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The Types Of Commercial Automatic Fryer Machine

Is a commercial induction hob more expensive than a gas stove? -Facts and tips

The refusal of induction hobs to participate in the cooking area of ​​commercial kitchens due to expensive electricity bills is an option worthy of reconsideration.

Although electric energy has become a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option in many countries, such as Costa Rica, India, China, and other countries, they are the advocates of induction hob cookers.

However. For countries that use natural gas, propane, and gas as their energy sources, and lack electricity construction. This results in high electricity bills, and it is still difficult to afford to use high-grade, high-efficiency, and energy-saving induction ranges.

New Energy Policies

In many countries, gas stoves have become popular equipment in commercial kitchens cause of their low prices. But the risk cost of air pollution, smoke machines, and gas leakage are significantly higher than the electricity bill that the induction range cooker needs you to pay.

An obvious example is if your restaurant is located in open commercial venues such as shopping malls, exhibitions, and airports. Before using gas stoves, you need to plan oil fume emission systems, apply for gas use permits, and undergo regular safety inspections.

More stringent in China. To avoid risks such as gas explosion/gas poisoning, the Chinese government has stipulated that any gas equipment is not allowed to enter commercial kitchens such as shopping malls, supermarkets, and transportation stations.

Commercial Induction Cooker – Friendly

It is a choice that any country looking forward to sustainable development is making safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly commercial induction cooktops in restaurants, hotels, canteens, and even family, and providing you with corresponding energy subsidies.

You can see the publication of new energy policies and documents advocating induction range, such as Costa Rica, Singapore, India, and other countries.

Therefore, the seemingly expensive electricity bill provides you with safe, intelligent, and efficient induction kitchen equipment (purchased at the factory’s direct price). Short-term small bill payment provides you with uncontrollable, high maintenance costs and potentially dangerous Gas stoves.

Is a commercial induction hob more expensive than a gas stove?

Why induction cooktop is different from other kitchen equipment such as gas stoves and electric stoves and considered an expensive representative in the consumer’s subconscious, may depend on energy, materials, and multi-functions.

304 stainless steel structure

Is the only commercial kitchen equipment that uses a 304 stainless steel structure. Its material has passed the food contact product hygiene certification and obtained the certificate (CE) approval.

It will not deform or change color under the high-temperature baking environment of 196°~800° and humidity environment of 30%~80%.

And it resists 360-degree spraying of water stains (IPX4 waterproof level) and completely refuses water stains to penetrate the internal movement. This is undoubtedly one of the most suitable kitchen equipment for long-term humid and high-temperature kitchen working environments.

Unlike gas stoves that use cast iron and aluminum, ceramic pots use ceramic, glass, and other materials. The induction hob uses 304 stainless steel food-grade materials that are more durable, easy to clean, and beautiful (high-grade gray).

German Schott ceramic glass

Abandoning the more beautiful Japanese NEG ceramic panels, and choosing German Schott black crystal glass with magnetic permeability and thermal conductivity of 95% is the intention of the induction range cooker supplier to provide you with high-end kitchen equipment.

German SCHOTT black crystal glass is the panel material favored by many induction range cooker brands. With 4mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, and other thickness options, it fits the induction range needs of induction pans and Chinese woks.

It will not deform/discolor under 800 degrees high temperature and 125KG weight (different burners)

Unlike gas stoves that require daily maintenance and are difficult to clean, the induction hob with a German SCHOTT black crystal glass panel allows you to easily wipe off the stains with only a rag, thereby reducing your time cost on maintenance and cleaning of kitchenware.

Double-layer energy-concentrating coil

The key to helping the commercial induction cooktop achieve 95% thermal efficiency is to choose a double-layer round energy-concentrating coil with a wire diameter of 180mm to 200mm (the conventional model is 150 mm-180 mm).

It adds a larger coil (induction range), uses a copper coil material (better thermal conductivity), and increases the number of coil turns and the number of magnetic strips (output a stable amount of current).

Even if it is in high-intensity and long-term commercial kitchens. The induction hob can still exhibit continuous, stable, and efficient current sensing capabilities.

The double-layer round energy-gathering reel is more suitable for the heating model of the Chinese wok cooker and induction plate. It completely closes contact and realizes 360-degree heating without blind spots so that each piece of food particle can be evenly heated.

That is also an important reason why most restaurant owners choose to eliminate gas stoves (the flames cannot be collected at the bottom of the pot during the cooking process).

That is an actual effect that can be simply calculated. If you have a sufficient budget and intend to commercial induction cooktops, please do not refuse to calculate the difference in energy consumption between gas stoves and induction stove utensils.

Multi-burners cooking

Not only that, as a portable induction hob that can hold two ring/3 burner/4 burner/6 burners, it also has a surprisingly perfect performance in instant cooking and multi-batch orders.

Each burner can be individually controlled. You can accurately determine the power, temperature, and fire distribution of each food, without relying on feeling/experience to control the heating of the food (uneven heating of the food).

Automatic control components

We believe that you can conquer food, but let the automatic control components replace your long-term attention on the burner, which will save your time and attention cost.

