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Induction Frying

What is the difference between an induction fryer and an air fryer?

Deep-frying is the most popular cooking technique. Scotch eggs, turkey, fried steak, corn dog, Italian fried seafood, fish, and crispy fried cod steak are all very delicious deep-fried dishes.

Delicious food is accompanied by high-calorie food, which people think is not healthy. Reducing the intake of oil has become the key for people to enjoy fried food with confidence.

However, fries that are not fried in oil lack a crispy texture. Induction deep fryers and air fryers play an important role in cooking with as little oil as possible. If you need to cook multiple servings of fries, Lestov commercial induction fryer may be a good choice.

You might think that the air fryer is healthier than the induction deep fat fryer because it doesn’t need to add a drop of oil. In fact, when you compare them with the working principle, cooking volume, oil consumption, and cooking environment, you’ll find that their advantages and disadvantages are equally obvious.

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Air Frying

Different working principles

An air fryer is a combination of a traditional electric fryer + oven, using hot air instead of oil, imitating the convective heating of the solar hot air. The hot air forms a rapid circulating heat flow in a closed pan to make the food cooked. It blows away the moisture on the surface of the food so that the ingredients can achieve a similar frying effect without boiling oil.

The induction deep fat fryer is based on induction heating, the oil in the tank is heated by the heating element of the fryer. When the oil temperature reaches what you want, you can fried meat, vegetables, chips, fish steak, onion rings, poultry, and other delicacies.

Both are kitchen appliances that work with electricity, cook food without an open flame, there is no large amount of smoke or oil splatter, and they are easy to clean. However, there are still significant differences between induction deep fryers and air fryers.

Bigger frying space

The air fryer has only 20% or less of the cooking space of an induction fryer. In case you live alone or in a family of no more than three, an air fryer would be a very good choice for you. The 2.6-3.5L capacity can serve 4-5 people, and if you don’t plan to sell fried food, it’s enough for your daily cooking.

The 13.3-liter tank capacity of the commercial induction fryer can fry large quantities of food at once. For those of you organizing a party or planning to run a restaurant, a 2.6-liter air fryer will drive you crazy. Because you will have to repeat the process again and again.


The Types of Commercial Restaurant Induction Deep Fat Fryer

Quantity of oil used

Your family doctor repeatedly warns about living with light oils. Decreasing your oil intake is one of the key health indicators of good health. You can deep fry delicious food with little or even no drop of oil.

This is one of the main reasons why the air fryer was invented. Also, based on the principle of hot air convection circulation, roasting nuts quickly removes moisture and is very glossy, having a better performance than the oven.

The difference between induction frying (video click) and air frying lies in the energy and heating principle. There is no doubt that induction fryers require a larger amount of oil for frying. The process of frying food absorbs a lot of oil, which increases the amount of oil intake.

However, for frying fish steaks or high-moisture vegetables, or some ingredients that require a tough crust wrapped in breadcrumbs or flour, you have to choose the deep frying method. Only through deep frying can the ingredients lock in the moisture and the crumbs become tough on the outside.

Frying preparation time

Due to the high-speed air circulation technology, the air inside the air fryer is quickly heated by the top baking device, and the high-power fan forms a rapid circulation in the food basket for heating. Therefore, the air fryer heats up faster (directly heats the air).

On the other hand, an induction deep fryer uses electromagnetic heating of the oil inside the oil cylinder to deep fry food. It takes longer to heat the oil, and you need to wait a few minutes for the oil to heat up. Certainly, the heated oil allows for better control of temperature and frying time.

Precise temperature and time control

The air fryer has two control knobs, that control the temperature and time. The temperature knob has a maximum of 240°C and a marker scale of 10°C; the time control operates in minutes. If used at home, it can basically serve the needs of cooking enthusiasts.

The commercial kitchen is better suited to induction fryers. With an accuracy of ±1°C and a preset time in seconds, it’s easier for you to keep track of any small change because the temperature is too high or not too long to make the zoom food, the food is not too short because of the time or temperature is too low internal unfamiliar. For now, only Lestov’s induction fryers are capable of such fine control.

Easy of cleaning

The air fryer’s fryer basket construction has two layers, with a honeycomb-shaped leaky screen on the inside that effectively separates food and grease. The food basket is very easy to disassemble, you just need to pull out the food basket to clean it. However, it is important to note that the grease will stick to the high-powered fan when the unit is running and you have to remove the casing to clean it.

The induction fryer body is covered with stainless steel, smooth stainless steel will not leave a residue. The front draught port can quickly drain the oil from the oil cylinder. Fill with water and start to heat, remove the oil stuck to the casing, and drain the water. The Induction Fryer becomes clean immediately.

Finally conclusion

Fried foods should be properly restrained, but it is impossible to refuse them completely. Especially if you run a restaurant, fried food is bound to be very popular and you will earn a significant amount of money from it every day. A high-quality frying machine can help you improve cooking efficiency and stabilize food quality.

Lestov’s induction fryer manufacturer is equipped with a temperature setting and timer function, the large capacity fryer that can help you to fry all the food you need in one go. If you are in need, you can contact ( for detailed information and the best quotation.

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