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Commercial Induction Cooktop

Commercial Induction Cooker: Some Facts You Need To Know

Generally speaking, an induction hob for commercial use means what is marketed, promoted, or sold and incorporates a financial transaction. For Chinese hob manufacturers, however, commercial induction is a far different semantic expression. And these facts sound very interesting.

(1) Commercial induction cookers have a clear target audience

If you were to inquire about the price of a commercial induction cooktop to a foreign trade sale in China as a buyer, you would be asked the question: ‘May I know your business style? For restaurant use or resale purpose?’ They talk to you about “commercial induction hobs” as if there is a consensus that the default usage scenario is restaurants, hotels, catering, the food industry, or cafeterias.  And that means commercial induction hobs have become mainstream in China’s restaurant industry.


The market for portable countertop induction hobs covers, based on application, both domestic and commercial kitchen use. You would be surprised at the popularity of electricity in China, the 3.5KWw is not an absolute boundary between ” home ” and ” commercial “, they can satisfy both commercial and home needs. (Read more: 3.5KW induction cooker business guide)

The power of a single induction hob can range from 3.5KW to 5KW.  The heavy-duty design, fast sealing, and high-searing heat are all features that Chinese restaurateurs consider based on their own standards. After all, higher peak power is a good thing for restaurant chefs, which means cooking can be done faster!

(3) Commercial induction hobs are designed to meet the cooking needs of Western kitchens

Almost every Chinese person uses a round-bottomed wok. Since the round-bottomed pan is deeper, usually 12 or 14 inches would be more suitable. Click here to read more about the commercial induction wok cooker.

In the United States, most induction hobs can only accommodate pans, so there are also many flat-bottomed stir fry pans that combine Chinese and Western styles. Used in conjunction with a pan, the 3.5KW flat countertop induction hobs have become the most popular product in the US market.

For those who like to fry foods without losing cooking power, induction hobs allow chefs to experiment with greater precision through adjustable thermostats, providing the opportunity to cook delicate foods instantly and at low temperatures, while being equipped with technologies that create a safer cooking environment – automatic shut-off function, overheat protection and dry burn protection.

(4) Knob type is the mainstream type of commercial induction hob in China

According to the <Global Commercial Induction Cooker Market 2020>, it mentions that “The main types of commercial wok burner include touchscreen and push-button”. The report also lists the key manufacturers in the commercial induction industry, most of whom operate small tabletop induction cooktops. Compared to 2019, several major Chinese commercial induction hob manufacturers are counted, such as Qinxin, Semikron, and Jinbaite.

Nonetheless, there are many incomplete aspects of this report that are far from the real Chinese commercial induction hob market. The reason is that tabletop induction hobs only account for a small portion of the “commercial” market in China and are mainly of the rotary type.

Nonetheless, this report is far from a complete picture of the real Chinese commercial induction hob market. The reason is that induction countertop hob only accounts for a small portion of China’s “commercial” cooker market and is mainly of the knob-type variety. However, according to data obtained from professional Chinese induction burner cooktop manufacturers, the 3.5KW and 5KW tabletop induction cooktops account for more than 80% of total foreign trade exports.

You may be disappointed to find out about the top induction hobs from Google. That’s because, from a Chinese cooker manufacturer’s perspective, there isn’t really much discussion and content about commercial induction hobs. Fortunately, responsible Chinese commercial induction stove manufacturers have started to fill this gap: they have started a blog section on their websites to help more people learn about the commercial induction range.

If you’re planning to make the switch to a commercial induction range and want to buy from China, a good place to start is by getting to know the commercial induction hob manufacturer–Lestov.

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