and buy it from the Chinese market, you do not have to worry about the adaptability of the cooker at all.

All electromagnetic cooking equipment has completed the magnetic adaptation performance test of the cookware before leaving the factory.

It is worth mentioning that the manufacturer will configure the corresponding cooking utensils for the commercial burner you purchase. For more detailed services, please consult your supplier.

The product is expensive?

The price of a commercial induction cooktop ranges from several hundred to several thousand. Compared with gas stoves of several hundred prices, commercial induction burners are not the first choice for restaurants.

The early purchase cost gap may make you favor gas stoves, but the damage to components and accessories of the later gas stoves and the continuous replacement of the fuselage will make you want to replace them.

Due to the open flame cooking, the damage rate of the gas stove is much faster than that of the commercial induction stove, and the use cost is much higher than the purchase cost of the commercial induction burner.

Poor taste?

The dishes cooked on an open flame have the aroma of flame roasting in the taste. If you prefer the taste of incense, you can buy a gas stove as your commercial kitchenware.

If you often use a gas stove to cook food, you will find that it is not easy to control the firepower, and it is not uncommon to have burnt and thick smoke.

The induction range cooks food with continuous high-temperature firepower and presents just the right state in terms of taste, appearance, and taste.

Although there is no smoky burnt aroma if you choose to endure the thick smoke and taste the burnt dishes, do you think induction cooktops taste good or gas stoves taste good?

Configure voltage, current, switch

Need to re-plan the home circuit, which is a troublesome thing. The induction plate cooker has power and voltage requirements. For restaurants, hotels, and other environments that require high-power electrical appliances, you need to configure the corresponding current, switch, and socket.

For example, the standard voltage of North America, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Arabia, Brazil, and other countries is 110V, while the standard voltage of the European Union, Australia, India, Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, and other countries is 220v.

There are three-phase five-wire in the industrial electricity standard. , Three-phase four-wire, three-phase line distinction.

Induction cooktop brands realize this and have developed induction burner cooktop equipment that is more suitable for commercial voltage so that you can get a higher power commercial cooktop without changing the voltage.

Difficulty in maintenance

The early failure rate of the commercial stove burner is higher than that of the gas. It has complicated sensors, computer controllers, and mechanical equipment.

Anyone with good hands can repair the gas stove, but most professional maintenance personnel will not deal with the induction stove plate failure. Chef Walton said so.

That is right. To ensure the high precision, high performance, and safety of the induction wok stove, complicated control components are inevitably required, which is uncharted territory for most people.

If you buy a Lestov induction burner cooktop, the after-sales team is always at your service so you don’t need to worry about this problem.

Affect the use of medical equipment

If you are wearing an electromagnetic device such as a pacemaker or implantable defibrillator, you must be 6 feet away from the induction stove cooker.

The induction hob will affect the use of the instrument. It is not recommended that you choose induction hot plate products as kitchen equipment. That is an unavoidable factor.

Manufacturer's tips on purchasing a commercial induction cooktop.

  1. The heating of the induction cooker relies on the interaction of the current and the coil. The greater the induced current, the higher the heat generated, and the shorter the cooking time. Therefore, when you buy an induction cooker, it is better to use a coil with multiple turns and a larger diameter of copper wire.
  2. The induction cooker can only work with cooking utensils with good magnetic permeability, such as iron pots, cast iron pots, iron-containing stainless steel, and other materials.
  3. The induction cooker has specific requirements for operating power and operating voltage. You can choose the corresponding induction burners according to the commercial current, switch, and socket.
  4. You need to avoid the misunderstanding that the more expensive the induction plate cooker is, the better the quality. Choosing the appropriate induction cooktop stove according to your needs is the most important thing.
  5. Warranty service will save you a lot of money. Before buying, you need to ask carefully whether there is a warranty service and a time limit.

In summary, compared to gas stoves, induction hot plate plays an important role in heat efficiency, green safety, and low energy consumption. If you want to buy an induction cooktop for your restaurant as soon as possible, Lestov will give you some buying suggestions.

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