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The Types Of Commercial Induction Hob Cooker For Sale

From Lestov manufacturer – 5 Truthworth commercial Induction ranges

Introducing induction burners in restaurants is a clever and affordable option. Where chefs get an efficient cooking experience from stoves in double-ring, Four-burner, or six-zones. It will boil 10L of water in 11 minutes and can fit an electric baking oven built into the cabinet.

Obtaining a commercial stovetop that fits your needs & budget from a full line of induction cooking equipment manufacturers can be complicated. They have more than 30 types, from the gas cooker and electric cooktops to the induction range, almost covering the cooking mode of stir-frying, stewing, frying, and grilling.

Picking the right restaurant stove from the heavy product catalog will take time and effort. Even if the salesperson will recommend you according to your request, you expect him to provide a low-cost and high-quality cooktop now.

To simplify the process of purchase. Lestov (the manufacturer of commercial induction cooking equipment) offers five restaurant stoves. They are hot selling, factory direct price, and high quality.

Cabinets Industrial Inducion 4 Burner Cookers

The underrated commercial induction range?

The commercial induction range is expensive compared to the electric hob and restaurant gas cooker. Persisting on this misconception, many restaurant owners refuse to incorporate induction stoves into their kitchens.

The Lestov manufacturer browses the catalog of American Range (A local Brand). Four burner 36-inch gas stove is $1869, while the restaurant induction range with four-zone is $1200.

The induction range without an open flame produces no fumes during cooking. It means won’t increase the budget for gas pipes and range hoods.

Its induction component only heats the pot, not the cooktop, and you won’t feel any heat around the machine. It means that 93% of the heat will be used directly for heating, compared to 55% for gas stoves. It will save you over 30% in energy costs.

Its components are few and simple, but all of high quality and efficiency. In addition to the energy-concentrating copper wire reels that facilitate the transmission of electrical energy, the Infineon IGBTs that make induction cooktops more responsive is also significate components.

Lestov, an experienced commercial induction cooker manufacturer in China, offers the most affordable commercial induction cooker.

Five trustworthy commercial induction ranges?

Bonus benefits of the Commercial induction range?

The heating surface of the Induction range is smooth black crystal glass. It provides high thermal conductivity and resistance to 800℃+125KG while allowing you to remove food residues & stains with a soft rag (easy to clean).

The induction cooktop with knobs has eight firepower levels, which are adjusted from 700W to 3500W/5000W.

We browsed these five commercial induction ranges with plenty of support in the Lestov restaurant cooktop manufacturer’s sales listings.

Built-in Restaurant Induction Cooktop

It is a popular option for compact or modern commercial kitchens.

Getting a full range of cooking equipment in a compact commercial kitchen isn’t easy, and there aren’t enough machines in a cramped space. This slide-in induction range offers many more possibilities.

The smooth heating glass is embedded into the cabinet, and the heating range of 330*330mm allows you to fry food over 8.7L. Its cooling system is efficient, with twin-turbo-cooled fans that dissipate waste heat away from the cooktop.

You can choose from a single-burner, two heating zone, or three burners for cooking large quantities of food in a limited amount of time. It has independent knobs to control the heating power of each burner, which will provide more precision in cooking.

Commercial Built-in Induction Hot Plate with Timer
Freestanding Commercial 4 Zones Induction Stovetop

Freestanding Induction Cooker with Intelligent Control

For restaurateurs looking for intelligent cooking equipment, this is the right stove.

Also produced by the Lestov restaurant range manufacturer, it is an upgraded version of the multi-burner induction stove. Designers give it a wide heating range and a sleeker profile. It will provide high efficiency and aesthetics in cooking.

More worthy of discussion is its multi-function button panel, which meets the requirements of timed heating and power adjustment required by chefs. It means that you can preset the heating time for each dish.

The cabinet design provides convenience for the insertion of the electric oven. It can accommodate a 600*700*300 single-deck electric oven. So you can make celery beef, and toast at the same time.

Technically, it opts for the laudable induction heating. When the pan comes into contact with the cooktop, the induction component transmits strong and stable electrical energy to support the operation of the cooktop and oven. 

Countertop Commercial Induction Stovetop

A low-cost & versatile tabletop induction cooktop is a budget-friendly option.

Melting sauces at low temperatures and sautéing vegetables over high heat is possible in this multifunctional induction range. The temperature + time adjustment interface provides precise control over the cooking of each dish.

It has a simple and practical operation interface, whether it is cooking curry soup, stewing pasta, or melting chocolate sauce, you can achieve a one-click operation.

It has an extremely short recovery time and can switch from 700W to 3500W at a very high speed. It comes with 4 non-slip feet that allow it to stand on a wet cooking hob.

Lestov commercial induction cooking equipment is budget-friendly, yet ample in versatility and quality accessories. It is a friendly choice if you are looking for a sustainable tabletop induction cooker for your restaurant. 

Commercial Multifunctional Portable Induction Cooktop
Commercial Induction Freestanding Six Hobs

Commercial 6 Burners Induction Cooktop with Knobs

It is a premium choice for chefs looking for multiple burners and simple operations.

Cook 6 different foods in one appliance and allow individual control of each burner. This is possible in a Lestov commercial 6-burner induction cooktop.

It has a 6mm thick heating range, which perfectly fits the bottom of the pot so that every food molecule gets a consistent temperature. It has no complicated operation procedures, and the responsive knob adjusts the firepower to the precise value.

Stainless steel induction cooktops perform stably even in humid or hot kitchen environments. It adapts to any chef’s cooking height, easily adjustable from 59mm to 170mm to 210mm.

The chef places a scalloped griddle plate on the 1/2 induction cooktop to fry the black pepper steak while the dish is tossing. This commercial induction range accommodates the cooking of a wide variety of foods without the need for additional equipment. 

Commercial Induction Soup Range Double Burner

Multi-purpose cooking equipment that takes into account stewing & Boiling, is a cost-effective option.

The most supported star product in the range of soup stoves from the manufacturer Lestov, with a unique simulated dynamic display. You can monitor the working status of the soup stove in real time, whether it is power, time, power consumption, or failure.

You can directly see the size of the flame, and the scope of the burning, which will help you master the cooking process. The heating range of 430*430mm allows you to stew more than 87L of soup.

In terms of safety features, it allows emergency suspension and automatic shutdown after 3 hours of operation. It has a sensitive response to prevent dry burning and high/low-pressure protection.

There are no complicated operating procedures for this commercial induction soup cooker. The ergonomic handle has a smooth surface and can be adjusted to the required power with little effort.


Finding the right commercial induction cooktop from a heavy product catalog is not easy. Lestov hopes this article will support your purchase. For more product information or preferential prices, please contact us, we have a professional sales team to help you.

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