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The 5 Best Stock Pot Purchase Tips-Lestov Brand

The 5 best stock pot purchase tips-Lestov brand

Whether you are cooking multiple batches of pasta sheets or stewing mushroom stock, bouillon soup, or pickling sausages or cans, you cannot refuse the energy-efficient soup container to participate in the process.

Although most restaurants do not update the soup appetizer every week, we still hope to enjoy a hot soup, clam soup, or other stew in the cold winter.

Especially for catering makers and any commercial kitchen or industry that needs to accept a large number of orders, this will be a kitchenware option worth browsing.

You still need to capture the best stockpot from your cooking needs, even if it does not seem to require attention. However, whether you are looking for a large soup pot or portable /small soup bowls to stewing thicken the soup. You need to choose the material, capacity, and shape of the soup plate.


Why choose commercial induction stockpots for your restaurant?

The soup pot for the induction cooktop is made of stainless steel, glass, or cast iron. It has a strong talent for instant heating, fair heat distribution, and burning without open flames.

Even with alternative options such as ceramic, crock, and aluminum, they are still inferior to stainless steel pot induction in terms of durability, thermal conductivity, and safety.

The size and capacity of the induction cooktop pot depend on the number of people you eat. For small restaurants, stalls, and home pasta boilers, you can choose 6/12 quart small stockpots, which are allowed to place on the countertop or portable/embedded in any kitchen cabinet.

For catering and industry, the size of the soup pot is allowed to be 60-180quart. Even if they are large or extra-large stockpots, they have precise and meticulous performance in controlling the temperature of the stockpot and safety protection.

Please do not ignore these significant shopping tips, if you are looking for the most suitable soup crocks for you. Lestov induction stock pot brands are showing you the most cost-effective small stockpot, or the large stockpot that has been remodeled in menu capacity, both of which have the most valuable and high-quality reviews (from actual customers).

Please follow Lestov to browse the induction stock pot options which are worth owning. Even if they are frequently added to the purchase list of kitchen equipment by consumers.

Big Soup Valve Induction Soup Cooker Commercial Use

We tried to explore other amazing features of large induction soup pots, but the 180-quart capacity that perfectly matches the needs of industry and catering is enough.

Even if it supports a boiler valve automatically discharges bouillon soup. It has a thermal efficiency exceeding 95%. It can complete the production of 170L mushroom stock with low energy consumption.


Professional Catering Tilting Commercial Soup Kettle Cooker

This Deep soup bowl with handles with a fixed holder supports the handwheel to dump thick soup and wastewater without worrying about contact with hot soup and repeated operations.

It has food-grade #400 oil film snowflake board material and a soup strainer. It is one-key control of the power, temperature, and preheating of the commercial soup kettle on the high-definition display; it will be an excellent choice when you seek the most simplified operation of the soup boiler.


Single Burner Commercial Soup Station Cooker 87L

Even with a huge sensing range of 430*430, it can easily pass through a 6mm thick soup plate and transmit 95% of the heat stably, which is an unsurpassable ability of the electric soup pot.

Whether for making a Japanese soup base or making a hot pot for extra-large induction pots, it is very suitable for any restaurant that needs soup containers with lids, a stockpot set, and a tall stockpot.


New Commercial Induction Soup Boiler with Timer Systems

No soup warmer supports six menu options and timers more suitable for beginners and novice chefs to cook chicken soup base and french soup. It can automatically store the temperature, cooking time, and power of bouillon soup and has an unignorable performance.

It can be used safely in an environment of up to 800° and is compatible with all magnetic cookware. It can give you the most timely and safe shutdown service even under the warning of over-temperature, unstable voltage, and danger of pasting.


Soup Station Double Burner Commercial Stock Pot Range

This extra-large soup pot with a filter has two burners and can use to make the chicken soup base, red bean soup, clam/lobster soup, and multi-batch orders.

Whether you are preparing large quantities of Korean chicken soup for family gatherings or marinating sausages/vegetables exceeding 87L, the double soup warmer is worthy of recognition.


No matter when Lestov still looks forward to providing you with a commercial induction stock pot. If you have any thoughts after reading the most worth considering soup pot options, please contact us in time.

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