German professional IGBT-Infineon

Putting more production funds into German professional IGBT-Infineon is a concession that the Lestov commercial induction cooktops brand expects more precise control and diversified functions.

IGBT-Infineon is known as the ideal switching component in the field of electronic power in terms of improving power conversion, transmitting electrical energy, controlling functional components, and high operating frequency. So it is used in aircraft, ships, transportation, and electrical equipment.

Lestov R&D team

If you are receiving the sales list of a commercial induction hob manufacturer that is self-developed, and designed product codes and functions, please do not refuse!

Lestov commercial induction cooker supplier has an R&D team of 30+. All product codes, functions, and customized models are designed and controlled by the R&D team. It means that you can get the most direct and effective product guarantee, maintenance, and technical support.

Dual-core control

Place dual-core control and microcomputer intelligent control system on the PCB module without hesitation, like adding superpowers that can control the entire cooking process on a simple model, just like Iron Man’s smart chip.

That means that the entire cooking process will be supervised by intelligent sensing elements that all irregular food heating becomes orderly.

Intelligent display

How to control the heavy-duty industrial freestanding induction cooker whose voltage reaches 380V?

It is a difficulty that various commercial induction cooktop brands cannot overcome in R&D and production.

Lestov is the first to use a simulated dynamic LED display to display power, heating gear, timing, temperature, lock, and flame dynamic display in real time.

EMC module design

The more expected humanized design is the EMC module design that provides comprehensive protection for the power grid and induction equipment.

It extends the service life of the induction hob to 3000 hours. The unique anti-magnetic interference function blocks electromagnetic radiation (one-sixtieth of mobile phone radiation) and the influence of cardiac pacemakers.

Even though the induction range cooker has received a lot of praise for its accessory combination, its rich and efficient functional design should not be overlooked.

Function of commercial induction cooktops

As a Chinese patented of the Lestov’s foot knob control, it avoids the chef from frequently bending over to adjust the power/firepower of the induction pot.  You only need gently flip the knob with your knees for precise control.

8-level gears

The 8-level gears represent different cooking power, which means you can adjust different power gears according to the cooking ingredients/process. It is sensitive and precise and can rotate 360°.

commercial induction cooker buyer

My chefs said they were happy to cook with these commercial induction cookers. Our restaurant kitchen becomes clean and cool. To make things better, I plan to order premium induction-ready cookware in bulk, and why you don’t offer, so sad. But still, say thanks to your induction cookers again!

We have replaced our traditional electric and gas ranges with a commercial induction cooking range from Lestov. These commercial electric induction cooktops are a worthy investment, combining the cooler kitchens of electric cooking and quick heating and energy efficiency that gas ranges are known for.

commercial induction review

We tested the commercial induction cooking equipment and they worked amazingly. These China induction cookers have super high quality and performance. Our company wants to order more and I  was guaranteed to get a more affordable wholesale price.


pre-storage, pre-determine

The Lestov commercial induction hob brand is focused on providing practical solutions for some consumers to solve the pre-storage and reservation of time, temperature, menu, and other factors.

For example, the six sets of menu options of the intelligent control models, allow you to pre-determine the cooking start time of the induction plate cooker 180 minutes before. The temperature control is even more accurate to within ±1℃.

In terms of temperature control, fire control, and time reservation, that is a powerful function that gas stoves cannot achieve. The high-quality accessories provide strong support for the perfect performance of the functions, thereby helping you to show the most exquisite cooking skills in the cooking of ingredients.


It has sensitive sensing and self-protection capabilities in danger, frequent operation, unstable voltage, and over-temperature use, such as automatic shutdown after three hours, anti-touch function, child lock, and error code display, etc.

Customization of functional panel sets, appearance, and products

As an R&D team with more than 30 people, Lestov accepts the customization of functional panel sets, appearance, and products. The product design, code input, and core functions of the induction burner cooktop are independently developed and produced, which means that Lestov has professional production, design, and maintenance capabilities in the field of commercial induction cooktops manufacturing.

Omron thermostats

Giving the best frying temperature for fried turkey and French fries is an important task carried out by Omron thermostats. It can match the use of thermocouples or platinum resistance temperature sensors to control the work of the 220V control board or 380V movement, and the temperature measurement range is Between -200℃~1300℃.

Professional cooking service

The double-layer round energy-gathering coil is used on the heating element. The effective energy utilization rate can reach more than 95%. The difficult-to-control industrial large-scale induction cooker is controlled within a specific program, which provides you with the highest quality, largest capacity, and best Professional cooking service.

You are allowed more time to trigger cooking inspiration, ingredient preparation, and restaurant management. For example, the automatic cooking machine series supports intelligent cooking, which demonstrates fast (3 minutes), standard, and healthy cooking capabilities in the established program control. An intelligent cooking machine can replace three chefs.

That means that you can save more energy, staff salaries, and food quality costs. Thus have more financial possibilities for restaurant upgrades, customer marketing, and menu design.

Finally answer

The relatively expensive initial purchase cost is not a hindrance to the refusal of induction cookers to enter the commercial kitchen field. In consideration of environmental protection, energy-saving, and high efficiency, the commercial induction stove will be the right choice under the trend of sustainable development.

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