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With high power, what should be paid attention to for a commercial induction cooker

Commercial induction hob manufacturers have over the years, increased progressively in the making of commercial induction ranges with a higher power. It is no news that these induction range cookers have become something of a kitchen favorite for restaurants and homes alike. But like their induction range cookers counterparts, can these commercial induction range cookers be used when they come with high power? Are they safe for use or are they potentially very dangerous?

This article takes a look at the things you should pay attention to when handling commercial induction range cookers. Commercial induction hob manufacturers always make sure to put well-detailed manuals in their product packaging. It is very important to read these manuals thoroughly. Read them to understand how the product functions, method of use, do’s and don’ts as well as maintenance needs. Try your possible best to detect the labeling that describes commercial induction cookers as high-power.

Commercial Induction Kitchen

Now, with high power, the following should be paid attention to when handling and maintaining a commercial induction range cooker:

High-power commercial induction range cookers don’t appreciate water vapor and moisture

They also don’t need extreme heat and steam. Keeping them away from these elements is very important for both your own safety as well as the safety of your commercial induction range cooker. If you must have any of these advanced cookers in your kitchen, make sure the kitchen has a cooling fan and the cooker should also be placed below a vent while all its outlets should be far away from the wall.

Make use of the commercial induction range cooker timers

This is yet another feature that comes with most high-power commercial induction range cookers. Make sure to always go with those that have automatic timers, because it’s these timers that give you the ability to program your commercial induction range cooker the ability to either switch off or reduce heat at a particular time.

This feature with high-power commercial induction range cooker utensils gives you the opportunity to focus on other things in the kitchen instead of constantly checking up on your food.

With a high-power commercial induction range, cookers come advanced touch controls

Previously, commercial induction range cookers used to come with control knobs (some still do), but in recent times, especially with high-power commercial induction range cookers touch control features have taken over. With them, you can easily adjust your settings with a finger. They also offer easy cleaning and they perfectly blend into your kitchen benchtop too.

Pan shape recognition should be given attention

Almost all high-power commercial induction range cooker bunnings have matching pots. The ability to detect the shape as well as the material of the cookware placed on them. It is very important to prevent running the risk of placing unsuitable cookware on a different cooktop.

Matching the perfect cookware size on the perfect cooktop is what brings about the commercial induction range cooker’s amazing efficiency. Always be on the lookout for this. You can also master how to align the perfect cookware size on your cooktop.


So, when you have a high-power commercial induction range cooker always make sure you’re on guard and you pay total attention to the above instructions. This is for your safety and for that your induction hob plate.

High-power commercial induction range cookers are built for sheer efficiency and fastness. It would be a shame if you are not able to utilize this because you don’t know what to do or things to pay attention to derive the best results.

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